Trouble In Paradise As Pence Now More Popular Than Trump

According to a report by Yahoo News earlier
this week, tensions are starting to grow between Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And there’s several different reasons why
this is starting to happen, but at the heart of it all is the fact that as it stands right
now, Mike Pence, according to the Trump 2020 campaigns own internal polling, Mike Pence
is actually more popular than Donald Trump. And that’s not exactly something that anyone
working for Donald Trump or hell, anyone working for Mike Pence wants Donald Trump to understand. But he does. And Trump doesn’t like people being more popular
than him. Trump doesn’t like someone being liked more
than him. And if he’s on the top of the ticket, he should
be on the top of the polls. But that’s not way, uh, the way it works right
now for him because he continues to say stupid things and do stupid things and act like a
crazy maniac all the time. Whereas Mike Penn’s, who believes the same
thing, Trump believes by the way, he’s not saying it out loud, right? He’s just kind of doing his thing behind the
shadows. Most people in this country don’t understand
how bad Mike Pence is. And so yeah, he enjoys a little bit of a boost
in the polls because we haven’t paid that much attention to him. We never knew what the vice presidents, right,
it’s the most insignificant yet important job in American history. Nobody cares about the vice president until
something happens to the president. That’s just kind of the way it’s always worked
historically. And Mike Pence is benefiting from that, but
he also knows that it’s going to hurt him in the long run. We have already seen the rumors come out. The stories come out saying, oh, maybe Jared
and Ivanka are trying to push Pence out and replacing. When Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley had to come
out and deny that this happened. But Nikki Haley denied it happened before
the story even was released. So she knew something before everybody else
did. Cause there is internal rumors too, but here’s
the thing. It’s not just about the bad polling or it’s
not just, Oh, there’s a rumor that he might replace him. According to the people that Yahoo News talked
to, which includes both Trump advisors and Pence advisers, Pence advisers are essentially
being shut out of conversations now Pences advisers who also serve as some of his biggest
fundraisers are being shutout the Trump administration. The Trump campaign is no longer talking to
them. They’re no longer working with them. And that’s never a good sign because it does
kind of hint at the fact that we don’t want to listen to you because you may not be around
next month. We don’t know that you’re going to be here,
so we really don’t want to get you involved on this project, only to have to replace you
next week. Yeah, that’s really bad for Mike Pence and
that’s likely why Mike Pence, when he went to Ireland uh this past weekend decided, oh,
I’m gonna stay at Trump’s golf course, even though it’s three hours away from where I
needed to be. I gotta make it up to the president. I got to show my loyalty. I got to do something so he doesn’t fire me. Here’s my idea. If you’re listening, Mr Pence, I know you’re
obviously probably a huge ring of fire fan. Um, so here it is. You have a remedy to all of this. It’s called the 25th amendment. You get you, you get a couple of other cabinet
members, right? You invoke the 25th Amendment, you force Donald
Trump to prove that he is competent enough to be the president of the United States. He can’t do it. So guess what? He gets removed. You Mike Pence become president of the United
States and Donald Trump is gone. Everybody knows he’s crazy. Everything is awesome. Really, Mike Pence, you do have the power
to do that. You, you could get those cabinet officials
his advisors, the uh, you know everybody to go along with this and I’m sure they’d be
like, yeah, sure, okay, whatever. And Hey, if he does prove he’s competent enough,
which he won’t, um, then yeah, you’re going to lose your job, but you’re going to lose
your job anyway. Mike, go out in a blaze of glory, man. Challenge the power. Invoke the 25th Amendment and say, hell no,
I’m not going anywhere. I’m actually taking your job. And now Mike Pence, if you’re watching, go
ahead and turn it off cause I have something for our regular viewers. Here’s the thing, guys, I know Mike Pence
is absolutely horrible, right? He is just as bad as Donald Trump, just not
as brash as Donald Trump. But listen to me on this, Mike Pence can’t
win a general election. Mike Pence can’t win in a debate against a
Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren or anyone else really on the democratic side, even the
worst Democratic candidates, he can’t do it. He does not have charisma. He does not have that energy that Donald Trump,
we have to admit he did bring that to the campaign trail. I know his energy is lower now, but he got
people riled up. Mike Pence doesn’t have that ability. He doesn’t have the con man in him that Donald
Trump does, and he would go down in flames in 2020 so we could suffer through 12 months
of Mike pence being president if it ensured that Republicans would lose power in 2020.