The Smallville Clark Kent Twist on Crisis of Infinite Earths Explained! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

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Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. We’re breaking down Clark Kent’s new Smallville ending revealed during the Crisis on
Infinite Earths crossover. The second part of the CW’s
massive crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, aired as part of this Monday’s Batwoman,
and it’s safe to say that the network is truly
gunning for the mantle of the most ambitious
crossover of all time. At least when it comes to TV. That’s because on top of
all the Arrowverse shows crossing over on themselves, in addition to Supergirl and Black
Lightning, it is packed to the brim with characters and actors from DC properties past,
like Legends of Tomorrow’s Brandon Routh reprising
his role as Superman from 2006’s Superman Returns. And also cameos from
the likes of Burt Ward who played Robin in the old
Adam West Batman series. But there were two huge
casting announcements that had fans losing
their collective (bleep). One, that we’d finally see
long-time Batman voice actor, Kevin Conroy, play Bruce
Wayne in real life, and two, that Tom Welling
who played Clark Kent in the long-running Smallville series would reprise his role as
that character in Crisis. Now, arguably, Smallville
set the groundwork for the Arrowverse as it stands today, and while fans couldn’t wait
to see Welling reprise the role that put modern superhero TV on the map, it was the huge twist revealed
about Clark Kent’s ending that’s blowing fans’ minds today. And we’re gonna break down
what that means right now. Now, of course, before we get into it, let’s get the spoiler
warning out of the way. This episode of Nerdist News is gonna discuss the second part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths event, so turn away now if you
don’t wanna be spoiled. Also, plug your ears, otherwise,
you’re just not looking and you can still hear me. But if you’re sticking around,
please take this moment to like and subscribe. Still here? Great, so what all happened? Well, during the 10 seasons
Tom Welling played Superman’s alter ego, he never actually got to wear the Man of Steel’s actual suit, outside of some CGI shots
from the Smallville finale when Clark Kent finally
embraced his Superman persona. So you can imagine how pumped fans were to see Welling don the
iconic red-blue-and-yellow to team up with other
Supermen appearing in Crisis, Supergirl’s Tyler Hoechlin
and Brandon Routh, but that’s not exactly
how things turned out. When Hoechlin’s Superman
arrives on Earth-167 to recruit Welling, he doesn’t exactly find
what he’s expecting. And moments later when Lex Luthor arrives to kill Welling’s
Superman with kryptonite, Luthor discovers it has no effect because this version of
Superman has permanently given up his powers and
instead settled down on the iconic Smallville
farm with Lois Lane and their children. Now as a side note,
this doesn’t stop Clark from putting the beat down on Luthor. He kicks that guy’s ass! So how does this powerless Kal-El fit in with the ending of Smallville when Clark Kent finally,
after years of debate, becomes Superman, don’t those
two creative visions clash? Not if you ask Batwoman
head honcho, Caroline Dries, who also used to write for
Smallville back in the day. At a screening for parts one
and two of the crossover, she said, “We had conversations about how “to best see Tom again. “We knew that we really
wanted Brandon Routh “as Clark Kent in the Daily Planet. “I think the Tom Welling Clark Kent “that we all kind of
picture when we think of him “is Clark on the farm. “So it made sense, the
farm is still there.” She went on to say, “It
all felt very 10 years ago “in a great way. “To us, it just felt natural “that that’s kind of
his natural environment “where we’d see him.” And honestly, it makes sense. Since Welling’s Kent struggled so much with the responsibility of the role, the idea that he’d step
away from capes and tights fits in, and this is what
it took to get Welling to sign up to appear in Crisis, according to Arrowverse executive
producer, Marc Guggenheim. The Gugg described Welling’s
response like this: “He was like, I love this! “He basically said to me, “you guys have basically
written the one scene “that I can’t say no to,
which was really really nice.” Really nailed his cadence, I think. All in all, this feels
like it’s a nice coda to Smallville’s ending,
and with so many versions and iterations of Superman across media throughout the years, fans
can always root for one where Clark Kent gets the happy ending he so richly deserves. Plus, with there still reportedly being several secret DC characters set to appear in upcoming Crisis episodes that have yet to be revealed, fans
still have plenty of stuff to sink their teeth into
as this crossover event continues to unfold in the New Year, like how cool would it be
if we got a DCEU character in the mix, or if they just went for it and gave us a cameo of a
completely animated character. But tell me, what do you folks think? Do you like this send off
for Tom Welling’s Clark Kent? What part of the Crisis crossover has been your favorite so far? And who do you think is gonna show up in the rest of the event
series, let’s discuss. Thanks again to Star
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