Moment man pulls out gun during argument at a McDonald’s drive-thru – Today News

 This dramatic footage shows the moment a man pulled out a gun during a dispute at a McDonald’s drive-thru  In the video, the man can be seen getting out of his car with a pistol, before backing away from the man he is arguing with  At one point he pulls his arm back as if to throw a punch, prompting the other man to adopt a fighting stance, guarding his head with his hands  The standoff happened at around 8am at a McDonald’s in western Sydney, Australia, on Saturday    A 41-year-old man was arrested for wielding a firearm, which was not fired during the incident, Yahoo News reports  Police officers discovered that the pistol was not actually loaded and also found a small amount of ‘ice’ while searching the suspect  He was charged with possession of drugs and an unregistered firearm, not keeping the weapon safe and driving while disqualified  The defendant has been refused bail and is due to appear in court on September 26  The standoff comes after footage emerged of a woman battering a man with her high heels in a McDonald’s in Wrexham  CCTV footage showed Kay Marie Brown hitting Jordon Joseph in the face with her black boot as he enjoyed a meal with friends at the fast food chain at around 12 30am on February 19.  Brown’s boyfriend, Luke Anthony Bednarek, then joined in the attack and began throwing several punches against the group of men who desperately tried to defend themselves  Jordon was left with a gushing wound on his foreheard.  Judge Rhys Rowlands, who jailed the pair for a total of 18 months last month, branded it “disgraceful drunken behaviour” as he summed up the events