Shaun of the Dead (8/8) Movie CLIP – Breaking and Eviscerating (2004) HD

David, no! David! – Right, I’m leaving.
– What? – I’m not staying here.
– David, it’s suicide. – I think you should go.
– We will. We can defend ourselves. – What do you mean “we”?
– What do you mean? Opening that door now
would be a very silly thing to do. – You gonna stay here with him?
– Look… – After where he led us?
– Let me finish! Shaun didn’t ask you to come here.
You came for the same reason I did. – Get away from that door this instant!
– But… David! I’m so sorry, Dianne. Maybe I’m not the one
you should be apologising to. Shaun… David! No! No! No! No! David! – No! No!
– David! David! Dianne, no! I’m coming, David! David! Oh dear. – Cocktails?
– Do it. Stay back! Shaun, hold them! Heads! – Ed!
– Hurry up! Shauny, look who it is. Fuck-a-doodle-doo! Ed! – Shaun!
– Ed! Don’t groan at me, you thick fuck! I can’t hold them! No! – Shaun!
– Pete! I said leave him alone!