The 1 Bitcoin Show- Top 200 Altcoin legitimacy line, Argentina, Retail, Classic FUD: Do you use BTC?

Hello and welcome to the one Bitcoin
show today is September the 2nd 2019 strong hand be unique piece value wealth
and Bitcoin having hype uncomplicated while one Bitcoin equals one Bitcoin
offended by selling in motion five digit realm oh yeah you better believe it we
got the best space best guest in the space okay check out all the links below
hello my elite friends how you all doing tonight
oh it’s past 2:30 in the morning in Tel Aviv but I’ve got the conviction hey you
got questions do the super chat its type in bitcoinmeister I’ll look at the chat
a couple times I want to thank fan TV he sent some super chat support for
yesterday’s awesome show with Sarah check that show out he said Wow great HD
camera thank you for everything you do for Bitcoin you were welcome and dude
I’m glad you like the we taped it at the bitcoin embassy with my good camera I do
have a nice camera that’s only used for pre-taped stuff and I rarely use it long
story and it takes a while to upload it really took a lot of upload yesterday
but it’s worth it Sarah was great you’ll learn about the Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy
the Tel Aviv the Israel Bitcoin ecosystem it a lot fun stuff and you get
to see someone other than me in the room with me alright so I also watch beyond
Bitcoin that was Saturday’s show and Fridays this week in Bitcoin show was
awesome with Ansel lidner and I just did a podcast that’s forstmeister calm it’s
linked to below audio podcast only you’ll only get it there it is linked to
below Labor Day holiday I know all you guys are recovering back in America
you’re gonna finally get back to work what like in 12 hours or so what a
golden age we live in when you guys can take what so many people could take four
days off but we’re getting serious again some
is over in terms of business summer’s over we shall see what Bitcoin does no
more excuse as well as a holiday weekend that’s why the better the price crash
blah blah blah blah no more of that so yeah I knew the I could tell on uh I
think it was on Saturday even or Sunday I wrote down five digit realm already to
talk about today I knew I knew it would be back I mean this is this is so
cyclical it’s so predictable all these weak hands panic think it’s the end of
the world when it goes out of the five digit realm we’re just getting used to
the five digit realm soon still man you’ll see in time we will all
laugh about the days of the four digit realm so I hope no one was too impressed
that it got back to the five digit round today it’s if you got a strong hand you
should you should know that this this thing happens now here is a tweet about
what does this tweet says seventy seven days we’ve never had a longer period of
consecutive days where Bitcoin has been above nine thousand dollars that is from
Alistair Milne and that is a good point right there and it just shows you that
we’re transitioning away from that four digit realm it’s been set some seventy
seven days in a row that we’ve been we’ve never had a longer period of
consecutive days or Bitcoin has been over nine it’s been 77 days it hasn’t
been below night that wow I don’t even really think that hard about it right
there but hey man you get you take it you know all these people talk it’s
going down the 7,000 I forgot that it was it hasn’t been there for so long
oh man value your wealth in Bitcoin that’s what I’m doing I mean there was I
forgot what game wise was I didn’t check the price for so long yeah it was
yesterday when I was at the Bitcoin embassy is like the first I didn’t turn
my computer on just so like 6 p.m. or something like that you gotta live your
lives dude I hope you guys are enjoying yourselves out it wasn’t a holiday here
yesterday or today so but it was a it was a good pic check out check out the
show yesterday it was it was different different types it was a if you have one
a good camera nothing you should care and I even make a joke about it on
yesterday oh and what is this 70% Bitcoin dominance yeah on coin market
cap it actually got up there predictable predictable well I get one day when
Facebook coin comes and all the corporate coin comes it will go down
again but for now for this year expect a expected to stay around there I
guess get I mean all coin it’s definitely not all coin season but I do
have a comment about all coins in a second town that like button people
capital controls have come to Argentina it was yesterday was it a coincidence
that right after that Bitcoin started going up who knows who knows I’m just
glad I had I had bitcoins of my country were to ever have capital controls I
won’t have to worry about this and we’ve talked about Argentina and numerous
times on the show before and they no excuse no excuse for them not to have
Bitcoin at this point it’s been inflationary for quite some time now
this was predictable that they were going to do that an article about it is
linked to below Argentina imposes currency controls to support the economy
it also said that while individuals can continue to buy US dollars they will
need to seek permission to purchase more than ten thousand dollars a month
the measures will apply until the end of the year yeah right you know they’re
gonna extend that thing because their current president is gonna lose the
election he’s the only one who had any fiscal sense and yeah it is they’re
gonna get a someone that is just a money printer or some ridiculous socialist
type of person coming in there so that that’s part of the reason all this is
happening now because uh they’re preparing so the real
way you prepare you can scream socialist all day about your next leader or you
just get the Bitcoin and you won’t have to worry about capital controls you’ll
be your own bank you can send value out of the country and
yeah okay I’m just I was just looking in the chat I see my buddies are in there
no super chats or bitcoinmeister yet hey man no one’s got questions that’s all
right man best guest in the space here this is I mean this is where you get
Bitcoin insider information baby this is the spot you are a 20% if you fully
understand what this is all about baby pound that like button we are that you
leaked here all right so and I’m glad to see my elite friends biggest supply
shock in the history of financial markets as Chris would say that’s coming
up that’s the having you best believe you better know what the having is if
you really want to understand what this is all about baby if you’re a saver over
a spender and we are going to talk about that right now
I I noticed the tweet I link to it below it would remind it brought me back to
2017 a famous thud line back then is like you’re not a Bitcoin user you don’t
use Bitcoin I mean King that was one of the king of the trolls main talking
points and all of these 80 percenters would cheer him on and say oh he’s so
right you don’t use big if you don’t spend big point you’re not using Bitcoin
and I see people are trying to do this again
no one uses Bitcoin no one you no one uses Bitcoin it’s a savings account baby
that’s a way you use it when you’re holding it you are using it and people
like king of Charles I think he understood it but that was one of his
talking was but so many people that he persuaded into his be cash they surely
didn’t understand that using Bitcoin meant you know just holding Bitcoin
using as a savings mechanism this dude though says define usage my main use
case is Bitcoin as a savings account I don’t need to purchase goods with it to
use it that’s the line you guys use if anyone tries to fund you out if that FUD
becomes in fashion again and maybe it is I I did notice it on Twitter again and
this all this the fuck is cyclical everything’s dark
cyclical around these ports alright so let’s talk about these uh altcoins like
be cast because again be cast as an Allpoint of course it was a crypto
dividend a Bitcoin we got it for free and if you hold your Bitcoin properly
you get crypto dividends you get interest on your Bitcoin insider
information baybay so core market cap had a tweet and I refer to it on
yesterday’s show you’ve spoken we’ve heard we will be testing a change in our
ranking myth methodology on Monday September second which was today to
represent all crypto assets more fairly please see the full details here so that
is linked to below but basically what they did is now their top 200 that
they’re taught their their first two pages all the coins on there follow all
the rules very strictly in terms of the measurements they’re listed the metrics
the various metrics that measure certain aspects of the coin and how many there
are the trading volume how many the exchanges that those the top 200 are all
the little all the rules and then you see the coin market the market
capitalization decreases obviously from 1 to 200 but then when you get to 201
the market cap is is quite high up number 201 higher than a lot of the top
200 but right at 201 each starts with the next tier that does not follow all
of us specifications all the correct method methodologies out there so if you
to get into their top 200 you gotta follow every rule in the book that
they’ve got listed there I think this is interesting this is a dividing line this
is help defining top tier altcoins or the top view to your altcoins
so I think it makes it easier it’s you know coin market
have many people do not like it but the masses do go there for the rankings
so these altcoins now have a lot of pressure to get into that top 200 to get
other A’s and B’s Nexus of why’s everything fixed on their end make sure
there are legitimate exchanges and that the no bloated numbers are on these
exchanges so we shall see how this evolves and I do give him credit they
actually did this on September the second like they said they did so often
and cryptocurrency someone give a date they won’t even do
what the heck they said they did it the listings have changed on there so if
your again I’m a Bitcoin holder so I’m just watching this but you know we we
the overall ecosystem people like to talk alt coins and coins in general
Bitcoin being number one bitcoins the next Bitcoin and so yeah they’re doing
this tough 200 thing now you’re going to want to be you’re going to definitely
want to be in the top 200 to be legitimate all right in the eyes of all
you all coin fridges out there Fordham Easter has an interesting
observation quite a knowledgeable guy a guy that’s been on the show before a guy
that’s popular with the masses but popular with the 20 percenters also and
you should be reading yeah I’ve read his Twitter feed every day he has he tweet
out there it was he’s definitely an agreement with me that the retail
investors have not returned yet he says my Twitter follow or number has been
flat for months now I suspect that once growth picks up again that that will
indicate the return of retail investors to the Bitcoin market and I think it’s a
legitimate way of looking at things he’s obviously a very popular figure in the
spin Bitcoin if his numbers start popping again you better believe a lot
of newbies are back or int note are here not back if they’re newbies are not back
and they’ve heard is and you know they’re bloating his numbers so good
observation on his part hey but I am I am pleased at the situation that even
without the newbies flying in here out the new retail people coming in that
Bitcoin has been very stable around that five digit realm and a lot of it’s
caused by people trading in their all coins for Bitcoin who knows what else is
going on behind the scenes with the entities buying it up yeah I’ve said it
a million times you don’t want to be left out in the cold
saying no maybe the price would go lower and then in a few years you’re
complaining like why does Bank of America own a lot of Bitcoin and I oh no
Bitcoin found that like button all right what else do we have here no no no
questions yet but there are some interesting dudes over there in the chat
how you guys doing my elite friends moving on remember you can support this
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speaking about twitter i retweeted something that i saw last night the
bitcoin embassy it was so much 25th birthday there they made him a cake that
looked like a Bitcoin miner like an s9 I think it was so cool looking Pete in
America people were pay like $1,000 for a cake like this trust me there was that
uh there was that show that was based in Baltimore actually a cable TV show they
were they made cakes aisa cakes Duff Goldman yeah I’m gonna
do you want me to drop a name as somebody no I’m not gonna can’t believe
I knew some people over there no need to that they made me like stop but uh
anyway the thing of the yeah the cake was awesome is linked to below it looks
like an Ace of Cakes cake or whatever the name of whatever they did it back
back in the day back in the early part of this decade I think that was popular
with that type of show is popular with a 80 percenters let’s watch
Duff make some Kate things people watch on TV and the things people pay a
thousand dollars for all right uh and and the people the Bitcoin embassy they
made that King clarity and look like it was butyl it was so funny I
it’s it’s linked to below if you want us hey hey
if there’s so many opportunities in the Bitcoin space maybe you could be a big
point tape maker and convince some sub whales to pay you a lot of money for
making a bit quick hey I just came up with an idea ace of Bitcoin cakes and do
it in the city it’s a little bit more safe than Baltimore yes but hey I got to
love my Baltimore people that’s where I’m from how you doing out there it’s a
what some 57 out there which means it must be 257 in the morning here in Tel
Aviv which means it’s time to pound that like button bang that belly button and
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the links below I just want to see if I forgot anything here what was the title
of this show or is it a taxable event no it is not Robert that is a complete
flood I think I mentioned that a recent show if you move your Bitcoin it’s not a
taxable event no if you move if you sell your Bitcoin moving and cellular are
definitely different things they’re definitely different things but people
Robert I understand why you have that question because they’ve been trolls
actually that have tried to spread scare people over here knows you’re a Bitcoin
it’s the IRS no they can’t tax you if you move your Bitcoin that they can
maybe they can question you and then you can say look I had an old coin base I
moved it here to my treasure look it’s there here’s the address I’ll sign it
they can do they could do nothing don’t think it’s gonna come to that but oh my
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