Yahoo! Tops Google in Web Traffic

(Image source: CNET / Stephen Shankland)


 Yahoo!’s getting more Web traffic than Google?
Let’s look at how we got here. Much media coverage of Yahoo! has focused
on the very visible — or visual, even — like reports it’s unveiling a new logo after Labor
Day. (Via Yahoo!) 
Or CEO Marissa Mayer gracing the cover
of Vogue, looking all “Vogue,” it would appear. So she’s on Vogue, but what’s en vogue in
many media narratives is this: Mayer used to work for Google, you guys. Just
needed to drop that quick reminder. (Via CNN, Mobile & Apps, VentureBeat) And since she came to Yahoo! in 2012, the
company has made an acquisition or two — including Tumblr for $1.1 billion. (Via AllThingsD) So. Many. Headlines. But was anyone really
ready for this one? 
USA Today calls it “Sweet revenge for Marissa
Because this: “Yahoo tops U.S. Web traffic,
beats Google for first time since 2011” — from The Washington Post. Or “Yahoo beats Google to the top spot,” says
NBC. Headline it however you want: The numbers
from ComScore’s monthly report show Yahoo! with 196 million unique visitors in July.
Google came in second with 192 million, marking the first time Yahoo!’s beaten Google for
that top spot since 2011. Bloomberg notes Yahoo!’s 21 percent jump from
this time last year. “That’s 4.3 million more than Google, operator of the world’s most-popular
search engine, up less than 1 percent.” And remember that media focus on Yahoo!’s
acquisitions? ComScore VP of Industry Analysis Andrew Lipsman tells Forbes Tumblr had nothing
to do with the gain because the two sites’ traffic were measured separately. “Lipsman points out that even with its troubles
in recent years, Yahoo has never been far behind, so the gain is probably due chiefly
to seasonal or month-to-month variations.” 
Despite the perceived win, several reports
note these numbers don’t include mobile. But Mayer says Yahoo! has been focused on growing
in that space, claiming its “revamped Yahoo mail app for tablets … brought a 120% increase
in daily active Yahoo mail users.” (Via CNN) No official comment from Mayer or Yahoo! on
the latest news. But the company’s stock is up more than 80 percent from a year ago.