LinkedIn Headline Examples: How to Write a LinkedIn Headline

Hi, I’m Jeri Walker with Your Best Designed Career. Do you know that you can change your LinkedIn
headline and you should change your LinkedIn headline? In this video I’m going to tell you the structure
that I like to use and show you how you can change your headline. The default Headline that LinkedIn uses is
your current position and company. The problem with leaving this as your headline
is that you’re potentially missing out on some opportunities because one, the default
headline is generally not very interesting, but two it’s not SEO optimized. What I like to do is I use a two part formula
with most of my clients so that they can improve their headlines and I recommend that you do
too. Part One is a short value statement. You want to make it very clear in your value
statement how you can help your reader. Now you have 120 characters in your headline
so this value statement needs to be short so you’ll have room for Part Two. Part Two is going to consist of two to three
keywords. Since recruiters or even potential clients
search by keywords the more keywords you have sprinkled throughout your profile the more
likely you are to land in their search results. And your headline is a really good place to
drop in some keywords. Put some thought into your position and industry
and what skills you have that are important for you to have not only in your current position
but your next position and add two or three of those skills in your headline. Here’s what this looks like once you’ve
put both of these parts together. Now this one, instead of Accounting Manager
at ABC Company, this becomes Accounting Professional increasing department efficiencies Accounts
Payable Budgeting Financial Reporting And the headline for this Marketing Manager
becomes Increasing revenues using multi-channel marketing strategies Brand Management Campaign
Management Go to Market Now if you aren’t quite comfortable adding
in a value statement you can just add keywords in behind your title so that at least you’re
adding some SEO to your headline For example, in the case of this executive
assistant, instead of just Executive Assistant at XYZ Company, she can add several keywords
to her headline like this. Now let me show you real quick how you change
your headline. Once you’re in your profile you’ll click
on this pencil make your changes here in the headline field. And if you want to use an emoji, I like to
use emojepedia.org they have a really large selection of emojis that you can use. Just make sure that you’re keeping it professional. Also keep in mind that if you’re short on
space, don’t use emojis because they tend to take up more space than just one character. Once you make your changes you click save
and that’s how easy it is. So get out on LinkedIn and update your Headline. Also, while you’re out there, send me a
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