The Headline Talk – Fantasy Copywriting

Hey everyone it’s Jen from YouSoMuch,
and it’s time we had a talk. The talk about headlines. So here’s the thing with headlines. I’m
sure that you have heard a million times how important headlines are. I know I’ve
talked about it, i know a lot of different copy writing blogs and posts
and videos talked about how important headlines are. And you probably heard the
stats where they talk about how only one in five people read past the headline.
And so I’m sure that’s caught your attention. But let’s take it one step
further, and really really think about this here. As i said before in this
channel, the only goal of the headline is to get them to read the very next line.
So, but if you think about that, you really think about that how important is
that! I mean here you have a whole entire page full of words… and if you can’t get
them to read past the headline what are all those words for? Right!? So the most
important sentence on the entire page – the entire page! – is the headline. Because
if they don’t read past the headline they’re not going to read any of the
rest. So they won’t end up subscribing to your
email, or buying your product, or whatever it is that you might have on that page.
And so whatever it is, even if you’re just trying to get them to read your
article or learn more about you, they’re not going to do it if they don’t
read past the headline, right!? So the headline is kind of like that guy that
you call when you’re moving and you know he can lift all the heavy stuff. He does
all the heavy lifting. That’s exactly what the headline does.
Because if you watched my past headline video, you know that it has to get their
attention, it has to drive curiosity it has to appeal and resonate with your
ideal target reader it has to appeal to their fantasies, it has to tease them with a
benefit with the fantasy of the person they want to become. It has to be clear!
Etcetera etcetera etc. There are so many things that one headline has to do. If
you really want to make sure that they read past the headline, then you really
want to do as many of those things as possible. If you don’t want your friend
to drop that heavy desk that you inherited from your
great-great-grandmother you’re not going to ask him to hold it, are you? You have to make sure he’s
strong enough to hold it – or you’re gonna find another person or another way to get that in antique desk over to
your new home. So if you want them to read past the headline you have to make
sure it’s good enough! And so i always recommend spending more time on the
headline than anything else. If you spend eighty percent of your time on the
headline, then you’re allocating the correct amount of time for the results
that you’re going to get, right!? So don’t just write down two three four five
different versions. Make sure that you’re writing out 10, 20, 30… I’ve talked to
other copywriters who literally write out 50 headlines every time they have an
important sales page or post – because they want to make sure it’s right, they
want to nail it, they want to make sure it’s doing all
the heavy lifting so that it gets that person to keep reading. Now if you’re
really struggling with this if you’re wondering what the heck should I put in
my headline think of the headline as sort of the big idea, the big promise.
It’s like the setup for the payoff that you’re going to give them at the end of
the page, right? So you’re setting them up and you’re going to give them
something. And so that leads me to remind you, don’t put some teaser
headline in there is gonna grab someone’s attention and they’re gonna
keep reading but then it doesn’t really deliver on what the headline is offering.
You gotta set it up properly and you’ve got to make sure you’re delivering on
what you’re talking about so it really should reflect and match which you’re
offering and promising to give them in the headline. And so by a “big idea,” what
I’m talking about there is the not only what it’s about but what’s the biggest
idea, what the biggest benefit for the reader that they’re going to get out of
reading this article or this sales page or this website page right!? What’s the
fantasy that you’re delivering on what’s the biggest thing you can think of its
most important to tell them about this page and that they’re gonna look by the
time you’re done reading the page they’re like “oh cool, that’s what it’s
about” right!? You don’t want them to read it and go, “aaghh, that was a waste of my time” because are going to go back and read more of your
stuff? Probably not! They’re probably not going to another possible page of yours, they’re probably not going to buy that product of yours, so make sure that you are doing
those things are supposed to do. And I have read so many sales pages where the
headline catches their attention and then it just doesn’t go from, anywhere
from there. You know why? Because it doesn’t resonate with them. They don’t
care about it. It might catch their attention but it’s not talking about
something they really care about, that they personally want to know. If you tell
the beginning of a story that’s awesome but that’s not enough. That’s not enough because they only care
about what’s in it for them. What’s in it for them is what you’re
going to deliver on at the very end. If you have any questions about this I’d love to
hear from you, please leave a comment below. And, as always, don’t forget to write down your own fantasies, because words make it real.