Watch SA Premier Jay Weatherill shirtfront Josh Frydenberg over energy policy | ABC News

Josh Frydenberg: But the key point here, and
this is what the people of South Australia must be asking, why did the system here allow
them to generate 41%, 42% of its power, from wind and solar without the necessary back-up. That’s the point. State governments, regardless of their political
hue, need to take responsibility for ensuring the stability of the system. The battery storage that we’re announcing
today… Reporter: It looks like the state government
should wait for a national solution. Frydenberg: No no, I’m saying that every
state government needs to prepare here and now for their own situation when
they have 42% renewables. They have to take responsibility for that. Unfortunately that planning wasn’t in place. Reporter: Was your announcement today designed
to embarrass the state government or…? Frydenberg: (Laughs) Well to be honest I didn’t
even know Jay was going to be here, but I welcome his presence because we need to work
together, Federal and State governments, the private sector and elsewhere, to ensure the
stability of the system, and today’s announcement we’ve put out money where our mouth is. $5 million have gone in today’s project. It’s been a long time coming. I’ve had previous briefings from the company. Arena (Australian Renewable Energy Agency)
is making these type of investments right around the country. This has got nothing to do with the Federal/State
difference on some of these issues, this is all about doing it. Reporter: Now I’m talking about the expansion
announcement. Is the timing of that designed as one-upmanship
on the State Government? Frydenberg: (Laughs) Well I do point out 2000MW
is 20 times the size of the battery there Jay, but that’s a national scheme. That’s a national scheme, and we have been
working closely with Snowy Hydro and obviously this is something that Arena will be involved
with going forward, but it’s got nothing to do with the South Australian announcement. Reporter: Premiere do you find this a bit
galling? SA Premier Jay Weatherill: Yes, I mean it’s, ah, it shows
the Commonwealth Government are in a white-knuckle panic about national energy policy. I mean, it’s a $2 billion admission that the
national energy market is broken and there needs to be public investments to actually
fix it up, and that’s exactly what was at the heart of our plan. We’re not going to wait 4-7 years though to
invest in some Snowy Hydro scheme. We’re investing here so that South Australia
can become self-sufficient. I’ve got to say it is a little galling to
be standing here next to a man that’s been standing up, with his Prime Minister, bagging
South Australia at every step of the way over the last six months, to be standing here on
this occasion, him suggesting that ‘we want to work together’. It is a disgrace, the way that your government
has treated our state. It is the most anti-South Australian government
we have seen, from a Commonwealth government, in living memory. What we have is a national energy market that
is broken. We had a Prime Minister that came in here
to this state during the course of the last federal election campaign, celebrating our
leadership in relation to renewable energy. And then taking credit for it through his
own renewable energy target, and for you to then turn around within a few short months
when there’s a blackout and point the finger at South Australia for the fact that our leadership
in renewable energy was the cause of that problem, is an absolute disgrace and for you
to be standing here next to us trying to take credit for some small scheme which goes nowhere
near fixing the size and the extent of the problems that have been created in this state
is just an outrage.