Fox News: Congressman Max Rose Discusses Terror Content on Facebook

New questions are being raised as to
whether Facebook is doing enough to keep political and terrorist propaganda off
its platform. Joining us now Congressman Max Rose, he’s chair of the Homeland
Security Subcommittee on Intel and Counterterrorism. Good to see you congressman. Good to see you too, Ed. Thank you so much for having me. What is your sense about what where Facebook is missing the mark? Yeah so this is an incredibly disturbing report that just came out. You know Facebook
often brags especially in recent months where we’ve seen incidents around there
being terrorist content on their platform they bragged that they have it
under control, that they have an AI platform that can deal with this, that
they have personnel allocated and then we see problems like this where 60% of
terrorist content is leaking, is sifting through leaking through their screened
controls and being amplified then. It’s a gigantic problem and they have got to
tell us what they’re doing to solve this. We requested three weeks ago my
committee my subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism along
with the chairman of the committee to actually tell us what personnel you’re
allocating to this. What are you doing to solve this problem? And what was the answer? They’ve ignored us. They have treated us as if we were stepchildren in the corner
and it is not a laughing matter. You know at this point
Facebook’s elitist snobbery and their woeful neglect of congressional
oversight and their counterterrorism screening obligations represents what I
believe an incredibly serious national security threat and then got to do
something about it. Well let me give our viewers an example of what you’re
talking about in terms of slipping through the cracks and what is going
wrong. So The Associated Press had a look at this auto-generated, we have some video
of it, Facebook celebration video with various images. Look at this. Basically
it’s an animated video that begins with a photo of the black flags of jihad. Seconds later it flashes highlights of a year of social media posts that
basically, some of the stuff was being posted and they thought it was you know
some sort of a celebration so they said oh great let’s put this together like it’s
somebody’s birthday video like we get on our normal pages. Instead it’s jihad
propaganda and it’s just sort of auto-generated and then who
kids others are seeing this trash. You know when we think about the most likely
threat that we face today it is a lone wolf inspired gunman who, the message and
his actions are completely sourced from online social media. That’s where he is
inspired to do these things and Facebook all they’re thinking about right now is
their quarterly profit. And it’s not just Facebook who has this responsibility,
it’s YouTube, it’s Twitter, and it’s the less popular sites like 8chan, someone
else who we also have to be focusing on and as we’re seeing most recently the
FBI the DOJ are not doing nearly enough to communicate and work with 8chan as well. Real quick, you’re not the only one pressuring them. They’re getting
pressure sort of from some of their own. Today it was a pretty big story that one
of the co-founders of Facebook, Chris Hughes, came out he had a big op-ed in
the New York Times and then he said this on The Today Show, watch. Do you think
Facebook is dangerous? I do. I think Facebook has become too big, too powerful because there’s been there’s no regulatory agency from the federal
government. So one of their co-founders is saying it’s time to break them up. What say you? Yeah look he’s still enjoying the
hundreds of millions of dollars he made off Facebook, so I’ll take his comments
with a grain of salt. What I will say though, is that we can break up Facebook
and still face this same problem which is incendiary language, terrorist content
on our social media platforms. And if we don’t have a strong public-private
partnership that is completely focused on dealing with this crisis, then we’re
gonna continue to deal with this whether we break up these large social media
companies or not. And that’s what I’m concerned with keeping the American
people safe. Congressman appreciate you coming in. Alright thank you so much again.