Off Camera Secrets | Wii Sports – Boundary Break

Hey what’s going on? Welcome to the shortest episode of an ongoing series where we basically take the camera anywhere we want We try to find secrets and new discoveries to some of our favorite games, with that said, let’s get going yeah I gotta admit I wasn’t very sure about this one a lot of fans want me to do this episode I’m thinking to myself there’s really not a whole lot to wii sports for me to actually cover honestly sometimes I have a hard time passing out an episode that’s 40 hours long so for a game like we sports it’s gonna be a little hard for me to find some stuff but long or short we still got to get it out there for the world to see right so over in these corners you can see that these doorways for the players to get through and get into the court and was always that they abruptly end but one consistent thing we sports is that nearly every single door an entrance has a little bit of an entry point that you can’t see if we take the camera for the door you can actually see that there’s a little bit of extra space and typically in video games when there’s a door that opens there’s often times this amount of space for the player to see to give the illusion that there’s more inside but what’s really interesting about wii sports at all the stores are forever closed you never get to see them open so having these extra spaces were pointless and before we move on to the next sporting event really want to get a better look at these buildings and right off the bat you’re going to notice that there’s a lot of clean geometry with both sides like on this side for example the building itself has nice oval shape to it that fits symmetrically with the pathways that lead away from the event now unlike a game like pokemon gales of darkness the developers we sports knew they didn’t have to put much into the environment because the camera is fixed and so close on all the characters and where it should be the tennis court and because of that they were able to get away with things like making a reflection on the glass the same image for every single pane I mean if you notice you’ll see that’s just a bunch of green grass with one single tree but they put the detail into what really matter which is just a variety of buildings on both sides and with this particular side we got an l-shaped building and with a path dividing it a circular building well more hexagonal for you sticklers out there now there’s even less the show for the baseball area than there is for the tennis area so we won’t be hanging out here too long but one detail struck out to me and that was the announcer box see now it shows a reflection much like how the buildings had in the last scene however if we take the camera through the glass you can see that the reflection it’s not coming off the glass itself but actually a separate texture behind the glass and behind the baseball field there is a legitimate circular building which i guess is important that i made that distinction the last name because right near this building is the hexagonal building from the tennis area so one last detail is really all about the baseball area is that the void for some reason is a nice grassy green very strange especially when you consider the fact that no other area in the game uses this color so there’s something they might notice immediately and that is that some characters have bright pink faces kind of odd right well the reason for that is because i took away the texture that is just a character skin tone apparently if you remove skin tone texture from these faces what you’ll find underneath is a bright pink base physical chance that the developers didn’t go with white because it could just blend it in with some of the lighter skin tones and the bowling balls that are in the background use that same technique that was used in majora’s mask with a shark it’s just a pseudo 3d it’s really more of a texture that she’s kind of been to have a somewhat 3d image what about further in the bag is anything really interesting well not really what you’re going to find is a vending machine with not much detail to it and trash can as well and you could see this by playing the game normally until ryan as service desk with absolutely no details whatsoever so it’s a generally boring background when you consider the lack of detail here it’s kind of interesting to find out that this is the only minigame in the whole disk that uses any sort of culling so when you start the game it shows you everything in the background but when you actually start playing all the background elements are called and as for the pins themselves well nothing particularly interesting but of course we gotta get out there to make sure that everybody knows what the pins are knocked down to do get shoved a little bit by the in-game machinery but after that they just disappear sorry to admit but this segment going to be as boring as golf itself incredibly boring apologize any golf fans out there well there isn’t much to the golf areas outside of what you’ve been able to see all this time it’s still interesting to see them at different angles like for example I had a little fun here and I tried to match up the actual train in this area with the map on the lower right-hand side but come on there’s gotta be something interesting something that we can at least talk about well it’s not much but if you hit a golf ball into the water you do find out that the golf ball does sink which to the fact that the water is opaque in this game you never be able to see that now before we go to the last fan want to check out one area before that that is the training area for boxing because it’s just got so much personality and I did it would be a shame if we overlooked so littered all over the walls of this training area is newspaper clippings of your trainer and you can tell that it’s a younger version of himself because he has hair in these pictures and you can also tell these a boxing legend apparently i’m very reminded of doc lewis from punch-out and tucked away in the back as a series of lockers in a scale and one thing that’s really cool about the scale is that if you look really closely it’s a little blurry but you can definitely tell that it’s the Nintendo logo smack-dab in the middle you know all these newspaper clippings are really interesting but I think we’re forgetting one thing and that is sweet freedom what are we going to see if we take the camera outside of the building well oddly enough there’s actually a fenced-in area that in cases the entire building this is a high security training facility and then just beyond that it’s just greenery and trees it’s just really interesting because most games will give you just the illusion that there’s something out there whereas with this one particular area in this very small game as it is they decide to actually make and outdoors and finally we are at the last week sports event boxing so there isn’t too much to say about boxing I will say one thing they put a lot of detail into the ceiling area when by all accounts it’s completely unnecessary when you consider the fact that the wii is a standard definition console how high up a ceiling like a stadium event is in general the Madeline that is of course not on the ceiling itself but also obstructed by the hanging lights that are typically in a boxing arena it just makes no sense why they would make multiple internal ceiling with high res textures it’s crazy let’s finish off this episode with some new perspectives of the boxing ring you know what’s funny is that after doing all this editing on a boxing ring it just reminds me more and more that I gotta get to the punch-out episode at some point ok there’s a lot to talk about this week first off the two games that are going to be in this week’s poll are amazing huge at least for this channel it’s going to be mortal kombat 9 and bioshock so you can choose down below which game you want to see next week and the winner will be our next episode and if you want to buy a boundary break t-shirt you finally can sorta so it’s actually really hard to find a distributor that would actually sell a lavender shirt so what ended up falling onto was a website that basically works like Kickstarter if we meet the goal of I think 48 shirts then all the people that bought into the shirt get the shirt and if we don’t they don’t make it so it’s not like I will it is a win-lose situation but no one loses money out of its so i’ll provide a link to that down below as well and some more Megaton news this week at Tuesday 7 p.m. eastern standard time we’re going to be doing a live stream of mario kart for boundary break so all the tracks that you guys wanted to see I’ve been asking me about we’re going to find out together what it looks like and what we can find but but the reason why I’m doing this is live stream is because I don’t think that’s gonna be much to it but if you want to see for yourself come hang out and we’ll have 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