Fox News’ 5 steps for handling a Trump scandal

and it should worry
anyone who cares about trying to hold the president accountable. It’s been a hell of a week. First there
was the Russia leak. The Washington Post reports that Trump reveals highly
classified information during a White House meeting with the Russian
ambassador. Not good. The next day, the Comey memo. The New York Times reports
that a memo by former FBI director James Comey describes Trump asking him to drop
the investigation into Michael Flynn, which sounds a lot like obstruction of
justice. Both stories are damning, they’re confirmed by multiple news organizations,
and they come amid growing concerns about Trump’s ties to Russia and his
abrupt firing of Comey. By any reasonable measure, this all looks very very bad for
the White House, but that’s not what you see on Fox News. Fox spent the week masterfully deflecting focus away from Trump. And
though the Russian leak and Comey memo scandals are very different,
Fox handles both stories basically the same way. Attack the story. Raise doubts in the viewers mind about the credibility of
the reporting. For the Russian leak, this meant calling the story a
conspiracy theory. Mainstream media starts launching many conspiracy
theories. Criticizing the story’s anonymous sources. All the Washington
Post sources are anonymous I don’t know how credible those sources are. So many anonymous sources with literally no accountability. Outside sources and
sources from Mars apparently. Calling it fake news. Bogus fake news story it’s fake news and parroting the White House’s talking points. Ok, it was denied
by the Trump administration officials and McMaster has said absolutely that did not
happen. Do you thinks that the Washington Post moved too fast? For the Comey memo, it
meant suggesting the story was made up. A so-called memo magically surfacing in
the New York Times. Criticizing anonymous sources. These unnamed sources, is this a
way to would be reporting the news? And just saying I don’t believe it. Risking that much politically or otherwise around general Flynn, I just can’t see it. You could write anything in a memo, it doesn’t mean it was right. That seems highly unlikely For the Russian leak, that
meant going after the Washington Post. The Washington Post, just like the rest
of the destroy-Trump media, has no credibility. It’s just an extension of
the DNC. Completely unreliable. For the Comey memo, that meant going after Comey. Jim Comey has major credibility problems. But had nothing to do with the
good of the country, it only had to do with his own ass being fired. That what James Comey was doing tonight? Seeking revenge? Comey is a little bit of
a drama queen. This is very Mean Girls by the way. And in both cases, it meant
obsessing about the leakers who are talking to reporters in the first place. The real story here is who’s leaking to the press. Who is leaking? Leaks. Constant leaks. What do we do about the leaks? The leaks are a bigger story than the
substance of what is leaked. You’re saying President Trump
is under attack by the deep state intelligence community. The deep state. Deep state. You’re worried about the deep state leaking. Blame the media for
covering the story. Would any other administration get this kind of scrutiny? This is something that every Republican President has to deal with, the press is
against them Does their hate for President Trump cloud their ability to bring you
the facts? Attack Hillary Clinton. It was their own presidential
candidate Hillary Clinton who severely mishandled classified information. Where the fake news media back then? And Barack Obama. Why the hell not? And if we want to
talk about obstruction what about President Obama? Let’s see the documents
about President Obama. I want to see the Obama Comey memos. And when
all else fails… Just dismiss the story entirely. The way people are
reacting is if the world is coming to a close because of what may or may not
have been reported. It’s like a three days story if it’s true. I don’t think
there’s a lot in here. It’s a boring scandal. What’s wrong with revealing some
highly classified information to the Russians? Why wouldn’t the President of
the United States share that with Russia? Right, it makes it easier for Russia to
figure out who our ally is, although you gotta figure a Russian as well all our
allies are anyway. And what even is “obstruction of justice” anyway? “I hope you can let it go” he’s not directing him to let it go. He just said “I hope”, he didn’t
say I command you or I order you to do that. “I would hope”, that’s not the same. It’s just not. If you understand language, it’s not. Fox’s entire strategy
for dealing with Trump’s scandals is to downplay the significance. But if every
story is Watergatem, is any story Watergate? Make the audience suspicious
of the media. They’ve succumbed to trump hatred, that is so intense it has
destroyed their judgment and in some cases affected their character. And then
deflect their attention to literally anything else. The world is a very
complicated place, what you think is happening often really isn’t happening. If you’re not a regular Fox viewer it’s easy to roll
your eyes and laugh at this stuff, but imagine if you were. Imagine if Fox News
were your main source of information and news every day. For a huge portion of
Trump supporters, that’s the reality. They get their news primarily from Fox, which
means that even powerful, well-sourced and incredibly damning reporting about
Trump’s behavior might not be enough to change his supporters minds about him. There are obviously a lot of people in high places in Washington who will do
anything they can to undermine his position. It just doesn’t penetrate the
Fox News echo chamber. The destroy Trump propaganda media, they have been working
around the clock to smear, slander, besmirch, character assassination. And if you’re hoping that Congress will pose some check on Trump’s behavior, this
should worry you. Before anybody rushes to judgment, we’re not going to base our
opinions solely on a news article. Republicans and Congress are unlikely to
break rank with Trump, unless their constituents pressure them to. Unless Republican voters think these scandals are big enough to take seriously, but if
those voters are watching Fox that might never happen. This didn’t really fit in the
video but Tucker Carlson did a totally bananas segment where he yelled about the
bathrooms in Penn Station, so here you go. Normal people use the men’s room in the train station. Yours are disgusting. And now you’re complaining about his tax returns?