What does Yannick Bolasie wear to bed? 🤔 – BBC Sport Africa

To always stay hungry, be dedicated
and work hard. Blue is actually my favourite colour! You can’t tell me something different. Wilfried Zaha, definitely. I go with players I have a connection to, so… Yeah, I say Wilfried Zaha. It would be Ronaldo,
just because of how he’s done it. Ronaldo’s worked hard for it and I can relate to that because I’ve got to do almost the same thing. To be fair I just wear anything, erm… Sometimes my Congo shorts.
That’s it. The best stadium that I’ve ever played in? When I played in the Etihad. I think I’d say the Etihad. Nah, place them. From what I’ve had in my career. Have faith in their self and believe in
themself, you know, in whatever they do. You’ve got to make it happen rather than
wait for it happen.