NEWS | USA? Google? Amazon? BTC to 8k or 20k ? 🎢 🇬🇧/🇫🇷

hello everybody I hope your crypto good because I am so today we are going to talk about eight news the first one is about Facebook signing with Visa MasterCard PayPal and even uber still centralized still some kind of stable coin we don’t know yet a lot but a good coin for me that is my final year a second news is about arrests some people have been arrested in India because there was coming US citizen and they effectively stolen appearantly up to 1.7 million dollars worth for Bitcoin so if someone calls you with an accent anyway it’s already a bad time so from that moment you should take care okay the third news now is about to startups who teamed up to be able to provide you Amazon users if their payments so basically you’ll be able to crochet these on Amazon with you at they’re pretty cool right those two companies are named click technology and operty so let’s keep an eye on that project because that can only be bullish by the way they plan apparently to be compatible with ELC 20 and ERC 721 so that’s bullish for Fears google cloud made big unknowns about the fact that they plan to develop a hybrid blockchain cloud applications in partnership with aetherium and the chaining which is a provider of oracle and only the day after on the 14th of june thunder core that interesting project as announced its partnership with chain link as well that’s one of those project that you should keep an eye on they actually grew a lot in past two days they had a huge growth let’s talk about very very huge news and that’s what’s happening right now in u.s. why is finance leaving us is leaving us and why other proto exchanges are living us as well well it’s because the regulation has changed and the KYC level is really straighten the requirements are really straightened in USA so you have the reason why it’s moving a lot since the week since my last video of news what would be another video of news if I’m not talking about stable clients my favorites ever write us DT again another hundred millions of dollars have been minted if you guys think that’s normal and really looked like very stable with what happened a few weeks ago that’s your point of view and because we all have our point of view that’s the reason why you should like my video and subscribe to my channel as well because I have tons of views those news videos are the tip of the iceberg let’s talk about the 7th news that’s an interesting news regarding Switzerland and actually the least in Stein the bank in the nation’s times so 900 percent of raise of web traffic after launching crypto services I don’t know why all those I’m not doing the same at the time at the moment it’s right now [Music] now the eighth news and I always like to keep the most bullish news for the last one and this is regarding one code as the ones is for what is so it’s actually a commitment from the state of Nevada in USA stating that basically the virtual currencies as the Codex order cryptocurrencies especially common is intangible personal property and is exempt from the personal property taxation ya hear heard and understood properly you’re not taxed our critters I hope you like my video as usual if it’s the case press the like button subscribe click on the little bell and until the next video stay crypto curious and see you next time re sure [Music]