EXO’s Suho & Soohorang – HRSMA Headline News 16/11/2017

Welcome to the very first edition of HRSMA’s
Headline News, I’m Henry Tan. (What’s the topic?) Oh my god, that tiger is too cute! Oh my goodness, oh my god! Sorry! This tiger is too cute. Back to the point, EXO’s Suho unexpectedly
promoted Soohorang, the mascot of the 2018 Winter Olympics. How cute is he? Let’s talk about the similarity first. Suho, EXO’s idol star, and the mascot Soohorang. (Suho vs Sooho-rang) Yes, you got it right! It is (Sooho/Suho). (Suho/Sooho), Yes. This similarity has been highlighted at various
events by Suho himself and his other fellow EXO members, playfully pairing the two of
them together. Suho has also dressed up as Soohorang at the
2017 SMTOWN Halloween Party. Thanks to Suho, Soohorang has became much
more famous worldwide. The mascot’s popularity is strongly apparent
in the sales of goods. According to Sporbiz, Soohorang’s merch is
the most popular among the entire merchandise range of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. It’s been reported that there are more than
80,000 plush toys of Soohorang sold so far. Production has ramped up in response to the
increasing demands. So if anyone of you, Kpop fans, started to
notice this cute tiger here, say thank you to Suho. This tiger deserves to be well known by the
entire world. He is so cute, oh my goodness. Oh my god, you would feel like rubbing your
face on his face, and giving him a very tight squeeeeze!! So that is all for HRSMA’s Headline News,
I’m Henry Tan, have a good day.