North Korea dominated news headlines around the world in 2018

North Korea Affairs definitely one of
the most heavily covered topics for local news outlets this year foreign
media also named stories related to the regime as the top news of 2018 packagin
tells us more the peace drive on the Korean Peninsula was undoubtedly one of
the most frequently appearing headlines around the world this year although 2018
was a dynamic year with a range of major issues including the trade war between
the US and China the brexit crisis in climate change warnings al Jazeera named
the two Koreas promised to formally end their decades-long hostilities as one
piece of positive news for 2018 singapore-based The Straits Times also
reported that this year will probably be best remembered for the first meeting
between a North Korean leader and a sitting US president which marked the
start of dialogue between the two sides and reviewing the developments made on
the Korean Peninsula American online news outlet Axios called 2018 the Year
in North Korea with Trump and little Rocketman a survey even showed that the
American public considers the Pyongyang Washington summit held in June this year
to be the most significant news event of 2018 according to a poll conducted by
American political newspaper the hill and research group harris x 22% of 1,000
registered voters selected to meeting with three North Korean leader Kim
jong-un and US President Donald Trump as this year’s top news event the topic is
also likely to continue to be a remarkable story in 2019 Fox picked it
as one of these seven biggest foreign stories to watch for next year it says
Kim jong-un’s New Year’s address could reveal North Korea’s agenda and that the
new year will unveil where the nuclear negotiations between Pyongyang and
Washington are heading although there is uncertainty on whether there will be a
second Kim Trump summit and whether the north will indeed denuclearize some
international media outlets speculates that phony 19 will be another year of
diplomatic breakthroughs for the Korean Peninsula packagin arirang news