Shane Dawson & Jeffree Star: Breaking The Internet

welcome back in in today’s video
shane dawson and jeffree star just released a highly anticipated makeup and
merchandise release collaboration thing they released two eyeshadow palettes one
called conspiracy and another called mini controversy and a collection of
lipstick shades as well as a line of shane dawson merchandise and they
released this on jibberish stars website merch website killer merch needless to
say it broke the internet let’s talk about it today in exploring youtubers
everyone knows that shane dawson documentaries break record numbers and
throwing Geoffrey star into the mix is just a recipe for something we’ve
probably never seen before but the past month Shane Dawson has been releasing
installments in a series titled the beautiful world of Jeffries star each of
his five episodes were around an hour and leaf collectively and have more than
90 million views which is pretty crazy not only were these videos hyped around
Geoffrey star but the videos also serve as a massive promotion for the Shane
Dawson’s collection following its creation from start to finish now it’s
important to note that the build up around these products was absolutely
perfect as Jeffrey stars one of the biggest beauty gurus and he has had
several highly successful makeup launches and most recently has been in
the middle of some pretty drama fuelled controversies as well as past
controversies that seem to have added to the anticipation this paired with Shane
Dawson releasing something that he’s jokingly teased about in the past with
an astoundingly high interest from fans and his own similar past pickles very
similar to what Jeffrey stars went through as converted itself into
successfully one of the greatest advertising campaigns ever seen it all
launched Friday November 1st to 2019 it was so popular that the website stopped
working due to high amounts of traffic in the server and it caused Shopify to
glitch out leaving shoppers Shane Dawson and Jeffrey star very upset Shane Dawson saying I’m so sorry guys
we’re trying everything right now a retweet from Geoffrey star saying you
guys crashed the site Shane’s in a ball crying on the floor working on getting
everything back another tweet saying I’m so sorry my heart is breaking I don’t
know what to do but Jeffrey’s team and the Shopify team have been doing
everything they can we’re all in the room pulling our hair
out to make this work this is what a lot of people were getting thanks for your
order we’re getting a lot of orders right now you should receive
confirmation by email or text saying if you don’t receive it next hour let us
know due to an unexpected technical problem jeffree star cosmetics comm is
temporarily unavailable please check back in a few minutes another I just
screamed in a conference call and now I’m crying because I feel bad that I
screamed it’s been a rough two hours some people were angry saying things
like this is so frustrating Shopify I’ve literally been trying to spend $425 on
makeup for over an hour Shane Dawson Geoffrey start at this
point I’m not even sure I want it anymore
some we’re jelly bellies jealous of those that had already gotten their
products me seeing people actively checking out and even ordering multiple
palates other people had more luck going to physical locations but it soon went
around that they were also selling out I went to more from the bundles mirrors
half the lipsticks and bags were sold completely out it was supposed to be a
week’s worth of products mmm but if you got lucky you got to see Shane Dawson’s
mom racing to get her son’s new product even crazier is that since all this was
sold out there were actually people that knew and anticipated that this was gonna
be a big launch and actually sold some on eBay current bids at the time were
pretty high but while all this was taking place something else was
happening on Twitter that’s right you guessed it kpop stands in additionally we had those completely
confused about what they were talking about with confusion comes the pretzel a
channel and I know I’m glad that you’ve asked these questions and since it’s
relevant to how they broke the internet we’re going to explain to you what does
fire fueled kpop stands we’re talking about in why do you remember MySpace me
neither but it’s where Jeffrey star amassed a cult following along with
accusations of being our word he used his following to somewhat create a music
career that stalled and eventually led him into cosmetics fast forward now and
he’s one of the most important influential beauty gurus in the
community Jeffrey star was previously known for his deep friendship and feud
with Kat Von D who is a reality television star makeup and tattoo artist
after they fell out he developed a very public friendships with other gurus such
as Laura Lee meny mu a indicated dragon they’re featured on one another’s
channels and Jeffrey started mainly collaborated on a collection for
Jeffrey’s makeup line but like Kat Von D they had a falling out and many people
wasn’t sure why this was mirrored when Jeffrey star said with my ex friends
people still don’t really know what went on in that four part hugely popular
youtube series also shot by youtuber Shane Dawson the first part of the
series called the secret world Jeffrey star has more than 46 million views
currently now this also plays a part into like how they broke the internet
and I guess his old friends saw this and they didn’t like it and unto much
youtuber Gabriel Zamora tweeted bringing up Jeffrey’s past stating imagine
staining our word following up with saying honey every time I was around him
he would say something bar word about black people and I know what you’re
thinking where did Gabriel Zamora come from in this situation while I asked
around apparently he likes to hop into controversies at random I’m not I’m not
sure Kat Von D had made similar accusations that Geoffrey was far word
they obtained prompting a 15 minute video from Jeffrey star where he talked
about his past and how he was very apologetic for the things that he said
and did hmm and I have talked about this before on myspace back in the day I have
addressed this on snapchat I have talked about this on Twitter in the past but
that is not good enough because for everyone out there that supports me that
believes in me I owe you the truth and I owe you an apology I am so sorry for my
words I am so sorry for everything that I’ve said in my past I can never turn
back time and take those moments away they happened I have owned up with them
and I have lived with it for a long time and every time that they get read rag
Doug it just makes me just sad because I
don’t know who that person was Shane Dawson had to also apologize for passion
or word but after appearing in blackface in a couple of his earlier YouTube
videos and you can see they have sort of a shared past and this is what the kpop
stands we’re talking about as for why well that’s uh the kpop stands that’s
that’s their thing so to me it’s pretty obvious how they broke the internet just
an accumulation of years in the making and Pat pickles that push them further
farther faster when you get to huge internet icons together like this
each highly successful in their respective fields and you just kind of
put them together and they’re massive communities add a little bit of intense
build-up and you have a force to be reckoned with almost as powerful as the
kpop stands but as interesting as is there’s always sense of or interest to
me that’s right you guessed it I wonder – thanks which good leave your creative
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