Who is the ‘Real’ Melania Trump? Who Knows. | NYT News

Melania Trump. Is she trapped?
A reluctant first lady? Or is she poised, polished, and a quiet, but supportive
first lady? Who is the real Melania? Very few, at least among those who are speaking publicly,
will say. “I’m very strong.
People they don’t really know me. People think
and talk about me like, ‘Oh Melania. Oh poor Melania.’ Don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t feel sorry for me. I can handle everything.” But as Donald Trump’s
presidency has progressed, the first lady has become
a versatile avatar. Her image split sharply
down political lines. In one version of the
public imagination Melania is unhappy. She dislikes her husband and
disagrees with his policies. She may even be
mulling a divorce. This Melania has shown
up on late night T.V. and in tabloids. “Your beautiful, dutifully Melania. I can’t take it anymore.” Then there’s the other
version of Melania, painted by conservative
media as confident, fashion forward, graceful
and adored. “I have been so impressed
with, not just her quiet dignity, as you brought up, but also just this
diplomatic use of fashion. This version is closer to the
official portrayal of Melania. Through her spokespeople, the first lady says she is
supportive of her husband and focused on raising
their son, Barron. “I support my
husband 100 percent. But we have a 9-year-old son together,
Barron. And I’m raising him.” She says she prefers to take
a back seat to her husband, to keep his place
in the limelight. It’s not the first time Melania’s been in the public eye. “You spin, baby, you spin.” She’s a former model. And jewelry designer. “I love when idea comes to life. And I study
architecture and design and it’s something
very creative for me.” “I’m very passionate
about what I design, and there are some beautiful
pieces.” When they got together
in the late 1990s, the Trumps say
their chemistry was instant. “We were both at
the same party and that’s how we met.
He came to me…” “Like her right away?” “I went crazy.” Melania and Donald
became synonymous with the New York social scene. “They’ve stood did together
for a number of years now. New Yorkers have
come to know them as a very solid couple. And in 2005, they married. “Hi, fans. I’m going to
Metropolitan gala.” In the following years, Melania’s social media posts
focused on fashion, travel, fitness, and spending
time with family. Now as the first lady,
next to one of the most outspoken presidents
in recent history, Melania’s silence has
taken on a life of it’s own. “The most important
thing is just to be you. That’s the end.”