How to Write a Headline

well hey everybody it’s Tom here just
wanna make a quick video here to show you how I create headlines and those of you who have followed me for a while know that copywriting is one above the two major things I attribute
my success online especially but I was writing copy before long before I was on the Internet and it’s been one of the
most powerful things that brought money in the better you get at it the more money
pours in your front door but anyway I used to sell a
hundred-dollar tool to help you create headlines and
subheadings a book titles and so forth and then I ran across this up this little program right here now
you Mac people are gonna hate me but this is only PC and but I’ll tell you what this is so
valuable when you see what it does it most love you have a cheap PC laying
around or you could you don’t have to use this full time so
you could borrow somebody else’s PC put on a thumb drive in this run it from
there it’s a little EXE file and it’s only fifteen
dollars for this thing a and yeah I’m an affiliate for it get some
little piddly Commission a but I wanna show you the value of it
because it used to be a long arduous process to write headlines and
subheadings for your a sales letters in your product
descriptions and all that so this thing wipes out all out makes a
custom headlines for you right off the bat so
the first thing you there this is that why I’m right here answer questions and those
want to 3/4 questions here so the first question
is what will your product help the customer do other words the general benefit well let’s say up I I saw a lot of public
speaking stuff I’ll say become a professional speaker alright question two how quickly can you help the customer accomplish this
goal let’s say in as little as 30 days question 3 what are the expected
results are reaching this goal so does include a specific about use
dollars if needed and you make lose things you know save two thousand make money lose weight
whatever the better for it the or so I’m going to say whether the expected
results are reaching this goal a travel though world let’s say a and get paid to run your mouth I alright Let’s see what that looks like alright question four how many steps for tips are
you giving your customer to help them those include
the number a okay to give examples that here five
proven step 67 ways 12 secrets I’m gonna put the my wake em up
speaking system actually has over a thousand identifiable tips so I’m gonna put that and see what happens over one thousand identifiable tips I’m not sure that’s going to work
in a headline I’m just gonna see what happens so you fill out that and
the next step is you say create headlines it creates
hundreds and hundreds of headlines for ya and it has these tabs up here if you can see
them it says the command type, a question how to a news headline all headlines, testimonial
types Res reason why headlines so I have all
picked right here to give us a little smattering how to become a professional speaker in
less then and see you have to fix the grammar up a
little bit uh so in less than a 30 days so I think I put that twice in the question so you learn how
to make the questions better as you use this who also wants to become a professional
speaker in only 30 days or in as little as 30
days you can pick which 1 i think I put that into two of the different lines that’s why it’s repeating who else
wants become a professional speaker and travel the world and get paid torun your mouth but so there’s too many ‘ands’ in
there I’d probably take one of those out but see this really helps I am helps you create these fast here’s over a
thousand identifiable tips to become a professional speaker to people who want to become a
professional speaker but can’t get started a this was to men to women it’s a shame for you not to become a
professional speaker when these people do it so easily thousands now become a professional
speaker never thought they could you know then you can if you want it
narrowed down to questions who else wants to become? uh need to become
a professional speaker? need to travel the world and get paid to
run your mouth yeah I kinda do a here’s a command headline to people who want to become a
professional speaker but can’t get started I don’t know how that’s a command but a you are guaranteed to travel the world
and get paid the run your mouth or we pay you there’s a good one. dare to become a professional speakers
that they call this the news headlines great new discovery helps you become a
professional speaker yeah well that’s true. great new discovery helps you become a professional speaker in less than 30
days remember that double one I put in the beginning here’s a quick way to become a
professional speaker greatest gold mine of easy become a professional speaker advice
ever crammed into one product you have to change that around gamatically a little bit
but you can see there’s just you know you have more than you
could ever use and the one we don’t pick the ones that
we don’t pick as the main headline turns into
subheadings in your sales letter so this just really I helps you out down here has customization
tips it tells you how to fix these up even better here’s some extra resources this was
called emotional triggers these are things you can add to your
sales copy hypnotic words this is called this one’s called greatest headlines so there’s some of the most famous headlines of all time that you can just adapt to suit your own thing so anyway this is how I do it and this tool was only about fifteen dollars uh you can find the this is not my site this is somebody
else’s site but it does have my brand kick-start
brand in it and when you go there it’s gonna lead you
to a site that where you can buy the
software I forget the actual name of the software we just call it kick-start
headlines and you download it to your PC and
you’ll be making headlines in no time so check out check it out like I said it’s
one the best bargains of all time on the internet because copywriting has made me probably twenty
million dollars just by writing words that sell and I’ll it’s
hard to tell how much uh it’s made for my students to learn
how to write copy in my program so check it out at Kickstartheadlines get a
copy for yourself and you’ll be writing headlines and
subheadings in no time flat