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hi everyone this is Bill Benoist of bill
Benoist.com and in today’s video i’m gonna share with you a technique that
you can use to turn your linkedin profile into an advertising magnet
that’s going to start attracting recruiters and hiring managers I’ve said this before in previous videos
LinkedIn is such an important resource when it comes to career development and
career transition not only in respects to networking and
for branding but also for being discovered out there by the recruiters
I’ve worked with hundreds of individuals over the last couple of years and every
week when I’m meeting with an individual I’ll often hear about an interview that
they have upcoming or one that they’ve just recently had and all exact same
question how did you come across the interview often the response will be
well I had a friend that works there and I you know gave him a resume and they
brought it in to the hiring manager or maybe I’ll here you know it was a online
position that I applied for but at least once if not twice all here I don’t know
they just discovered me on LinkedIn and that’s what’s so cool about this
platform because recruiters are out there every single day searching for
people that just like you that have the skills that you have and so let me show
you how this works so let’s make believe for a moment that I am a hiring manager
and I have an opening in my department for a technical project manager position
so I’m gonna go to the internal recruiter that works Marc company and
I’m gonna sit down with them and let’s make believe his name is David and I’ll
say David I have this opening can you help me fill it and David says sure so
David’s gonna ask me some questions about this position he’s gonna ask me
some qualifications you know what it’s like working in there what I’m expecting
what I want that individual to know and then he’s gonna go out there on to
LinkedIn he’s going to do some searches so what David will do right off the bat
is he’s gonna bring up LinkedIn he’s gonna go to people search something you
and I can do right now on a free account with LinkedIn and he’ll put in technical
project manager you know hit enter and I want you to notice that David comes up
with over 600,000 hits but here’s where it really gets special with different
subscriptions in LinkedIn see David’s gonna likely have a
recruiter subscription or a sales description which is a lot different
level than what the average individual has you may have a Premium Edition and
LinkedIn which you’re paying about $30 a month for I have even higher up what I
have a Business Edition which gives me a lot more ability but a recruiter they’re
gonna have with a recruiter and sells a subscription they’re gonna have the
ability to do a lot of filtering notice what happened when I had a second
keyword data center all sudden we dropped down from 600,000 to a little
over a hundred eleven thousand when you’re adding multiple keywords you’re
dropping this down with a recruitment subscription to LinkedIn not only are
they able to add multiple keywords but they can actually filter by location by
zip code so if the company was for example located in Palo Alto California
and I know Palo Alto has a 940 306 zip code well the recruiter can bring it
down to a specific zip code and say show me all the individuals that have all
these keywords in the zip code within a 10 or 15 or 20 or 25 mile radius this
really drops it down but here’s the key I want you to kind of look at the screen
for a moment this is still what the recruiter is seeing they’re seeing you
know maybe a list now of a hundred 150 maybe even 75 individuals but they’re
still only seen a list that shows a photo the person’s name maybe not even a
photo and by the way if you don’t have a photo by now on LinkedIn We Need to Talk
because you’re gonna have a 7 times less likely chance of even getting to the
next step if you don’t have a photo but this is what the recruiter is seen is a
long list of names and if you notice right below the name is what’s called
the headline and that headline this is what we’re talking about in today’s
video that can be changed so if you noticed
the first person there says senior technical project manager then the next
person technical program manager common data center then you see data center
project manager at site area below that senior technical project manager at
LinkedIn this is the headline and by default LinkedIn uses your current title
with the current position or last position that you worked for this is
real estate in real estate you can make it to your advantage so what I want you
to do is I want you to customize your headline you have 122 characters
available you don’t need to use the last company your most current title at your
last company or current company you can customize this so there’s two schools of
thought when it comes to the LinkedIn headline one is using a compelling
headline statement and the other is using keywords and really it’s all about
personal preference however if you’re a software programmer or somebody highly
technical I would probably advise using keywords and you can separate these
keywords with a pipe symbol or a comma or maybe a slash but for example if
you’re a software programmer you might want to use keywords like purl and then
a pipe symbol then the word job and then a pipe symbol and the word cloud and a
pipe symbol the word big data I think you kind of see what I’m going with this
if you are using a compelling headline statement well this is a like a sentence
but you can use keywords in that sentence and I’ll give you an example of
a compelling headline statement so here you see an example of my LinkedIn
profile where I’ve actually used a compelling headline statement I’ve
capitalized on all 122 characters available in that real estate and I made
a sentence out of it but I also incorporate
some keywords so helping ambitious people over 50 find jobs that feel their
passion and then there’s that pipe symbol and I have a keyword career
coaching and then another keyword leadership development so when we put
this together and you notice that somebody does search for career coaching
how my profile actually stands out from the crowd because I’ve capitalized on
that real estate space the headline allows me to do at 122 characters this
is a wonderful way to stand out from the crowd and to also use keywords to
attract those recruiters and hiring managers out there so I hope you found
this little secret useful and informative if so make sure that you hit
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