Pumpkin Patch Hacker Spy Caught on Camera Breaking Into Our House!

in the world it’s after the DMC date and
we’re still here YouTube is still on you guys are still
watching this that is crazy for all your haters out there you said
that we don’t catchin a fake gamemaster well how come YouTube is still there if
this was the fake one YouTube would be gone because the Doomsday so you guys
we’ve got the right one why he didn’t put us on his official list we don’t
know that we’ve got the real one YouTube is safe YouTube’s not going
anywhere guys you don’t have anything to worry about but if you want to calm that
down and say projects or go disputes we’re good with that you guys
everybody’s been telling us call the cops call the cops call the cops and
then yesterday we put a poll on our video do you want us to call the cops
just keep the gamemaster locked up or let him go
well why don’t you get 1% of you guys said let him go and that’s crazy because
we’re not letting him go but only 20% of you said to call the cops on them the
other 76% of you guys which was like over 8,000 people right now it’s
probably double that by the time you guys see but over 8,000 of you said keep
him locked up so we are gonna keep him locked up but what do we do with them
you guys we need some ideas so if you guys got some ideas of what we can do
with the gamemaster locked up in this box fort tell us what we can do and
we’re gonna go ahead and do it I don’t know how we’re long waiting to keep them
locked up maybe until you guys change it on the pole so if you guys want to do
the pole it’s gonna be right up here where these sides go ahead and click on
that do the pole whenever we get to call the cops then we’ll go ahead and call
the cops well we listen to a pulse whatever you
guys want is what we’re gonna do okay guys in case you guys missed in
videos the pumpkin patch came he left the trail of pumpkins and then the
gamemaster came and she knocked them all over and before that happened
she left her trail and then after that she like shrunk until one of those
little ones it was so weird I don’t get shrunk them is a little ones are just
disappeared but these girls got a job to do right now they got to go outside and
clean up some pumpkins hi guide me I only have to clean up pumpkins well we
don’t normally pick a pumpkins but we pick up toys and stuffed animals so yeah
guys Leo eight merits gosh alright girls let’s go clean up the pumpkins kay
alright but before we go outside guys I know you guys want to see the game
master so let’s go check on him come on girls let’s go check on him
alright Shh okay right guys I’m gonna put you over
the top so you can see what he’s doing right guys looks like he found our
little trap door but he can’t get out that way because his leg is stuck so
let’s head outside clean up the mess and then we’re gonna come in have a little
fun with the game master all right let’s go hey what are you doing coach hey you
trying to let the game master on our house no Madison yeah I guess so if you
didn’t see it pumpkin patch was siccing them all like they’re all over the grass
right now but he sucked one on each one of these lanterns then he knocked well
gamemaster knocked it down he knocked one over here one here one there one
there and went over there all right so girls what trained Madison you come over
here and pick these ones up cuz there’s all the little ones okay and then train
you come over there and get this big one okay all right don’t pick him up Madison
very return all right guys we gotta get all these cleaned up because mom is
gonna freak out if regard is a mess and Halloween’s over so we got to put all
the pumpkins stuff away so all right Shane you got yours what
okay train go help her get hers okay of course we got to go help little Madison
because she’s got short little arms and can’t do it all I’ll get all of them do you guys need
help no I can help you if you need no much work what what that’s work great
you got two little pumpkins it’s tiring you have so much work for a
four-year-old yeah we got to come and take all that stuff down alright let’s
go on in girls all right then let’s go put them away with the Halloween stuff
right over there just in one of those boxes over there all right
okay guys so now we are gonna hey did you guys notice anything different about
that pumpkin look at they show you again look at this you’re not saying there
were two that looked like that we did not have that one girls what the thinkin
wasn’t carved was it maybe mom did I don’t think mom carved a pumpkin and
I’ve never seen a pumpkin carved like that before have you guys my gosh oh my
gosh it looks just like the pumpkins yeah yeah it does doesn’t it it’s the pumpkin back he is second three
and I’m lying on the top we should see what’s in there
I never it kind of topics Hey look thank you it’s time dude
do girls want to put a light in there and see what it looks like in the day
yeah all right guys we’re gonna go put this in the dark put a candle in there
and see what it looks like in the dark but first some things going on we’re
gonna go check on that game master again let’s go check on the eight master is it
still locked hi guys let’s make sure game s are still
there it just turned us I think he might be
planning something he’s probably planning a escape right I guess he can’t
escape because he’s locked in the box work and he’s shackled to the floor all
right yes I don’t know pew trying to escape out the trapdoor or if he just
crawled in there for a little catnap or something but he is obviously not
getting out maybe that he’s not going anywhere all right so you guys if you
know who did that to the pumpkin tell us down below we’re gonna go ahead
get something to light it up gonna check it out in the dark and we’ll see you in
a sec yeah we’ll see you in a sec all right you guys we got the pumpkin
with the light in it now let’s turn the lights off
and we’ll see what happens I guess so this is what it looks like with the
lights still on and then if we turn them down as crazy Trinity was totally right that
is the pumpkin patch mask costume all right let’s turn the lights back on that is crazy
guys so apparently we magically have this pumpkin in our house that got
carved a pumpkin patch if you guys know how this got in here know where are the
pumpkin went what happened here tell us down below because we were outside for
like five minutes cleaning up those pumpkins we come back inside and now we
have a new jack o latern that is crazy