Viral Image Captures America In One Photo

so New York Times photographer Doug
Mills took a picture and tweeted out and
people are saying this is sorta its or two thumbs up modern America in
one picture this is that the capital yesterday let’s take a look yeah so a of course as you guys know
there was a woman who crashed into a couple the gates their
and miss you shot and so is shots were fired around the
capital other police were obviously I’m on high alert day you got it basically a
sniper looking guy looking down and then you got in that
picture guy like willy nilly checking his phone he okay I yeah and and I think that parlay it
turns out that Emir in Cary is a the person who was
yeah barging into the gates and she actually had a secret service person
with her car she didn’t have a got it turns out %uh issued a one year old with her so
she obviously had some mental issues up and and and now she’s passed away of
course in the shooting but it to me that it goes to show you like we’ve gotten so used to the
shootings like their shots fired at the Capitol because it could be do like it will
force America what else would be at the offices of his gunshot mmm add channels on with his life II a
credible messenger for this because a couple couple of weeks ago I was try to
multitask I was wasn’t a conference call while jogging
and checking in touch with my iPhone I happen to 10 range between rather the
pain that I had yeah yet now he’s lucky that that there
was no stray bullets are aa you anyone uses a straight victory for a
graph so I hear ya on that but II to me I don’t
know maybe he’s just totally of course we don’t know why we
don’t know said any maybe he just had no idea though the shooting even happen rainy is he was
so immersed in his tweets or whatever he was doing or texting or sexting or whatever apps
happening there yeah but but it does give you a sense of
the nonchalance because in the old days if there’s a
shooting yeah bennett Cheyenne deal I don’t think even the
most coolest guy we’ve been walking around tweeting in the middle of a shooting in that
neighborhood right it now like it’s ok I frequented company like this I would
have sent a mass shooting yeah definition right it was in a mass
shooting at a look there was like an hour where people didn’t know had she or
at that time they thought it was a man had had this person done somebody shooting or was it done by
all the police are all that but it does yeah I mean this absolutely
shows this desensitization to everything that is going on I mean every
week there’s another shooting so this guy go up by a sniper in the
capital while this is gonna I mean I’m pretty sure he had some sense so what’s
going on but you know who knows maybe he was texting
his wife saying I’m okay so we don’t know exactly but the this picture story captures
everything going on in washington in one beautiful moment yeah it was
scary moment as both you know what let’s say yes are if there was a shooting in by a mass shooting near you were ever
your network at this point would you be surprised I
don’t think I B cell rights I think like what I was going to be would have been
the most shocking thing in the world and now he said Oh them you know the
movie theater you go to the more you go to work whatever got shut up I would think like of course
it like everything went well every other
theaters got shut up why would make it showed yeah you know there’s a there was a
shooting about two weeks ago outside a mall in Long Island Roosevelt Field mall
it’s a huge ball out there and I I used to work there and then a couple
days later I went to the Beverly Center here in LA and I was thinking as I was going
up the escalator I was thinking man you know anything can happen at any time
I like that thought has popped into our conscious it’s it’s not scared yet and
every once in a while very infrequently will get an act of
terrorism in all scare the hell out of everybody and then we’ll go back to our regularly
scheduled mass shooting yeah which we’ve become you know immune
to you know we just feel like okay whatever
that’s just life in America world shellshock into these horrible situations and we got used to it