~winter break school vlog~

picture? dont open it i superglued it i havent seen it since 6th period , thats how long i havent seen it she would record videos of me and i havent been noticing whats santa clauses name this year? what? santa cuh-lause can you say hi again? hello daisy , give us some insight okay so , we are in biology , its realy just a crackhead hour kinda day they are making tiktoks , which we probably wont see them till later i also got a cane im gonna whack somebody with its the last day of the school year of the decade its the last school day of the decade and our freshmean year of highschool WOOOWW we are old hi guys , welcome back to my vlog jazmyne welcome to the vlog my name is jazmyne . how you doing im doing alright have a nice wonderful christmas ashley im sorry shes here , say hi to the vlog welcome to my vlog today we here with jazmyne but um, i mean if you want you can follow me on instagram @unbothered.jaaz_ got to get up close and personal um man, have a wonderful break . omg im just ready to go home aint nobody more excited for this break than jazmyne is yall dont know how much i hate this damn school woo wee , shit terrible okay say bye friend stephanie hey boys make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and you know , follow me on the gram follow me on there follow me follow me follow me follow me my little friend christiana hi , have a merry holly jolly christmas , you know and um okay we are out im not.. jasmin other jasmin say hi to the vlogy vlog look guys i need me friend that do that for me it took like a whole 2 months to plan none of my friends do that for me tell me next year ill get you one for christmas say hi to my vlog on ashleys camera hi your are weird everybody else said follow me on the gram stop touching my phooone i like your case gracias and that case that case is also cute goddamn roxan roxaaannn bye vlog , i had fun with you oh what are you doing hi gissy HIII oh no hi vloggg heyy sammy hey yall its me from first period yup ummm so umm move out the way EXCUSE ME oh we are twins did yall see already my name is gaby and youre watching disney channel i eat cookies that are chocolate welcome back ; hey sisters welcome back to another video i know youre zooming in , or zooming out one of the two so today we are gonna apply some makeup the show is cancelled the show is CANCELLED we are back guys and uhh we cleaned the coffee that we spilled i mean the make up because we are out here conserving the earth we love the earth so much that we , that we would do anything to conserve it thats why we are planting 20 million trees by the end of 2019 peace out guys this is my vlog , yall make sure to go follow me wait hold up hold up hold up yall go follow my boy @ make sure you like subscribe and comment down below alright bye guys how to work it , i think its right here its recording this is brittany this is hailie durn durn durn im your chinese teacher ms.tang
唐老师 . what do you plan on doing this winter break uhh take a good rest sounds interesting what do you plan on doing this winter break umm idk like eating umm playing and umm sleeping yeah thats about it im doing a test its my bsf what do you plan on doing this winter break i plan to spend time with my friends with me thats cute what do you plan on doing this winter break i already answered this answer it again to go to hailies 15 OHH YEAH hailies 15 you forgot my invitation oh my 15 is in 2 weeks baddie go put the microphone her !! what do you plan on doing this winter break being a city girl im just kidding a city girl living my best life sleeping doing with her boyfriend ohh make sure you guys subscribe and buy the merch down below plan on doing this winter break you know going to see the friends and everything have a good time also gotta sleep in ya know sleeping gotta see the family too but mostly ima be kicked back like a damn bear jose wooow thats too close what do you plan on doing this winter break hes taking too long probably go see duelo Omg uhh on friday yes me too high five probably go driving places and its about it , sleeping see duelo guys if yall dont listen to duelo , who are yall really though , ikr they arent real mexicans yup umm im planning to sleep and eat sick hailie