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this is an NBC News special report here's Savannah Guthrie hi everybody good morning as we come on the air the president has just arrived at Buckingham Palace in London for his first official state visit to Great Britain this is the first stop as he greets the royal family there and this is gonna be a very busy week that will also take him across the channel to Normandy France on Thursday for the 75th anniversary of d-day it's just after noon in London the president landed in the UK a few hours ago a seven and a half hour flight from Washington he will be received this morning by Queen Elizabeth all the pomp and ceremony of a state visit you can see them in the Buckingham Palace garden and be greeted this morning by the Prince of Wales Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall walking with Melania Trump we're seeing some of the ceremony the the Royal gun salute that is expected for an event like this and as they walk the stairs they will in a moment be greeted by Queen Elizabeth herself our correspondents are lined up let's go to kiss them in cease at Kennedy gate one of the palaces entrances and there we have the big moment with the Queen here what's the mood there as the president comes for his first official state visit believe we're waiting for Keir Simmons was we see this greeting between the president and the Queen Melania Trump Prince Charles the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla we've got Hallie Jackson who has been traveling with the president and already before he got here he's making a lot of headlines Hallie he sure is Savannah as you can see the royal family they're walking in with President Trump and the first lady as the president was essentially on his way over just before he did an interview several of them in which he took him not just at some members of the royal family but at prime minister Theresa May herself so let's talk about the royal piece of this president Trump is you see him walking in with Prince Charles there they will take tea later on is prepared for the possibility of climate change to come up this is something that is near and dear to Prince Charles's heart this is an issue on which he and the president do not see eye to eye so watch for that to be a potential tension point that said President Trump is a fan of the Queen's he has spoken very complimentary of her before he has enjoyed his previous visits this is his first official state visit which means the Queen is formally hosting the Trump family but he has been to the UK for a working visit in the past and has met the Queen previously there was a minor dust-up over a potential protocol breach when President Trump appeared to walk in front of the Queen although you can bet that his advance team has warned him not to make that same mistake again so far we've seen no breaches of protocol from the President or the first lady that I can tell at least keep in mind though that somebody who will not be here Megan mark will of course she is home with her young infant son Archie she and Prince Harry of course just had a baby president Trump was asked in an interview about the comments that Marco made prior to his becoming elected president back in 2016 in which she called him misogynistic President Trump called those comments nasty said he hadn't heard about them before but said she hopes he hopes that she's doing well said he hopes that she will make a great American princess essentially if she has of course married into that royal family so there are some interesting points to watch here on the Royal side as President Trump gets ready for a day a real pomp and pageantry this is what he likes best keep in mind the centerpiece of today's visit will be a state banquet later on tonight at Buckingham Palace lot of eyes on that before a dinner and other events with the Prime Minister tomorrow Savannah all right standby there as you mentioned we await some of the formal and welcomes that are about to happen at buckingham palace the president having just walked inside greeted by the Queen greeted by Prince Charles and Camilla let's go to Keir Simmons I think we have him now he's just outside Buckingham Palace as the Canada Gate and here your local as they say how is this visit being received hey Savannah well there were cheers outside Buckingham Palace here as marine one elegantly swooped down behind Buckingham Palace there behind me you can see the royal standard flying over the palace that tells us of course if we needed telling that the queen is in residence it's not just the Queen as Holly was saying though but an entourage of the royal family he will meet the president these state visits are all about the royal family they are the the centerpiece of this this is a diplomatic dance that will be done in the in the coming days first though we are waiting for the president to inspect the Grenadier Guards who is who are at the back of Buckingham Palace there some changes to this state visit normally that inspection would take place at the front of the palace it's happening at the back perhaps for security reasons another example in the past leaders have ridden through the mall over to my right in an open-top carriage and no American president has done that again perhaps for security reasons as we know President W Bush President Obama at both were afforded a state visit like this neither of them chose to ride through the mall in that way and of course President Trump will not be staying at here at Buckingham Palace because of renovation work half a billion dollars worth of a renovation worker Savannah the president may want to inspect that and give his views but through the day we will see him have a an informal lunch including with Prince Harry which will be an interesting interaction given those press reports of the comments from the president about Megan then he will go to Westminster Abbey scene of so many famous events here in London of course not least at the wedding of Charles and Diane all those decades ago there he will lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior that's who to mark at the First World War then there will be an afternoon tea with Charles and Camilla again as Hallie was saved that will be an interesting interaction given the fact that Charles and president Trump are around the same age but we know hold very different views Prince Charles believes that climate change is a real threat he he believes in organic food those conversations may come up but the British royal family in the end our professional diplomats and Savannah this trip is all about the diplomacy all about Britain putting its best foot forward as America's closest ally in the background there Savannah you can hear the 82 gun salute for the president's arrival at more than the normal 41 gun salute because it is for the Queen's coronation and for this state visit as the president might like to say a huge gun salute Amanda yeah we hear them right there at there at the Royal Park continuing on this morning here as you speak the president of course is coming to London at a time of internal turmoil there with the prime minister Theresa May I believe this is her last week in office she was forced to step down over brexit and we see him in some of the interviews he did in the lead-up to this visit dabbling a bit in British politics some eyebrows but to be honest there that is not to be that's not unexpected no one here expected that president Trump would arrive and not engaging in politics and of course although this state visit is very much about the British royal family he will meet with the prime minister Theresa May tomorrow there will be political events there are reports as Savannah of some back and forth between Downing Street and and the president's entourage over whether President Trump will meet with Nigel Farage who is famously the politician who led the brexit campaign and complete continues to lead that campaign so as you rightly suggestive honor this is a tie political turmoil here in the UK a very very difficult time but I suppose you could say in a sense that's what the British royal family are for they stand there and they stand above the politics they are the constitutional monarchy and the hope will be and I suspect this will be the case even if there are some faux pars as we go along the hope will be that ultimately this will be seen as a successful trip and cure as the images now show the president's adult children are here Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner both senior advisors to the president as well other members of the Trump family are there and we're starting to see some of that royal rollout you've been telling us about as we see all the trappings of a ceremonial state visit and some of the members of the family gathered there on the balcony to witness it halli what what would you say is the president's goal here I mean obviously and it's often spoken about the u.s. as special relationship with Britain what's the state of that relationship right now I know the president's been talking about getting a trade deal with the UK that's right and both the president and prime minister may have talked about what a close and important bond that both of these countries have as Savannah we look at that balcony shot not just Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner but Treasury Secretary Stephen minuchin is here as well I mention this because you asked what does the president want to get out of this he actually may deliver a fairly stern message to Prime Minister May over the Chinese telecom company Huawei this has been a sticking point between these two nations both on the national security perspective and from the diplomatic perspective as well the US wants the UK to do less business with this Chinese company with tois way and that is going to be a message the president Trump has said he will deliver to Teresa may more broadly when you talk about trade there are real question marks both you and Kier have talked about this remarkable moment of extraordinary political chaos in the UK at the end of this week Theresa May will no longer be the leader of the Tories essentially here in the UK she will remain on as Prime Minister truly in name only until a new prime minister is elected but it's much more of a caretaker role so she in essence after Friday loses all the power and the authority that she has had and one of her last acts in office will be this meeting with President Trump this series of events with him this week which does I think put a pain on the fact that this is such a critical time for the president to be here he wants a bilateral trade deal between the US and the UK but until the UK can work out its own deal going on with the EU as it works to get out of brexit there will be real question marks about whether and when President Trump will be able to get that done it is more likely that he will have to hold off until the UK hits that October 31st deadline to either make a deal with the EU for brexit or else to get out with no deal which experts predict could be catastrophic economically for this country Savannah let me go flip over to Kier who obviously has got his eyes on the on the local politics there how is this notion of a state visit being received over there I know he's been to London before as president but this is the first time he's been given the honor of a state visit which of course on the left of our screens there we can see what that means it's Buckingham Palace right now although the Royal Guard assembled and all of its finery and we're gonna really see what that means what does it mean not just in terms of what we see in the ceremony but in terms of the relationship and the signal that it sends cure you know Savannah that's such a tough question to answer and I guess I would answer it like this this country the UK is as polarized as the US politically right now so as you can imagine it's seen it's actually very difficult to honestly summarize the feeling in the country there will be there are certainly many British people who were opposed to this visit there are also many British people who believe that it was there is a good idea after all in the end the UK sits in this unique position as an island in the Atlantic off of Europe but very much looking towards America with with all of the history between the two countries whether a trade deal can be done between Britain and the US I mean that depends on so many factors not least of which is the negotiation continuing between Britain and Europe because Europe's deal with Britain as part of the European Union makes it impossible for a independent trade deal to be done and it may be that a deal future with Europe doesn't make that possible either so so many question marks I think in terms of the the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and that argument that public argument that President Trump has been drawn into Sadiq Khan is a politician he will know that there are many voters in London who do not like President Trump and so politically from from his point of view it's advantageous to get into an argument with the president of that nature and perhaps a president Trump thinks it is politically advantageous for him to who knows but crucially as we watch these pictures of the pomp and ceremony outside of Buckingham Palace at the the idea will be to try to rise rise above all all that and be able to say in decades to come the UK to be able to say in decades to come that even amongst all of this political turmoil Britain stood with America was prepared was very open to the US president are coming and being given all of the airs and graces of a visit to the UK a state visit to the UK just as previous presidents have been offered so it is very much a diplomatic event this it is it is very much about saying the matter what the particular issues of our time in the long term Britain and the UK stand sorry in America and the UK stand together and we are of course keeping our eye on the garden of a Buckingham Palace we're welcoming ceremony is about to take place inside the president is meeting with the Queen we also of course are the welcome at the helicopters that touched down at Buckingham Palace between Prince Charles and Camilla who greeted the president and the first lady and we see on the balcony people were getting a good view of the events today Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner saw the Treasury Secretary Stephen minuchin and Holly as I go to you you'll be traveling with the president all week long this is the first stop a couple of days in London but then solemn duty as we honor the anniversary of Normandy seventy-five years and the president plans to travel to France for that and he will be surrounded by leaders in Europe Theresa May French president Emmanuel macron as we listen to the national anthem [Applause] [Applause] good [Applause] tell taxi for the fact in the water [Applause] [Applause] the inspection of the guard of honor at Buckingham Palace just the beginning of state visit taking place today in the United Kingdom are a longtime friend across the pond of the president walking up the steps with Prince Charles to greet the Queen once again they're expected to have a private lunch later there was at Westminster Abbey and the tomb of the unknown and a ceremonial banquet this evening the beginning of a several days long journey to London to the UK and to Europe to honor the 75th anniversary of d-day we'll wrap up our coverage for the moment we'll continue to keep an eye on this for most of you you'll return to today others will return to regular programming I'm Savannah Guthrie in New York this has been an NBC News special report you you you