Motu Patlu The Truck Driver – Motu Patlu Hindi – ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES! -Nickelodeon

Chingam sir, with your lucky hands, you inaugurate our business. Oh my god! Bye! Bye! Happy Journey. No! I will never do it. Whenever I inaugurate you any business, I fall into trouble. I will stand backside & give you blessings. Let it be. Today, I will cut the ribbon. The ribbon is cut. Bye friends. We are set for our first trip to Kanyakumari. Bye! Wish you all the best. Oh, my god! What is this? Whether I inaugurate Motu Patlu’s business or not, I fall into trouble. Wow! A great scenery. Look our country’s farmers are doing farming. These villages are really great. Thank you! You have saved our lives. Our car’s breaks had failed. For the past 5 kilometers, we were asking for help. Like angels, you came to save our lives. This is our duty. It is all God’s wish. Ok! Bye! Get the car’s breaks repaired. Bye! Bye! Listen to this, Patlu. Listen to the melodious voices. Don’t get distracted by the melodious voices. And think how we can move out of the jungle quickly. This cannot happen. The truck cannot stop in the jungle. Your wish has come true. We will have to spend the night between the melodious voices. What we will do now? Don’t worry. Let me check what the trouble is. Don’t fear. When Motu is here. Stop saying Chingam sir’s dialogue & go down. Patlu. Give me the big tool. Pass the small tool. No. No. The bigger tool was perfect. Motu. Why are you so confused? Do anything but be quick. Patlu, give me the tool number ten. Which tool have you given me? Ok. Give me the other tool. I believe everything is fine. Now give me the oils can. Thank You. Patlu. You came & sat inside. Why didn’t you tell me that the lion had come? I was trying to tell you since when. But due to fear, I could not speak properly. Anything, your voice could not be loud. Don’t act smart. Truck driving was your idea. You said we will travel & eat good food. Now ready to be tiger’s prey. Patlu. Don’t worry. Please forgive me. Patlu? Where are you? I am inside the truck. When did you go inside? Please help me. Motu. Come the tiger has gone. What? The tiger went away. But when did the tiger go. Morning happened, he saw the time & went away. It seems he was on a night duty. Now let’s move quickly. Patlu. Now start. With full force, move. But wait for me Patlu. Wait for me. The brakes are not working. Do something. The brake is not working. What is this in my hand? Isn’t it the brake? Patlu! Wait. Motu eat the samosas & start. Villagers, running away is not the solution. Everyone deposit your grains in these gunny bags. Otherwise! Run away! Staying here is dangerous. Move away. Run away. The commandos have come in the truck. Your life is the most precious thing. Run! We will do the robbery next time. I have never run so much in my entire life. I guess I must have lost 8-10 kg weight. The villagers are looking angrily at us. Oh, god! Please save us. Thank you! You both have saved our lives. Those robbers trouble us often. Now they we will never harass us. No! It was our duty to protect you. Our truck has stopped. We need to reach somewhere urgently. You both have helped us so much. Tell us. We will drop you wherever you want to go. We want to go to Kanyakumari. Kanyakumari. Which village do you want to go? Kolampoli village. Whom do you want to meet there? I want to meet Mr. Vishwakarma. Then you have reached the correct place. This Kolampoli village & I am Vishwakarma. Say. What do you need? Long live! Our business delivery is completed. I ran for such a long distance. Motu, still you are being ignorant. Now we should close this transport business. You absolutely correct! Now there is no need to worry. Patlu, truck drivers have great jobs. Along with the work, they get travel the whole country. Also they get to eat variety of delicious food. You are correct. Why don’t we start our own transport business? We will take a loan & with the profits, we will repay the loan. Long live! We will start our own transport business.