The Witcher Scene Break Down with Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) | Shot by Shot | Netflix

– [Anya] My name’s Anya, and
I’ll be taking you through a scene from The Witcher, shot by shot. (ominous music) (horse whinnies) – [Man] The witch got them! (grunting) – So I play Yennefer,
and she is a sorceress. She has elven blood in her and
actually becomes one of the most powerful mages on the continent. – In the scene, Yennefer is escorting the Queen back to Lyria. They are attacked. (screaming) (screams) We had Alex, the director
shout one, two, three, four! And we just had to look. (laughs) At how these knives coming
through the carriage. That’s actually really hard. To get the timing right with both of us. – I remember we both looked
different ways to begin with. (laughs) And it was so funny. Leniza put in CGI later. (screaming) – Oh my goodness, that baby! We had this doll which was REALLY light. And actually, to get the
weight of a baby was so hard! And we didn’t actually rehearse
that scene ’cause we thought we were gonna get real ones,
we wouldn’t need to act that. But she kept crying! (laughs) So we couldn’t have her! (baby crying) (screaming) (screams) This scene was shot in Budapest. It was actually after a scene
that I’d shot in the same area and we were just in a little alleyway? A little, like a little track? – That was all there for us. All the blood in the snow, and the fake limbs all scattered around the place. I remember it was freezing outside, and it was snowing, actually. And the crew had to stand there for ages while we filmed this scene. And we were cold in the carriage as well, so I can’t imagine what
it was like outside. – But this carriage was
just sat on this track. And the crew must’ve been
rocking it or something? I don’t know what was rocking it. (weeping) (dramatic music) They are attacked by a rolling mage. So this is the first encounter with him. (scutterring) (screaming) We ran so many times. I thought I was gonna
faint by the end of it. We had to keep changing our shoes as well. Like, I had heels on to begin with. You know, I had to change
them to like, snow boots because like, we kept slipping over. (whooshing) – [Yennefer] Go! I’m creating a portal in that moment. Yeah, it was all CGI, but
actually with the snow, it was like a hoover pipe? (laughs) And like a really big hoover
pipe, like I can’t explain it. It’s probably just a wind machine? I just don’t know what it’s called. – They put it on that track so
when they blew air out of it, it would move and would go right with the amount of air that was coming out. So like, we’d just, yeah. (screaming) (baby crying) We are in the Canary
Islands at this point. It’s crazy, walked into,
we walked into this hotel, and at the back of the hotel
was these huge sand dunes. It was hot in my heavy costume. – Hails an assassin. (screams) Go! Alex, the director played with music. I can’t remember what
song he put on for this, but it was something very dark and (imitating intense music) – I was there when that shot happened. They splashed him with blood
and he faked his death. (intense music) (screams) I hope you enjoyed going
through the scene shot by shot, please check out The Witcher on Netflix. (music)