Yahoo! Buys iOS Video App Qwiki

(Image source: Qwiki) BY MIKAH SARGENT Yahoo! continues its sweeping Internet conquest,
this time scooping up Qwiki — an iPhone app that automatically turns your pictures
and videos into short movies. The app works by grabbing your pictures and
video from the camera roll and compiling them together for a shareable video stream of your
life. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Justin14) But Qwiki hasn’t always functioned as a personal
content app. It originally worked as a video search compiler. So, uh, what’s a video search compiler? According
to TechCrunch the app used search terms to compile informational clips about specific
topics. “Search for Lady Gaga, for example, and it’d
automatically compile a short description of the life of Ms. Stefani Germanotta, presumably
narrated over a slideshow of meat-based clothing.” But it’s likely Yahoo! isn’t interested in
the app’s previous functionality. In the acquisition announcement, Yahoo! emphasized
Qwiki’s video stream capabilities, conjuring images of past vacations and memories. Sources say the acquisition ran anywhere between
$40 and $50 million, which is a small acquisition for the tech/search/Internet-conquest company.
And we’ve seen quite a few acquisitions by Yahoo! in recent months; you may be wondering
why. AllThingsD explains it’s not only about having
the apps or services the different companies provide, but also the teams behind those apps
and services. “CEO Marissa Mayer has been aiming Yahoo’s efforts, looking to create
a series of daily apps and services to reinvigorate its offerings.” Though Yahoo! has moved the Qwiki talent to
its New York offices, the app will continue to run as is.