Web Designer News Jun 11, 2018

Good day guys, this is John and welcome to [email protected] And this is the first-ever Web Designer news for the week *upbeat music* so for quite some time I’ve been thinking about doing something for the community that hasn’t
been out there yet. So I’m thinking of doing tutorials but there are tons of
tutorials already out there about web design and development. There are also
things that are about tips and tricks on how to do web design so I’m thinking of
doing this kind of series right now doing once a week and I am delivering
the latest news for web design for the week so let’s get started so first up
this week we have the news that Yahoo Messenger is getting killed off in July.
So it’s recently announced by Yahoo, from The Next Web website that on July
17, the Yahoo Messenger will be closing its doors. So it’s now
redirecting users it’s brand-new messaging app called the “Squirrel”. So if
you are still using Yahoo Messenger as of the moment, this is I guess the last
days for you guys. Okay so next is 13,000 projects ditch Github for GitLab on
Monday morning. So the reported that since the
announcement of Microsoft that it will acquire github for $7.5 billion,
the community has ditch github. And most of the projects where, I think from the
GitLab reports, that there are 13,000 project being imported within a single
hour. Right. That’s crazy man. So more and more people are going to GitLab
because they are leaving GitHub right and then another news, I will add the links
of the article in the description below if you want to read more. And on the
other news “For static sites there’s no excuse not to use the CDN” so this isa an article from DJ Walker in forestry, so we have blog and here he is trying to explain that there are some reasons or
this are the benefits for using CDN especially if you are using static sites.
So CDN is not just for large sites but also for a static site. So we have this
discussions about “the ping problem” improving latency with CDN, hosting your
static site on a CDN, and the future of static and so much more so if you want
to learn more about the things on why you should use CDN on your static sites
today then read this article from the Forestry. Another one is from, our most beloved codepen. So here what we have here is some light box
effects for you to explore so this is a pen from Camellia Coronado so it uses
row, properties, and the figure, properties pseudo-classes, to create this
stunning overlay for light box. See and as you can see it’s not using any
JavaScript here. So its just neat if you want to do a quick and easy way for
static websites to create lightbox without relying on third party
JavaScript libraries and from YouTube we have this video on how to make your
portfolio stand out. It’s from, it’s a video from the Pixelgeek. Basically it
discusses about how you can create a portfolio that can catch the client that
you want in your dreams, *chuckle* “client in your dreams”.. “Client of your dreams” I guess so yeah if you want to learn more about it you can check it out on YouTube I will
add a link in the description below and last but not least we have this
Filipino podcaster. If you are into podcast and you want to know and
learning about design this is a good one we have “The Design Life Show” by,
JayChrist Teeves or Teves or I don’t know how to pronounce his
name. But yeah you can, he already have some 14 episodes right now. Most of them are in interviews of the local Filipino designers it the Philippines.
of course, Filipinos in the Philippines and how their workflow are, what
are their tips for the new designers that, you know, just entered the industry
and these are big ones. We have here a good friend of mine, Neil Fernando.
Also we have this, idol in logo design Harvey Lanot. I think we have but yeah *chuckle* So that’s it for the week so then again that’s about it this week.
I hope you have learned something new also hope that those articles might have or might help you in your current career
advancement or your current job and if you have any questions just leave
comment on the comment section below please subscribe, it’ll help me a lot and
yeah I will see you in the next video bye bye