Write Punchy Headlines Using This Free, Easy Tool

If you want to write better headlines, for
blog posts, articles or even for pages at your website, this free tool can help. It’s
the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer and here’s how it works. Go to
In this box here, you’ll type a headline of no more than 20 words. Now, that’s a very
long headline to begin with. Most headlines we write are closer to 10 words. Now, let’s pretend that I’m going to write
a headline for an article I’m writing that’s going to explain this tool to you. I’m going
to paste in my headline here, and the one I’ve come up with is Powerful, Free Tool Challenges
You to Write Better Headlines. Come down here, select a category. This is for a Business
& Professional Services audience. Then I’m going to click on Submit for Analysis, and
it gives me a score of 44.44% which is pretty pathetic. Let’s go back and see if I can try
a better headline that will get me a score of higher than 44.44%. Let’s try Write Better
Headlines with This Fast, Easy Tool. Click on Submit for Analysis and look at this! My
score dropped to 25%. That’s not good. So I’m going to go back and I’m gonna pick up
another headline. And let’s try this one: Write Punchy Headlines Using This Free, Easy
Tool. Submit for analysis. Look at that! I have a score of 62.5%. It really jumped, and
that’s pretty good because down here, it tells me that the most gifted copywriters will have
a score of from 50 to 75 percent. So play with this tool. Have some fun with it. Challenge
yourself to see how high a percentage you can get, and this will definitely help you
write better headlines. I’m Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound.