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– What’s up, everyone, and welcome to
Yoga with Adrienne. I’m Adrienne, and today we have an
awesome Power Yoga Break. So, this falls under our
“Yoga for Weight loss” series, but this is really
great for anyone who is wanting to create some
quality movement on their mat in a short amount of time. So, we’re gonna build strength, definitely work
on core strength, maybe even sweat a little, but all in a very
short amount of time. So, focus on your breath, have some fun, and find what feels good. Let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright gang, let’s begin in
Extended Child’s Pose today. If Extended Child’s
Pose is not your jam, you’re just gonna start
in a nice, comfortable seat. Close your eyes. We’re gonna drop right in today. So, as promised,
we have a quick flow. Squeezing it in, making time, but let’s make sure that
this time is quality time. So, close your eyes and start to notice your breath. Let go of the day thus far, and politely put on hold
whatever you have to do later. Let’s drop into the
sound of the breath here, if you deeply inhale, and empty on the exhale. Set a little intention, something positive
that will serve you in this present moment. Maybe one word or a phrase. Then a nice,
conscious breath in, inhale your intention. Pause, hold the breath. Keep holding, and then release everything. Big exhale. Awesome. Inhale. Come up with that
nice conscious breath end your intention. We’re gonna come all
the way up to all fours. Take your time, nice and slow. So we’re squeezing it
in with a quick power flow, but it doesn’t mean that
the energy of the practice is going to be
frantic or rushed. Quite the opposite again, focusing on quality of movement. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the chest, and exhale
rounding through Cat-Cow. Inhale, drop the belly, big breath, big stretch, and then exhale. Claw through the finger tips. Established that now. Press into the tops of the feet. Now, continue with
this traditional Cat-Cow, or start to find
any movement here, within this
structure that feels good. So, you’re still
working the spine, stretching the back
body and the front body, but maybe you start
to get into the sad body, in the hips and the shoulders. I’ve been on the road, and now I’m back in Texas, so, there you have it. (laughs) Alright, take this nice
easy movement that’s fluid, that’s yours, and
curl the toes under. And then we’re going
to stretch to the feet by inhaling, looking forward, and exhaling,
sending the hips back. Walk your fingertips
a little bit further out so you feel this nice
stretch in the side body. Breathe deep,
breathe, breathe, breathe. And then slowly drop
your chin to your chest crown of your head
towards the earth. Inhale to look
forward, find length. Press into the pinkies. Exhale chin to chest,
nose towards the navel, crown to the earth. Awesome. Inhale, look up. Exhale, claw
through the fingertips. This time, lift the
palms as you drop the chin round through,
crown to the earth. Stay here, breathe deep. Really pressing
into the fingerprints. Awesome.Then plant the
palms, come forward, and make your way
to Downward Facing Dog. Take your time. Peddle it out. Then inhale, lift
the right leg up high. Big stretch, lengthen. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, Three Legged Dog, anchor through the left heel. Claw through the
fingertips, that pinky, and then exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, fine length. Exhale, knee to Third Eye, pause here, hold, breathe deep. Draw your right heel up towards the center of your body. Press away from your yoga mat. Again, knee to Third Eye, for three, two, one, and then
slowly lower to the knees. Awesome. If you need a
little break on the wrists you can rotate the wrists, one way and then the other. Awesome. Then walk the palms
out, curl the toes under, and send it up and
back Downward Facing Dog. Peddle it out. Find that external
rotation of the shoulders, and then here we go. Inhale, lift the
left leg high, big breath. Lots of length. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, claw
through the fingertips. No pressure on the wrists. Three Legged Dog. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, Three Legged Dog. Claw through the fingertips. Exhale, knee to Third Eye. So really contract,
press up through. You’re going to
really really lift left heel to your center. Breathe deep,
feel that heat, that shake. Awesome, and then
slowly lower to the knees. Come to a seat just to take a
little break off the wrists. You can Thriller Arms. You can cross one
arm over the chest. Just feel that flush of
energy, that fresh blood. And we’re going to
come back to all fours, press away from
the yoga mat now. We just woke up the core, so keep the core
alive and well here. Hug the front body up
to meet the back body, anchor, and then
we’re going to send the right foot out long. Lift the right toes,
turn them down, and then just a
couple baby pulses to wake up the glutes, the hip, and find your foundation. Then inhale. Send the
left fingertips forward, and then exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, reach. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale, reach. This time, exhale,
bend the right knee. Take it into a Fire Hydrant. You can bring
the left palm down, or, to challenge yourself,
you can bend the left elbow, and lift the left elbow up,
lift the right knee up. We’re here for five, four, long beautiful neck, three, two, release on the one.
Awesome. If you need to,
you can come on to your bum for a quick second. Breathe deep, and then back to all fours. Here we go.
Left side, left toes go out, claw through the fingertips. Just spit on my mat. And then dial
the left toes down. Baby pulses here
with the left heel. Just get your
front body rising up to meet your back body. Find that support from within. Find that dunda, engage, wake up the hip, the glute, the inner thigh, and then right fingertips
are going to reach forward. Inhale, exhale, knee
to nose, nice and slow. Again, focus on the
quality of movement. Inhale, reach, and exhale. Draw the navel up, knee to nose, and inhale, reach. This time, claw through
all your left fingerprints. You’re going to
bend the left knee, bend the right elbow,
bring them to the side, and then lift them up. Again, you can bring the
right hand down if you need, just keep that
Fire Hydrant here. Strengthening the back, the
core, the glutes, the shoulders. Breathe deep,
five, four, three, two, and slowly lower on the one. Quick Child’s Pose,
send the hips back, fingertips forward. Inhale in, and then
exhale to let everything go. Relax, take a break. Stay focused on the
quality of your breath, the sound of your breath. Beautiful, then
we’ll rise back up, curl the toes under, and lift the hips
up high, Downward Dog. Great work, here we go. Inhale, lift the
right leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose,
then step it all the way up, and you’re going
to bring both hands to the left side of your
mat for a runners stretch, or Little Lizard. Breathe deep here. You can lower the
back knee, if you like. Inhale to open the chest. Exhale to drop chin to chest. Inhale to open the chest. Very subtle. Exhale to drop chin to chest. Beautiful, inhale
to open the chest. Exhale to drop chin. And then, this time,
you might just turn the right toes out, just a bit, and you might start to
reach the right fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Big stretch here, inhale, and then exhale,
all the way back down. Great, frame your right foot, plant the palms. Plank Pose, here we go,
step the right toes back. Breathe deep here.
Establish your foundation. Again, quality, breathing deep. Now you’re going to
take the left fingertips, and touch the right
shoulder, plant it down, and the right fingertips,
touch the left shoulder, plant it down.
And then back and forth, you can move at your own pace. Try not to move
the hips, just try. Zip up through
the abdominal wall, gaze straight down. Keep it going, keep it going, welcoming that heat. Awesome, keep it
going, and release, all the way to the
belly, nice and slow. Drag the hands,
in line with the ribs, then continue to drag,
energetically, the hands back. Suck the elbows in
as you lift up Cobra. Press into the tops
of the feet, big inhale, and then exhale to release. Curl the toes under,
press up Plank, and then Downward Facing Dog. Awesome work.
Deep breath in, empty it out. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose,
nice and slow. Then step it up
and draw both hands to the right side of your mat. You can lower the
right knee down here, or keep it nice and lifted for
more strengthening practice. So keep your core
engaged here, breathe deep. Then here we go,
inhale, open the throat. Exhale, chin to chest. Really contract
through the abdominal. Inhale, right heel’s
really reaching back. Open, exhale, chin to chest. Keep the hips lifted,
don’t dump your weight down. Keep lifting, open, and last time
exhale chin to chest. Then inhale, open,
turn the left toes out, and then maybe you stay here, or maybe you lift
left fingertips to the sky. Big stretch, big breath. Inhale, then exhale,
come all the way back. Frame your left foot,
plant the palms. Here we go, Plank Pose. This time you’re going
to come onto Side Plank, so right hand comes down, and left fingertips
reach towards the sky. Now, you can
lift the hips up here, both feet stacked,
or lift the hips up with a little kickstand
of the left leg up high. Inhale, reach for the sky. Big breath in, then exhale. Send the left
fingertips forward. Inhale to reach up high. Exhale to send it forward. One more time, you got
to inhale, lift up high. Exhale, send it forward, and
all the way around and down. Send it back up to Down Dog. You can take a little
Vinyasa here, if you like. Belly to Cobra,
or Chaturanga to Up Dog. Breath deep, beautiful. The navel draws up,
we’ll roll it through to Plank. Second side,
left hand comes down, right fingertips go
up as you stack the feet, or again, bend that right knee, and use the right foot on the
ground for a little kickstand. Either way, everyone
is lifting the hips up, spiraling the heart open. Zip up through
the abdominal wall, big inhale to lift everything. Everything goes light and up, and then exhale,
right fingertips over towards the front of your mat. Inhale, to reach up. Exhale over. One more time, you
got to inhale, reach up, clawing through
the left fingertips, and exhale, reach over,
around and down again. Straight to Down Dog,
or maybe you take a little Vinyasa here,
belly to Cobra, or Chaturanga to Up Dog. We’ll meet in Downward Dog. Taking a deep breath in, and this time
emptying everything out through the mouth. Awesome, slowly
lower to the knees. Swing the legs to one side, and come into Baddha Konasana So the soles of the feet
are going to come together, and you’re going to
keep lifting, lifting up from the pelvic floor. A little release
on the wrists here. If you interlace the fingertips, and then draw down through
the outer edges of the feet. Just catch your breath,
stay calm and focused. Awesome work. Slowly release the legs. Send them out, one at a time, and you’re going to come
all the way to your back. Take your time getting there. Move in a way that feels good, so no jerking yourself around. That’s right buddy. Interlace the fingertips,
bring them behind the head. Yogi Bicycles. So you’re going to focus
on the quality of movement. This is our last bit today, and then we’ll relax,
so take it nice and slow. Focus on the
quality of movement, over the quantity of bicycles. So you’re going
to lift the knees up, scoot the tailbone, so the lower back is
nice and flush with the mat. Inhale to look up, chin up. Exhale, twist right elbow
over towards the left knee, extend through the right leg. Inhale the center. Exhale to twist. Inhale the center. Exhale to twist,
and then keep it going. You can take out the center, and just go back
and forth, if you like. Breathing deep. Keep the
chin lifted, heart open. You got it.
Keep it going. Mindful movement
builds strength and stability. Keep it going. Scoop the tailbone up. 30 more seconds. 10 more seconds, you got it. Three, two, and one, release. Bring the feet to the
wide edge of your mat, the outer edge, and
allow the knees to fall in. Take your hand to the belly, inhale deeply, smile, laugh, sigh, curse me. Me, as in Adriene, not you. And release everything. Great work. You’re going to
windshield the wiper. (laughs) Got relaxed. You’re going to
windshield wiper the legs to one side and then the other, until your legs are all the way extended down, down, down. And then don’t
skip out on this moment, Shavasana, even if
it’s just for a moment, in your Corpse Pose. If you’re a guy
or gal on the go, or a family on the go,
a little goes a long way. Let’s take a
second to say a prayer, or put the proper cherry on top. Honor balance and stillness. It’s beginning to rain outside. It sounds beautiful. Maybe you take in the noises, even if they are not
beautiful or peaceful. Notice the peace
you created within, and how you can
just mirror that with whatever is going on around you. And then when you’re ready,
bring the hands together. We’ll bring them
up to the third eye. Thumbs right to
that third eye center, to the brow. The light in me,
the awesome in me, honors the light
and awesome, in you. Thanks for being here. Share this video
with a friend who you think might like it,
and I’ll see you next week. Namaste. (upbeat music)