Global TV News Interview – Distracted Driving with Google Glass

Okay, so what do we have here that might distract me? This is wearable technology -this is called the Pebble, it’s been around for awhile. I’m wearing the Samsung Galaxy Neo Gear. This you’re going to put on and you’re able to get text messages, audio messages, and answer your phone from this watch.
This is pretty cool! and this is out there all the time, right
now! It’s been for years. This is coming all over the place by the
end of the year This however is what most people are
interested in. This is Google Glass. Very little glass. It’s actually a prizm within which you can see a display. There is a camera coming out and it reflects through that prism a display
screen. So if you put it on to, keep it above your eyesight. Exactly! So you don’t look into the prism often, when you want to activate the device. If you look up now can you see it at all? If you touch the sides right here. Just touch it like up, does it come on? Not yet. It has come on! Observations lunch meeting. Wayne who’s actually in the car, can send us messages. Now if you didn’t want to touch the screen you could actually nod your head up. Okay Glass! When you say okay Glass you wake it up. You can actually take the picture of me
right now and send it to all your friends. There’s a button on the side you would push or you would use a verbal instruction. But we have to calibrate the set of glasses for you. And more important than all of these fancy things, what we want to do is see If you’re driving we could use some of this technology to avoid a potential collision when you’re coming up to a roadway you’ve never been on before and maybe there’s a distraction up ahead. Shall we get in the car? Are you ready? I’m ready! Let’s drive. Let’s do it! 3, 2, 1, go. Ah sure. Sure, let’s hang out for dinner. Three people are in the car right now. I’ll have macaroni. We’re moving. Sorry! That’s okay, you’re a little distracted now. Maybe just a tad bit. This car is white Wow! Okay so how did I do! Well timewise was actually I think rather good. Let’s check with the official. Time that you received was one minute and ten seconds. Last time I think she got around a similar time. So I did better with the distractions However, how many cones did you hit the first time? Zero. This time the score was negative 1, which means she lost four points. So the idea is that you only have so much mental horsepower to use up. If it’s divided amongst multiple things cognitive and motor skills driving is cycle motor skill using a lot of cognitive mental horsepower, you’re not as fine with the motor skills, your decision-making is way worse. You crunched a whole bunch of cones. We did! The information that you received were interesting messages. What were some of the questions? What color is this car? What do you want for dinner? So those are important somewhat, but not enough to be hitting a car or a person. But what if the message came up and said “Up ahead the right lane’s blocked Then you would turn off at the next exit. That would be an appropriate decision, that would be very important at that point in time. So you’re saying that these glasses, despite distracting me, because I hit the cones You’re saying that these glasses can potentially be helpful? and it’s the interface between new technology and good drivers that Young Drivers of Canada is trying to tell everyone about. This technology is coming! It isn’t going away! We have to make sure that the interface between new technology and drivers is a smart one, and so yes this technology is very, very useful. However, someone better be paying attention to how it is used in the car by new drivers, let alone older folks like me, who never really used a mouse until a few years ago. So, hard to say would you recommend using these while driving? This is a wonderful toy. I would really think twice before you actually take this type of technology on the roadway. If you are one of those people who
has the number 12 flashing on your VCR at home you shouldn’t be taking this technology with you! We require more research and that’s what we’re doing in collaboration with the U of T and many other companies. That;s what Young Drivers is doing now. We’re trying to be the interface between the new technology and the driving journey. But yet you also say these could also help you while you’re on the road and make you safer. Well the reality is that technology could be used for good or evil. The good could be what if that
message that came up was that up ahead the lane on the right is blocked by a burning vehicle and then you needed to pull over to the side of the road immediately and put on your all way
flashers We got that message out to the next ten cars that would’ve piled into one another. That would be a
brilliant use of technology and everyone would say
hooray! However, if you’re reading that you need to have macaroni for dinner
tonight and you end up taking your attention away and plowing into the vehicle in front and nine other cars hit you, that isn’t smart! So that interface between new technology and new drivers that’s what Young Drivers of Canada is trying to do. There’s a huge gap there that someone needs to fill. I’m just trying to point the way to the future. This wearable technology stuff it’s actually here and by the end of the year, there’s going to be thousands of these pieces of technology driving across the GTA everyday!