Is it a break? | TSP’s Hum Tum

Hey, Tanvi! Where have you been?
I’ve been waiting for so long. I was saying bye to my friends since today
is our last day. Why is that wrong? Why are you getting upset about it? I’m not upset, man.
Sorry. Okay, let’s go get something to eat. I’ve not eaten chicken with garlic or onion
throughout the holy week. Let’s go to McDonald’s? I’ll check offers on the new McDonald’s
app, they have something interesting. You ate chicken during the holy week? Yeah, so?
Mom told me not to eat garlic or onion. Hello, 2 McAloo Tikki meals. – Do you want to get your drink changed?
– No. Sir, 198 rupees Okay, thank you.
Come on here, Tanvi. College is done with now. 3 years for me and 4 for you. Have you thought about what you want
to do after college? Tanvi, didn’t you make the pact about not
using phones when we’re together? Yeah, sorry. I’m a little excited today
’cause I’ll get my internship results. You never mentioned this, Tanvi. It would’ve jinxed if I said anything before. I’ll obviously tell you first
if I get in. Can you make it quick, mister? – So…
– Kishore, I got my result. – Okay, and?
– I’m going to Bangalore! Ma’am, sir… Here’s your burger, coke
and your free fries. – Enjoy your meal.
– Thank you. Come on now. Sir, I’ll need the receipt. Do you want to do a roadtrip before
you leave for Bangalore? Of course!
Where do you want to go? We will decide the destination once we are
inside the car, bro. Where do we get a car from? – I’ll arrange for it in 2 days!
– Who’s going to drive it? Tanvi, give me a week. I’ll learn to drive.
I’m a very quick learner Quick learners don’t fail in economics – That’s personal.
– I’m leaving in a week, Kishore. That’s empty.
Let’s go there. You’re leaving in a week, Tanvi? I thought you’d have a month to leave. – Just sit there. – What are you doing?
– Sorry. Um, you don’t have a problem with me
going to Bangalore, right? No! But it’s… You do know what sort of work they
make interns do, right? They’ll make you deliver black coffee
to every cabin. No, Kishore! It’s a new startup
so interns will have a ton to do. I’ll also gain experience. Experience? Your boss will take credit
for all your work and you’re just left with that. How will you tolerate that? You even fight
for the credit of your joke. ‘Cause you steal my jokes. You’re as desperate as Cersei Lannister is
for the iron throne for your joke credits. Look at what a jerk you’re being. I made up that joke. What happened? You think I took
credit for your joke? – Tanvi…
– Kishore, I have a really cool boss. I’ll show you his social media account,
wait. You have a cool boss?
Well that’s great… You do have a problem
with me going, don’t you? Do you know how terrible the water is
in Bangalore? You’ll go bald. I’ve planned my hair care really well. What about skincare? – What if you get darker?
– Your mom’s dark. – Respect my mother, Tanvi.
– You do have a problem with me going! – No, I don’t have a problem.
– It wasn’t a question this time. You’ll judge me if I say something. I’ve dated you for a year and I’ve enough
on you to judge you. It’s just about 2 months. We’ll be in our own space. I’ll be free without my family around and you can make plans with your friends
when you’re free. Like these fries. You’re joking? You realise this is going
to be a long distance relationship, right? – Do we have an option?
– It’s not about options. I’ve seen so many people breakup
during a long distance relationship so I’m a little worried. So? Tanvi, let’s go? Kishore, punch me in the eye. This is such a serious situation
and I should cry but I’m not able to. I feel like a cold-blooded b****. It’s so hot. – I think we can do it.
– What? I think we can do it and I think
we should’nt breakup. But haven’t you seen a lot of long
distance realtionships end in breakups ? Yeah, but we’re special, right? They’ve probably said that too. Look Tanvi, we could break up
in this situation or not. – It’s probability.
– Oh really now? You’ve gotten wise. I was preparing for the long conversations
that I’d have to ha Listen, I’m a quick learner
and you never listen to me. Are you sure? I’m not sure at all. I don’t know what’s
going to happen. You’re sure, right?
And I trust you. And I can count on you. That’s the best thing I can do. Careful. Let’s go on that trip then. We can but where’s the car? Let’s decide the destination and
we’ll figure out how to get there later.