Fox News MediaBuzz reaction to Trump’s racist tweets

tomorrow’s point, there’s no new legislation.>>Interesting point. Talk about media coverage, about to go in stratosphere because president trump tweeted this morning that four democratic women, I’m quoting the women, came from countries whose governments are corrupt, why don’t they go back and fix infested places for which they came and show us how, Nancy will make travel arrangements, Omar was born in Somalia, the others born in America, I see the media just completely exploding over this that the president is kind of telling them to leave America.>>Look, the Democrats have formed a circumstanceular firing squad, that’s what Republicans want them to do, Donald Trump decided to put himself in the middle of that, now the Democrats are rallying around Pelosi against pretty extreme comments, go back where you came from, Pelosi issued a statement today that was being a phobic and I think he’s going to end — end up helping them solve this squabble, the one thing that unifyies the DEMs is Donald Trump.>>Dpem contracts will have shift in narrative from internal fighting, this wasn’t — this wasn’t a good tweet from the president, I support the president, I think tweets are effective on messaging, this one will get picked apart. I would like to see focus on the border issue but the media will have field day and move away essentially AOC, as we just discussed saying that Pelosi and prominent have disrespect of women of color, no, all comes from the right and from trump, we will see how it plays out over the next couple of days, trump’s messaging, even when