HOT NEWS !!! Apple launches HomePod voice speaker, takes on Google and Amazon

after missing the critical holiday
shopping season Apple has jumped into the voice speaker wars with a home pod
smart speaker a device that will use its Siri voice assistant and compete against
offerings from amazon.com incorporated and alphabet incorporated Google Apple
on Tuesday said it will start taking online orders for its home pod smart
speaker on Friday in the United States United Kingdom and Australia just over a
month later than initially planned the $349 voice controlled speaker introduced
in June and originally scheduled for a December release can make music
suggestions and to just home temperatures the speaker also will be
able to send messages and play news updates from National Public Radio and
CNN Apple said in a release analysts have debated the impact of the shipping
delay on the poem pods eventual success Apple has forecast between 84 billion
dollars and 87 billion dollars in revenue for the holiday mostly driven by
sales of its $999 iPhone X so it is unlikely that missing a few weeks of
sales of the home pod will affect its financial results Bob O’Donnell the
founder of technologists research told Reuters in December the bigger danger
for Apple analysts said is that consumers bought arrival speaker over
the holiday season and have no immediate need for Apple’s new product Amazon and
Google cut prices on their entry-level speakers over the holiday season in an
aggressive push for market share analysts said Apple is working to keep
its eerie voice assistant relevant in the face of competition from Amazon’s
Alexa and alphabets Google assistant both of which are featured on smart
speakers from those companies Apple also is counting on home pod to boost
subscriptions to Apple music and block the rise of rivals fo defy the smart
speakers from Google and Amazon let users give voice commands to play
Spotify Apple music does not work on the rival