Help ! Chrome opens up unwanted spam pages automatically in android

Hi everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel
and today in this video we will see what to do if your android phone browser keeps on
opening spam page. Now you may be using any browser in your android phone. It may be an
inbuilt browser or you may have installed such as Google chrome. For this video I am
going to take an example of Google chrome. The first thing which you will do is you will
open Chrome. Then you will tap on this more option here on the top. We will go to “Settings”.
We will go to “Privacy” under “Advanced”. Scroll down and select “Clear browsing data”.
Make sure that this “Browsing history”, “Cookies & Site data”, “Cached image and files” these
are selected and then what you do, Clear data. Select “Clear”. Now after that the other thing
which you can do is you can go to “Settings” – “Apps”. Scroll down and look for “Chrome”
and then select “Storage”. Select “Clear cache” and go to “manage storage” and select “Clear
All data”. “OK”. Now once you have done this one and when you open your browser the browser
should open the spam page.