How do Americans feel about guns? Inside the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll

-The Washington Post/ABC poll
was in the field September 2nd through 5th, which was after several
shootings in the United States, including the most recent
one in Odessa, Texas. Overall, we found
majority support for several different
gun-control measures, including over 8 in 10
who support red-flag laws and over 8 in 10 who support
increased background checks. But a majority supported
all the measures we tested, including mandatory
buy-back programs for certain types of weapons. 56% of Americans support
a nationwide ban on the sale
of assault weapons, including over 4 in 10 who
strongly support such a measure. A slim majority of Americans,
51%, said they trust Democrats
in Congress more to handle gun issues
than President Trump. Here’s something on the mind
of many Americans these days. Six in ten are worried
that a mass shooting could happen
in their community. That’s up slightly from
when we last asked in 2013, and 55% were worried. The Post/ABC poll found a strict
gender divide in opinions on guns. Women are 20 points
more confident that passing
stricter gun control will reduce mass shootings. Women are also more than twice
as likely to trust Democrats in Congress
to handle gun issues than Trump. Men are split more evenly
on this issue. There’s less agreement
that passing stricter gun-control laws would lead to less
mass shootings. More Democrats think
this than Republicans. Similar majorities across party
lines are confident that treatment
and mental-health access can help reduce
mass shootings in America. That’s over 7 in 10 of Democrats
, Republicans, and independents. As always, polls are snapshots, and these are the opinions from
when we measured them, September 2nd through 5th. Opinions can change based
on things that are happening
and what people think. So, it’s good to keep in touch
with the American public and see what they think
about what’s going on.