Introducing Coffee Break Italian To Go

Hello everyone and welcome to
Coffee Break Italian To Go! For this first season we are in Milan,
a beautiful city in the North of Italy. Famous for its Duomo, fashion and not only that. We are here to interview the people we will meet,
to whom we will ask a lot of questions. We will talk to people from Milan, obviously,
but also to people from all over Italy. We will be able to hear a variety of regional accents,
all of them very interesting! For each episode, there will be only one question
but lots of answers which we will be using to help you improve your Italian. Today’s question is: where do you live? Today’s question is: when is your birthday? Today’s question is: what do you do in your free time? Today’s question is: how old are you? I’m twenty years old. And I’m fifty-five. I really like art, I often go to museums, and I run a few marathons. And what else? I play tennis. 14th July. My birthday is on the 26th of March, while Pietro’s birthday is on the 14th of December. And we will party a lot! Yes, we will party a lot! Near Milan, 15km from here, in Bollate. For more information, you can visit So, that’s all, see you soon. Bye!