Ek Hi Raasta {HD} – Hindi Full Movie – Ajay Devgan – Raveena Tandon – (With Eng Subtitles)

Parade, attention! Sir, sir, sir.. Now what have you brought,
Bhagat Singh? Milk, Sir. Sweet milk. Oh no. Oh yes. Sometimes I feel Bhagat Singh.. ..that you are not my orderly,
you are my father. Now if I don’t drink,
what will you do? See, don’t make me force you, sir. I not like force” Not, I not like, Bhagat Singh,
it’s I do not like force. All right, all right,
I do not like force. You take out mistakes in my
English, you teach me English. All right I won’t teach you. But today I will make you have milk. No, no, Sir.. How was it? What disaster was this?
You made me have your milk. Not my milk Bhagat Singh,
the buffalo’s milk. Oh. Your shoe got spoilt, Sir. Enough, enough!
Take, wipe your mouth. Sir, can I say something? Say! Sir, yesterday when you were giving
the new officers awards.. ..in my heart was a wish,
that I hoped in these.. ..my son Karan was also there. Sir you know, from my grandfathers,
great grandfathers, to me.. …all have been orderlies. I made my son Karan study
with great expectations” ..that he becomes a officer. So that in this orderly family the
trend to be orderlies finishes. Sir, if you make my son an officer” ..then all my life I will wash
your feet and drink the water. You will make my son an officer? Yes, yes, surely we will make him. If he is good enough to
be an officer, then. Sir.. We will surely fulfil your wish. But nowadays where
is he, Bhagat Singh? Hi, I am.. I am.. Come on, first you say. I am sorry. Sorry for what?
The mistake was mine. I was looking somewhere else
and walking somewhere else. I am sorry. Thank you. Listen. Yes. This, your diary. You write poetry? Yes, it’s my hobby. You write very well. Will
you write something for me? Yes? No, no. Nothing. Can I note some poems from
your diary, please? You can keep the diary. Really? Yes. Thank you. Did you write anything about me? Yes, I tried. But didn’t find
such beautiful words. As beautiful, as you are! You talk very well.
What is your name? Karan. Karan. Boys, girls, come here fast. Now Mr Karan will sing a
nice song for you all. Sing please. What do you want me to sing? There was a very nice
verse in your diary. Yes.. Love is a wonderful thing,
to whom it happens, it just happens. “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “The crazy heart gets lost.” “When the crazy heart gets lost,
then god help.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “The crazy heart gets lost.” “When the crazy heart gets lost,
then God help.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “Friends, this life’s
stories are weird.” “See how in this way
we both have met.” “Friends, this life’s
stories are weird.” “See how in this way
we both have met.” “My heart says to you.” “My heart says to you,
now we should be friends.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “The crazy heart gets lost.” “When the crazy heart gets lost,
then God help.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “A rhythm of love is there
in every heartbeat.” “Playing the heart’s rhythm
lam lost in love.” “A rhythm of love is there
in every heartbeat.” “Playing the heart’s rhythm
lam lost in love.” “It will be great fun when..” “It will be great fun when
the ambience is romantic.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “The crazy heart gets lost.” “When the crazy heart gets lost,
then God help.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “The crazy heart gets lost.” “When the crazy heart gets lost,
then God help.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” “Love is a wonderful thing,
whom it happens to, it just happens.” Move, move.. Move, move, let’s go.. Save me.. Leave me! Save me! Leave me. Karan! Leave me. No. Stop! Sorry, we have looked
all over the jungle. But we have not found
them both anywhere. You have awakened. If Karan wasn’t there, it was
difficult for you to get saved. Listen. Yes Madame. Where have these people gone? They went away this morning. Thank you. My son passed! My son passed, take! Have sweet, my son passed! Sir, my son, Sir,
my son passed! Sir.. Sorry Sir, sorry. Sir, sir, I come”? Yes, yes. Come, come. Come Bhagat Singh. Yes, say. Sir, forgive me. In the happiness
of my son passing I forgot myself. Your son passed? Yes Sir. First class. See Sir,
he has got a First class. Very good! Very good! Bhagat Singh, this is
such a big good news.. ..that in this happiness,
any father, would forget everything. Especially a father like you, who
has his hopes attached to his child. Sir, Sir you had promised
that you will.. “Help my son to become a officer. You will make him an officer, right? Sir, have some sweet. By the way, where is your son? You won’t make him meet me? That.. Today there is a party in my house. You get him there. Such a good boy
even I want to congratulate. Sir, today?
I happy Sir, I very happy. Bhagat Singh, don’t talk
to me in English. Why, Sir? The thing is my English
is very weak. And when I talk to you,
I feel very nervous. I know Sir, you are
making fun of me. But I happy! Very happy, Sir! Where, where I didn’t look
for you, where were you? Just here. See, today Colonel Sir has
called you to the party. He wants to meet you,
and he also want to.. “Help you to become an officer. Where your army, and where me.
No, no, father. See, see. See, see, my great
grandfather an orderly.. ..my grandfather an orderly, my
father orderly, I, an orderly. I’ve started feeling like our
race has become of orderlies. See, I am living on this hope
that you become a officer. And I will salute you. You have to become an officer. You reach the party,
I will meet you there. All right I will just come. Make yourselves at home.
If you need anything ask me. Bye. Tell me, who it is. If you move your hand I
will tell you who it is. That means you can’t tell. No. You! I had never thought we
both would meet again. But how come you are here? I have come to meet the Colonel. To meet father? Come I will introduce you to him. Papa.
– Yes, daughter. Papa, meet him, this is Karan. I had told you one boy saved
me from those goons. Yes, I see. So you are that poet, who
saved my daughter’s life.. ..and did a favour on me. Thank you very much. Bhagat Singh. Yes, Sir. You were saying you were going
to make me meet your son. Where is he? He’s standing in front of you, Sir.
This is my son. What? Then you are doing injustice. Injustice, Sir? Yes. To take a pen away from
a poet and give him a gun.. ..if that is not injustice
what is it. Sir.. Sorry Sir. Writing
poems is my hobby. And to fulfil my father’s dreams
is the biggest aim of my life. How sweet. What a good son
you have, Bhagat Singh. A child should be like this. Yes, so Karan Singh, till now we have
only heard praises of your poetry. Now if we get to hear some verses,
then it will be a pleasure. Yes, come everyone. The party of poetry begins.
Please start. Something is there in
your conversation. Something is there in
your conversation. This talk reached till here.
I lost my heart, the heart lost me. Where has this talk reached? Wow, very good. Now, something else. God knows, God knows till where
the world of our love is. One can see till there, till
where the eyes can see. Wow, very good! Very good! Your poetry is very good. But your both son and father’s way
of whistling is also not less. Whenever we are very
happy or very sad. Happiness or sadness, we
share it by whistling. All right Sir, now
allow me to leave. You will be given permission.
But one poem is in my heart. If you say I will recite it. Surely. Be happy, be alive.
Be happy, be alive. Live in Delhi or live
in Gaziabad. You, walk in the
day in your sleep. Like people walk in
their sleep at night. Do you know? For officer’s training
you have to get up at 4am. Now it is 8 o’clock. Get up. As from my side today
your training starts. Karan, we both would get
so close so fast.. ..this I had never thought
of even in my dreams. How close we will get, Priya? This much? That’s it, this much? Then, this much? That it? Then, this much? Attention! Attention! Lieutenant Karan Mehra
reporting, Sir. Welcome Karan, come. How was your trip? Yes it was nice.
– Good. The scenery was very
beautiful there. And from there, halt Sir..
Excuse me Sir. Hey! Greeting, Sir. What are you doing?
– I am sweeping. You don’t even know how to sweep. Your hair has gone white. Shall
I show you how to sweep. Always hold the stick in the left
hand, and the brush in the right hand. Brush. Yes! This is the way to sweep. I have 14 years experience
in sweeping, Understood? Here hold. No, stick left
hand, brush right hand. Yes. Colonel, shall we? Oh yes. May I come in, Sir? Yes, Major Rathore, come sit. Good morning, Sir. Say, how come you have come. Sir, the commandos officers
that we are recruiting” ..there is a vacancy in them. I request you if you could appoint
my nephew in that place.. Sorry Rathore, but for
that vacancy I have.. “Already given my word
to Bhagat Singh. Bhagat Singh? That orderly, Sir? Yes Rathore, that orderly. Excuse me Sir, you are hurting my
dignity. That too for that orderly. This question Rathore, is not
about an officer or an orderly. It is about my word, and I have
given my word to Bhagat Singh. And I think his son deserves
a chance, don’t you? Yes Sir. Absolutely right.
He deserves it. Thank you Sir. Saw, he got angry and went. Excuse me Sir, he doesn’t
even know how to get angry. Shall I get angry and show you. Yes, yes show. Thank you, Sir. Thank you. Mehra! Colonel Mehra, you?
Bhagat Singh what is happening? Sir. Sir says I don’t know
how to carry a tray.. ..and how to serve.
Since last one hour.. ..Sir is teaching me how to
carry a tray and serve. Well I agree Mehra, you have
experience of everything. 13 years I was the head
waiter at Taj, Sir. Really? Yes Sir. Well Bhagat Singh. I have got
very good news for you. Good news? Your son’s appointment letter. Yes, take it. Sir. Congratulations. Sir. By selecting Bhagat
Singh’s son.. ..you have proved that you
are a great human being. You are totally impartial. Thank you.
– Now let us drink to that. Yes, why not. Of course. Cheers. Excuse me Sir. You don’t even
know how to do cheers. Really? How to do cheers, shall I show you? You show me, you must
be having experience. I have 18 years experience, Sir.
– 18 years? Hold the glass straight like this. Hold the glass like this. Tilt is to 35 degrees.
– 35 degrees? Take your hand behind.
– Take your hand behind. And say cheers.
– Cheers. Waiter! Who are you? Before this, in this
Jhamni I have not seen you. The bravery you have shown
in saving my life.. ..that I will never forget. Sir this is my nephew Vikram. You must remember I had got him
to get him recruited to you. You remember that. Oh yes. I see. I will
always be in you debt. Not a favour Sir. This was my duty. This is the problem. What? Problem. We attacked Colonel and got
our 10 good men killed. But those killings will surely pay. Because Cobra’s stick hurts,
but very sweetly. On Colonel this time we have
done a very sweet hurt. And the name of that hurt is.. Vikram. The name of that hurt is Vikram. Vikram. I have made you
sit in the Colonel’s lap.. ..so that you can reach us the
secret file that the Colonel has. So that we can create a problem
in India’s future. The sooner you reach us that file. The sooner you will get
nearer to that wealth. Vikram can do anything for wealth. Your introductions. Bali. Raju. Vinod. Karan. This Lieutenant seems very strict. How dare you talk in my presence?
How did you dare to talk? Sir.. Pick up your stick
and take 10 rounds. But Sir.. 20. Sir I..
– 30. Sir what is..
– 40! Yes Sir. Is it paining a lot? Shall I press your legs? No, that is not needed. Need. Why there is no need? See friend. Here your legs will
keep paining, and there our hearts. Let us press. Give. Let me also do this for my friend.
Give son, give. Friend, when will we be of help? Half my pain has disappeared
by your talks, friends. And half the pain seeing that
I have got friends like you. Halt! Turn right! You go to Colonel Isaacs, tell him
I will be there in half an hour. Always remember one thing. That all the cadets who have
come here to become officers. Or to become commandos. In them only those reach their
goals who have the will to do it.. ..who’s intentions are
strong and those.. Who’s this donkey?
Have you put this sticker? No Sir. This sticker you have only put. This horrible deed only you can do. I have not put it, Sir. Then who has put it? Has he put it? He has only put it, Sir. What do you say? Sir, I have not put this sticker,
Sir, he is lying. Sir, I am saying the
truth he has put it. Stop it! How dare you do this
hooliganism in front of me! Don’t do it! Don’t do it! Stop it! Come Rathore, say why have you come. Sir, I have come with Karan Singh’s
complaint to you. Karan’s complaint?
– Yes. What has he done? Sir, he misbehaved with the
boys in my presence. And in front of everyone
he caught my hand. Such a boy I cannot train. Think with a cool head. Sorry, Sir. Please dismiss
him immediately. All right, all right, Major. You give me a written complaint. Then I will see, whether
to remove him or not. Right, Sir. How can you remove
him like this, Sir. Forgive me Sir. My son cannot
do something like this. What do you mean orderly
Bhagat Singh. Am I lying? If you are saying the truth, Sir. Then for misbehaving with
you, I will give him.. ..a worse punishment then you can. I beg you Sir. Don’t give him
such a punishment that.. ..he gets the punishment, but his
father has to go through it. His father has to
go through it, Sir. Did you misbehave with Sir Rathore? Father, that.. You had held his hand? Say whether you held
his hand or not? Yes, father but.. Why did you be this ill mannered? I had thought you to be a
gift for our family. You turned out to be a snake. See, if you don’t want to be
an officer, then don’t be one. Go. Go away from here. But before going, give
me some poison and go. So that before my dreams die,
I should die and finish my hopes. Go! Go away from here! Good morning, Sir. Good morning, Major Rathore.
Did Bhagat Singh’s son come? Sir, he is not fit to be an officer.
He will not come, Sir. lam sorry, Sir. I am very
ashamed about yesterday. I assure you, that henceforth I
will not commit such a mistake. Karan. Sir. This is Major Rathore’s favour that
he has forgiven your behaviour.. “taking it as your immaturity. Or his complaint could have
finished your career, understood? Sir. Carry on, Major. Sir. Yesterday for sticking that
sticker on that boy’s back” ..for raising your hand on Tony
and for holding my hand.. ..the punishment is still
pending. Understand? Yes, Sir. Come to become an officer, yes? You misbehaved with me. Sorry, Sir. You caught my hand. Sorry, Sir. I will ruin your career. Sorry, Sir. Yes. And I bloody well mean it. Complete your test punishment. But you cannot become an officer. You are not worth
becoming a officer. I will see to it that how
you become a officer. I will black list you and
will declare you unfit. Yes. You are unfit.
And you have failed. No, Sir, you don’t fail me. I beg you. I touch your feet. Sir, you don’t want me to
become an officer right. So don’t let me become.
Kill me by giving me punishments. So that, so that my
father is proud. That his son died trying
to complete his wish. Please, Sir. Please. Rathore! What the hell do you
think you are doing? Pardon, Sir? I thought you are a man of principle.
I thought you a man of principle. But you turned out to
be a bad human being. And I also know why you are
treating this boy like a animal. Take this. This is your nephew’s
appointment letter. And if you have even little shame,
then go and drown in some water. Karan! Karan. Forgive me. Forgive me friend. You are really my friend, friend. What friendship you showed. This is nothing father. Even if your son had to lose his
life for this friendship, so be it. I know friend. I know well.
I know well. I know. Father, not I know well.
It’s, I know very well. See, see. Again you are
teaching me English. Again teaching me English. ‘Good Mr. Rathore. Major
S.P Rathore. Good.’ ‘You used to call yourself
a very principled man.’ ‘You used to think you
are very principled.’ ‘Are these your principles?’ ‘That you punish an innocent.
From a man become a beast.’ ‘Are these your principles?’ ‘Playing with one boy’s future.’ ‘Because his place your
nephew couldn’t take?’ ‘You should be ashamed, Major Rathore!
Should be ashamed!’ ‘You should go drown in some water.
Drown in water Major Rathore.’ ‘Should drown in water,
should drown in water..’ I am sorry gentlemen. I am sorry. I am.. I am very sorry. Vikram Rathore.
– Yes, Sir. Come sit.
– Thank you sir. Sir, the favour you have done
on me by recruiting me. For that I am very thankful to you. Sir, I want to tell you that I.. Hi, Papa. Hi, baby. Vikram this is my daughter Priya,
Priya this is Vikram. Hi. Hello. Yes, Vikram.
– Yes, Sir. You were saying something. Sir I was saying that from today
our training has started.. ..and from tomorrow I
am going to the camp. Good. Best of luck! Sit. How can you go like this? Do you know how bored
I will be when you go. Miss Priya, there are many
more important things” ..in the world besides love.
Like my training! Do I have to become
an officer or not. All right! Go. Shall I go? Yes. Go. Go.
– Go. There they are preparing
to go on training” ..and here you are training
for kissing. Sir. You don’t even know how to kiss. How do you kiss, shall I show you. I have 17 years experience. Oh my God. Wonder why no one wants to make
use of my experience. Boys! This used to never
happen before. Nowadays anyone, even an orderly’s
child is taken in to be an officer. Why? Aren’t you the one because
of whom I wasn’t taken in, yes? Come on. Open the shoes. And listen. I am getting
my shoes opened by you. So that even among us, you don’t
forget your family glory. An orderly’s son! I am proud of my family.
But which family do you belong to? Tell us your race.
You bark like the street people. You called me a dog! Stop it bloody fools. Stop it I say. Why this fight between you both? Yes I am talking to you
Karan. Why the fight? That Sir.. Ajit Singh, why was this
fight taking place? Vikram called Karan an orderly’s
son and asked him to open his shoe. Oh. He is lying, uncle. No uncle business! Call me Sir. Did you say this to Karan? Sir, Karan..
– Yes or no. Yes Sir. Then the punishment for this is.. ..that you will put up all the tents
of the cadets alone, all alone. Hey orderly. All this is happening
because of you. The way I am burying this to the
floor, I will bury you too. This is the way to bury it. Hey, Bengali, it got burned. Hey you, are you kidding with me? Just shut up. Today I got to know. It is easy to eat. But
to cook is a problem. I can go and tell Sir, I cannot cook.
Give whatever punishment you want. Not punishment.
We will get food, food. That too cooked! See,
what I do, you do. Karan, what is this you are doing? Sir, I am making dough. Are you making dough or are
you bathing the dough. You don’t even know to make dough. I will show you how to make dough. Sir, but you? Yes, yes, me! Give me the dough.
Give the dough. Put. Put. Sir, can I go? Yes, yes. Yes, yes..
– Thank you. Nowadays boys don’t even
know how to make dough. In British days I have made dough
for 14 years. 14 years. Yes. This is done. This is done. This is lady fingers. It isn’t
even cut. What are you doing? lam cutting lady fingers Sir. You don’t even know how
to cut lady fingers. Then how do you cut, Sir. I will show you, how to cut it. Get the lady fingers.
Get the lady fingers. Lady fingers, lady fingers,
lady fingers. Give me the knife, how will
I cut lady fingers. Hold it like this, here it
is cut. Here it is cut. So can I go, Sir. Yes, yes. How to cut? In British days I have
cut lady fingers for 11 years. Yes. Gujarati will eat, Sindhi will eat.. ..this is how I will make
lady fingers today. This has no salt, no chillies,
no spices. This has my 26 years experience. Today’s mutton is such, everyone’s
pant buttons will open. Yes. Very good! Very good!
Colonel has made great food. Mutton is too good. At last somewhere a person
shows his true self. An orderly father’s salary
must be how much.. ..that he’d get mutton at home. A barking dog asks for what? Bones. I showed my true self.
Take, you also show your true self. Bloody orderly’s son.
Forget it. His luck was good. That Uncle came. Or for throwing
a bone in my plate”. …I would break so many of his
bones, so many of his bones”. Sorry for interruption.
Sorry for interruption. Good performance boys.
Very good performance! I am very happy with you guys. Today your training gets over. Tomorrow morning we will return
to our post, right? “I have to go to meet my love. I
have to tell the state of my heart.” “I have to go to meet my love. I
have to tell the state of my heart.” “Think about your love,
fly and reach.” “I have to go to meet my love.
I have to tell the state of my heart.” “I have to go to meet my love.
I have to tell the state of my heart.” “Think about your love,
fly and reach.” “When she will come near,
and come into our arms.” “The heartbeat will increase,
she will feel shy.” “When she will come near,
and come into our arms.” “The heartbeat will increase,
she will feel shy.” “Yes she feels shy.” “She is crazy about me,
she is the queen of my heart.” “I am her tale, she is my story.” “She is crazy about me,
she is the queen of my heart.” “I am her tale, she is my story.” “Come let’s tell the story.” Sir, Sir ball. All right, so you come here to play
football, or to do romance. Yes? This girl is the same one, right? Girl? Which girl? Which girl? What is this, 4 pm. You are giving the girl a signal
through the football. Young man, remember one thing. In romance whose time becomes 4pm,
it can become 12am too. Sir, Sir I didn’t understand
what you mean. You didn’t understand. You
are making me a fool? You don’t even know
how to make a fool. How to make a fool? Learn from me. Since 20 years I am making
fool of people. Yes. From today 4pm till tomorrow 4pm.
You will be in my duty, understand? Where I am, there you will be. Yes. Sir, that ball! Thank God that you got saved.
And got stuck with me. Sir! But Sir today.. Order is order! Yes, Sir. He screams. Today you have come
in contact with.. ..general lieutenant Ranjit Mehra. Child, I have dealt with big
lovers. I have 20 years experience. Till you don’t say the girl’s
name and address, Mr Lover. You will not leave from here. What are you putting?
Mehra Sir can put it. Mehra Sir cannot put it. lam saying Mehra Sir can put it. I said he cannot put it. ‘So let’s bet 5 and 5. What 5, bet for 10. Let’s bet 10 then. Now see, Mehra Sir has 20 years
experience in fooling people. 25 years experience in making dough. And he must have completed
20-30 years in the army. So by this he should
be 80 years old. Now an old man of 80 years,
how will he do sit ups. By calling me old, you have insulted
my youth and stamina, Karan. What 50, I can do 150 sit ups. Do you know I was born in
the sitting position. Ajit Singh, tonight there
should be a party. – Yes sir. Congratulations!
You have won the bet. But I have to do two things, Sir.
– Say. One, that I will do the counting. The other that you will face
the east and do the sit ups. I agree to both the things.
Facing east.. I am ready. Absolutely ready?
– Absolutely! One. Two.
Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight.
Nine. Ten. 50, 51, 52. 75, 76. 78, 90, 100. 101, 102, 148. 149, 150. Karan! Karan, teach me how
to whistle, please. Very simple, I will teach you now. “The drug of love has made me so high,
this has never happened before.” “What has happened to me now,
what has happened to me now.” “That I whistled, I whistled,
I could whistle.” “You taught me how to whistle.” “This is love’s first tune.” “What happens after this?” “What God wants, that happens.” “I have got entangled in the
web of your sweet talks.” “That I whistled, I whistled,
I could whistle.” “The drug of love has made me so high,
this has never happened before.” “What has happened to you now,
what has happened to you now.” “That you whistled, you whistled,
you could whistle.” “Then we will take each
other in our arms.” “Whether anyone sees or not,
we will not play games.” “Then this will go on sweet heart.” “First come and take
me for marriage.” “Now every day will be new,
every evening will be new.” “That you whistled, you whistled,
you could whistle.” “The drug of love has made me so high,
this has never happened before.” “What has happened to me now,
what has happened to me now.” “That I whistled, I whistled,
I could whistle.” Sir. Karan Singh.
Son of orderly Bhagat Singh. Remove my shoe. Didn’t you hear? I told you,
open my shoe. I will open it, Sir. No, no, no. Not you. Him. He has dared to look above our shoe.
He will open the shoe. I didn’t understand, Sir. lam not telling you, I am
trying to explain to him. By the way, what I am saying,
he is understanding. Open it son, open it. By opening Sir’s shoe you
will not be insulted. He is anyway very elder
for us. Open it. To show you your place,
and to show you your stature.. …I got this shoe opened from you. And now get out of here. I will leave. But before leaving
I’d like to say something, Sir. What will be the outcome
of this only God knows. But I will surely say it. What will you say? What is your
stature that you will say something. Father said you are elder, and
thinking of you as that.. …I have opened your shoe. But due to this deed of
yours, in my eyes.. ..you have become even smaller
than my stature. Shut up before I slap your face! Even I can answer you
back that you shut up. But I will not say it. What is all this happening, Sir.
I can’t understand anything. Bhagat Singh, if you want
what is good for your son.. ..then tell him to stop
meeting my daughter. By telling me about Karan and Priya. You have opened my eyes before time. Sir, these small people have
no respect of their own. And they don’t know how
to respect others. I thought of your respect as
my respect and did my duty. That’s all. l am being taken in
by your attributes. This is your goodness, Sir. I have heard even you are taking
part in tomorrow’s motor cycle race. Yes, Sir. And this race,
in it I will come first, Sir. I will win this competition, sir. If you win, then I will give
you whatever you ask for. Think about it, Sir, I can ask for
any dear thing of yours too. What can be dearer than my life? – Best of luck.
– Thank you Sir. Priya, your father has promised,
if I win the race tomorrow.. ..then he will give me
whatever I ask for. And if I ask for your hand? It will never come to that. Because even Karan is taking
part in this race. And to beat Karan, you will never
be able to, in this birth. Even then you will not be able
to win. Do you understand? This race I will win Priya,
you don’t worry. That I know. You know? Then why did you ask. Karan?
– Yes. Finish Karan’s life’s there it self. So that he cannot reach
the motor cycle race. He will not reach. Hit him. Now there are only 2 minutes
for the race to start. And you will get the live
commentary of this race. You don’t even know
how to do commentary. How commentary is done,
shall I show you? Listen, I have 30 years experience. Beware. The war of motorcycles
is about to start. All the participants are
standing in a line. One youth cannot be seen. Where
are you hiding Karan Singh? See, if you don’t come before time,
you will lose even before winning. The wait is flying away. The motor
cycles are waiting to fly. The time is at the end.
And the clock is ticking. The time has come for
the war to begin. Seems like now he won’t come! So pick up your guns, pull the
trigger, and start the motor cycles. Karan! Karan! Karan.. Karan! Karan! Karan.. Karan! Karan! Karan.. Karan! Karan! Karan.. Karan! Karan! Karan.. Karan! Karan! Karan.. Karan! Karan! Karan.. Now these motor cycles
will cross the water. The one who comes out
first from the water.. …will be known as the hero. Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan!
– Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Karan! Father. I won Priya. Yes, Karan, you had to win. Karan.
– Karan. Son, Karan. Karan.
Open your eyes son. Priya! You are not ashamed of
making a mockery of our respect. Let’s go from here. No, father. Please let
me be with Karan. Come on.
– Please father, he needs me. Leave me. Come on. What a point you have
brought me to, friend. You are sitting in the dark Sir,
I will light the candle. Your lit candle has
turned us to ashes. Now whether it is darkness or
light, what difference does it make. Suddenly whole of Jhamni’s
lights have gone off. The weather is very bad. Seems like a disastrous
storm is going to come. The storm that is going
to come outside.. ..that you can see Bhagat Singh. But the storm brimming in my heart,
that you cannot see. I can feel it, Sir. Whatever happened at the
race field, was not good. But sir, you remember.. ..when I showed you my son’s
result. You had said.. ..he is a worthy boy. If Sir, you forget Karan’s stature,
forget that he is an orderly’s son. If you just see his attributes. Then I think Sir, all the
walls coming between.. ..those two children’s
love will fall. And Sir, I will consider
myself very lucky.. ..if Priya comes as a
daughter-in-law to my house. While licking my feet, you want
to lick my respect also. You made your son study a bit. So you forgot your stature and
tried to compare with us. Your stature is not more than
the ledge on my door. On which the dust is cleaned off. He has not yet become an officer
and this is the case. When he does become an officer
you will start ruling me. But the mistake was mine, I
wish I had not recruited him. Now get out of here. Sir..
– Get out, Bhagat Singh. Today in my life for the first time
I am feeling remorse, friend. I wish I had also studied
and become a big officer. My stature was also on
par with that Colonel. Then he, the enemy of love wouldn’t
have thrown me out of his house. And a powerless father wouldn’t
join his hands and tell his son.. ..forget her friend, please do not.. When he is not educated,
why does he.. ..console himself by talking
in English Bhagat Singh. Karan. Sir. There is no doubt that what
your father told you to do.. ..is the best thing for you. But there is also no
doubt that the love.. ..that the girl has announced
in front of the world. That love will get a bad name. Karan you are a officer, and
an officer’s duty is to fight. Whether it is the battle
field or for love. Buck up. “The world is always
the enemy of lovers.” “If the love is true,
lovers always unite.” “The world is always
the enemy of lovers.” “If the love is true,
lovers always unite.” “Love is the second name of God,
let love be in the heart.” “Yours and my love story, is
going on, so let it go on.” “The world’s habit is to get jealous,
if they are jealous let them be.” “Yours and my love story, is
going on, so let it go on.” You called me, Sir. Yes. Sit. Yes. I wish I had listened
to your complaint. And destroyed that snake Karan. So then today he wouldn’t have had
so much guts that he bite us. You do this Rathore, that you make
another complaint against him. Then we will immediately remove him. Sorry Sir, I cannot do that. What? Do you know who
you are talking to? Sir yesterday you had
made me realise.. ..that I am a man of principles. Now you tell me how I can destroy
my principles myself. How? But this is an order. l am sorry, Sir. I cannot destroy that
worthy boy’s career.. ..just because he is not only
in love with your daughter.. ..but your daughter is also
in love with him, Sir. How dare you! Sir, I thought you are
a very principled man. Such a man’s principles got shaken
because of his daughter. You will play with a child’s future,
I didn’t expect this from you, Sir. Shut up and get the
hell out of here. Sir, this is for you from all of us. Thank you very much. Sir, we will miss you a lot. I will also miss you all a lot. Actually a job is like
a lover for a man. And today being separated
from this lover.. …I feel that the heart fondness
was such that I lost my heart. The heart’s fondness turned
into a disease. Very good! Very good! You don’t even know
how to recite a poem. How to recite a poem,
shall I tell you? Say. 13.5 years experience I have. Now I understood the meaning of
the beauty spot on your beauty. Very good! Very good! Now I understood the meaning of
the beauty spot on your beauty. Life boy protects health. Very good! Very good! Karan, is this bed yours? Yes, Sir. That means the news
received was right. Your father dreams of
making you an officer. And you are having drugs
in your cigarette. Why, do you have it or not? No, Sir. Such a bad deed! No, Sir. Shut your mouth. l am shutting you in the
court of guard right now. And I will see to it that you
are taken out from here. Excuse me, Sir. These
cigarettes are mine. These cigarettes are mine. These cigarettes are mine. They are mine.
– They are mine. Are mine.
– Good night everybody. Say, who had kept the
cigarettes with drugs? I had. How dare you. How did you dare
to raise your hand on Vikram? Now you will pick up the
sticks and the rifle.. ..and all night and day
take rounds, understood? But Sir, this is total torture,
you are doing the wrong thing. What I am doing I know, you
don’t have to explain to me. It’s all right, Sir. What is in the
destiny, why to remember God. Where there is a ruthless
man, why to plead. Sir, sir! You have hurt my son so ruthlessly.
Come out, Sir! What is this noise you are creating? What a bad state you
have made of my son. Which sin’s punishment
you have given him. His sin you know very well. His sin is this that
an orderly’s son.. …fell in love with
a Colonel’s daughter. If it is a sin to be
a orderly’s son.. Then the punishment should be given
to this order, this orderly. If this is the punishment for
love, then why he alone. The sin of love even your
daughter has committed. Silent! And don’t you dare
even mention my daughter. Why? Your respect will go. And here my son might lose
his life, that is nothing. If your daughter hadn’t consented He wouldn’t have dared to
look beyond his stature. Stop blaming my daughter.
And get away from here. And yes. Explain to him. That if he doesn’t learn a lesson,
then the outcome will be even worse. The fear of the outcome
has brought me here, Sir. I join my hands and plead with you. Take him out. Take him out. I had seen this dream, that
my son becomes an officer. And I salute him, Sir. But I
had never seen this dream. That I pick up the dead body of
my young son on my shoulders. This dream I had never seen, Sir.
This dream I had never seen. Good evening, Sir.
Sir, this is my resignation. And this resignation is
because I couldn’t. save my cadet Karan from your
torture and do my duty. Good. I was myself thinking. That the wall you have tried to
create between my duty and my self. How do I remove it? You have
made my problem easy. What is this nonsense? Sir I have also written in this that
a worthy boy like Karan’s career.. ..you want to destroy simply
because your daughter loves this boy. And I will not be able to
see this destruction.. ..that’s why I resign. You very well know I
cannot accept this. If you don’t accept this resignation,
then you will regret it, Sir. Because till I am there, no one.. ..can stop Karan from
becoming an officer. And for your kind information.. ..day after tomorrow Karan
will become an officer. Good night, Sir. You fulfilled this poor
man’s wish today God. Today my life’s dream
is going to come true. l am very thankful. Father. What is this father, instead
of giving your blessings.. ..you are showing your
back to your son. It’s said our own bad eye
could affect, friend. My hopes shouldn’t be affected
by my own eyes. I can only get your
blessing and prayers. Because friends cannot wish
bad for their friends. Friend, friends don’t touch
each other’s feet. Friends hug each other. Father. God should make you
reach such a height.. ..that the world becomes
low for you son. I don’t want to have any doubt.
I will take out your bad eye. Very good! What a way
to remove bad eye. You don’t even know how to remove
bad eye, Bhagat Singh. Sir. I will show you how
to take out bad eye.. …I have 15 years experience. See. This is the way to take out bad eye. Shall I remover yours. What bad eye for me, Sir. Father, this post that I am
getting of being an officer.. It is not a post, it is the outcome
of the favours of Sir Rathore That’s why before becoming an
officer I want to take his blessings. You are right. We must remember
the good done to us. That is being loyal. You go get his blessings. I will go
get sweets. All will ask for sweets. Sir. Bhagat Singh, I will dismiss you. Why Sir? – You gave the order to
make sweets to someone else. I didn’t understand. I have 15 years experience
in making sweets. Nobody makes better sweets
than me in India. Everyone eats the sweets again
and again that I make. What is this happening to you? Sir, I am feeling faint listening
to your experience. You don’t even know how to faint. How to faint, shall I show you? Since 30 years I am fainting. Yes. Ubra.
– Sir. I thought you had forgotten us. How can I forget you, Sir? That’s the problem. We attacked the colonel.. ..got our 10 men killed and
reached you near the Colonel. But what was the outcome, problem. There is no problem, Sir. For 50 lakhs, what is the country,
I can even sell my mother. You keep the money ready.
Now the time is not far. As soon as I become an officer.. ..this country’s secrets will
come as near to me.. ..as far they are from me right now. l am keeping the phone, Sir. You traitor! Being my nephew
you are trading the country. You can even sell your mother. All your life I will make you rot
in prison like a dog. Like a dog. And I bloody well mean it. Sir! Rathore Sir. Sir, what happened, Sir? Sir! Murder! Murder! Save him. Karan has done a murder. Karan has murdered officer Rathore. Come on, come on. Sir, Sir, hurry Sir. Hurry. Come fast, Sir. Sir.. Sir, Sir.. Karan Singh has murdered
officer Rathore. Sir. Sir, I have not committed
this murder, Sir. I had come to take Sir
Rathore’s blessings. Other than you no one
can commit this murder. No Sir. I have not committed
this murder, Sir. Karan, Karan, Karan all this,
what did you do? Sir! I swear on you father, I have
not committed this murder. Sir, the son who can give his life
to fulfil his father’s dream.. ..he cannot take a father’s
false swear. Sir, I have a request. Before anything happens to Rathore
Sir in the hospital.. ..you take Karan to the hospital. Maybe Sir Rathore awakens.. ..and gives a clue to
Karan’s innocence. Listen to me. Listen to me, Sir. All right Bhagat Singh. All right. Open your eyes Sir, open your
eyes and say Karan is innocent. He who thinks you are God
cannot murder you, Sir. Say Sir, say, open your eyes. Open your eyes. I arrest you Karan Singh. Karan, stop. Stop Karan,
stop. Don’t run. We will go to court.
We will get justice. Stop, if you run you will
be termed a criminal. Karan, stop. Father. Father, what happened father? Who has done the murder? Not once, I will say
it a thousand times. This murder I have not committed. Karan. What is this torture
you are dog? Who let her come in? I am the Colonel’s daughter.
I say leave him. To get him to say he has done the
murder is the Colonel’s order. Take her away. No, Karan, Karan. Is Karan the murderer or not this.. Priya, what are you doing? Yes, what happened? The amount of pain my Karan is in. I want to feel the same pain. Saw Mehra, this child’s madness. This is not madness.
This is my love. The amount of torture
you put Karan through.. ..the same torture your daughter
will put herself through. l am not torturing him. His deeds
are torturing him. He is a murderer. You are a murderer who wants
to convict a innocent. ..and take his life. Priya. You are the murderer father, who
wants to kill our love, our dreams. Hit me, father. As much as you want! But listen to one thing. I will
live with Karan and die with Karan. Very good, Priya child! Very good! Today I am relieved. People say
that after Laila and Majnu.. ..and Shireen and Farhad love
is over from this world. But no, till this world has lovers
like you alive, love can never die. Colonel Mehra, shame on you. You are instigating my
child in front of me. What humanity is this, that
instead of dousing the fire.. ..you are putting oil
on it. Get out of here. Excuse me, Sir. You don’t
even know how to scold. How to scold, shall I show you?
I have 15 years of experience. That’s quite enough, Mehra. That’s not enough, Sir. You are a bad name to humanity. Do you have a father’s
heart or a stone. Stop it, Mehra.
– I won’t stop it. Even the devil saves his
child from the devils. You are a human. But you
have poisoned humanity. Before I used to feel
proud calling you Sir. But now I am ashamed
calling you Sir. Shut up, Mehra! You shut up Colonel Choudhry!
Shut up! Sir this is the way
to scold. Good night. Orderly! Saw. Saw what happened. I buried your nail. This
is the way to bury. Captain I am sure, that Rathore’s
murder Karan has done. Now you make him agree to this
murder and take his statement. And get it in writing. Sir! Colonel Choudhry. Captain Bheem Singh reporting, Sir. Yes say, Bheem Singh. Karan ran away from lock up
Sir, and while running.. …fell thousands of feet below,
no one can come back from there. So the matter has ended. He
got his own punishment. Stop! If you want to save him, then
stop me. Stop me. Stop me. Move. Come. Stop me. Stop. Driver, fast get the car. Hurry! Come on hurry up, hurry up.
Come on. Go. Say, say, who murdered Rathore sir? Who murdered Rathore Sir? Say. You forced me into this way of fire. Now I have only one way,
and that is your death. If you want to live you
have only one way. Say, who murdered Rathore Sir? Release him. Captain, do not follow me,
this is my last warning. If I want I can return to
you all your torture. But no! Along with training
I was taught that.. ..finish the enemy and finish
yourself for your own people. But here there are people
like you who.. ..by finishing your own
people you feel happy. Colonel Choudhry. On one side our whole battalion. And on the other side alone
commando Karan Singh. We couldn’t harm him in any way Sir. Karan has hidden in the jungles of
Kunur. And is out of our reach. I don’t want to hear anything.
I want Karan Singh. Dead or alive! And that’s an order. Papa, you have given the order
to get Karan dead or alive. And I have sworn to live
and die with him. That’s why I am going to my Karan.
Your daughter Priya. Karan! Karan! Karan.
– Priya, you here. In the heat of these circumstances
your Karan is burnt. But in the middle of this storm of
problems, you shouldn’t have come. You get hurt, my heart cries. If something goes into your
eye, my eye pains. Karan. “How many love stories the
world has said and heard.” “How many love stories the
world has said and heard.” “If anyone has seen such
a love, then tell me.” “That.. The eye of my lover pains,
the eye of my lover pains.” “The redness has come in my eyes.” “The eye of my lover pains, the
redness has come in my eyes.” “The whole world loves.
The whole world loves.” “But my love is unique.” “The eye of my lover pains, the
redness has come in my eyes.” “If my love says I will lay.
I will serve my love.” “If my love says I will lay.
I will serve my love.” “For my love I will laugh
and bear any bad name.” “The one who dies for her love,
she is lucky.” “The eye of my lover pains, the
redness has come in my eyes.” “The whole world loves,
but my love is unique.” “The eye of my lover pains, the
redness has come in my eyes.” “The lover has all the blooming,
the lover has all the lights.” “The lover has all the blooming,
the lover has all the lights.” “It becomes difficult to live with
the disease of separation.” While I live I shouldn’t
see any empty night. The eye of my lover pains, the
redness has come in my eyes. The whole world loves,
but my love is unique. The eye of my lover pains, the
redness has come in my eyes. The eye of my lover pains, the
redness has come in my eyes. Karan. Karan, the road you have taken,
do you know the outcome of it. When you are not scared of death,
you don’t worry about the outcome. Along with getting my name cleared.. …I have also to finish those enemies
of the country who are near by. But what childishness
you did, child. You didn’t do right by
running away from home. Come I have come to take you. Father is right, Priya. Anyway there are dangers
at every step with me. No. I will not leave you
in these problems and go. You have my swear, Priya. What is his name? Karan. And he is hiding
in your jungles. And if he proves that
I have killed Rathore. Then our game will be spoilt
before it even begins. This is the problem that
I don’t like problems. You don’t worry, I will
get that problem solved. If Karan remains alive.
And if he proves that.. ..he hasn’t murdered Rathore,
Vikram has. Then Cobra’s whole
plan will go wrong. And Vikram will not
be able to reach.. ..the file of India’s
secrets to Cobra. For this file Cobra is going to get
hundreds of millions of rupees. That’s why, find him. He must
be somewhere here. Find him. Surely Karan has killed
him. Find him. Say, whose man are you. For which
country are you a spy. Say. What secrets have you
come to get from here? What? Colonel is coming towards our den? Yes Sir. If the Colonel
comes in our hand.. ..then that file will also
come to us automatically. When the Colonel comes in our hand
then the file will come in our hand. And then our problem will start. Welcome Colonel Sir, welcome. Who are you? In English a terrorist,
in Hindi a terrorist. The sincerity of sincere people,
the loyalty of loyal people.. …I dig and take out. That’s
why I am called Cobra. What is this force? What is it that you want? File. File? That file which has the secret of
the details of the enemy country’s.. ..spies and commandos that you have
jailed, where you have hidden them. That file which states the secret,
where all you have put bombs. And where all you have
hidden the weapons. That file, through which
India can be ruled again. And it can again be ruled
by others. That file. But what will you do with that file? That is the problem. Don’t
you understand.. …I will sell that
file in 575 crores. You traitor! Even if you make
500 pieces of my body.. …I still won’t even give you the
500th crore part of the file. I knew it. I knew this
answer of yours. Because every Indian is less
intelligent and more loyal. This is the problem. That I have
the answer to your answer. Answer, the Colonel’s
beautiful weakness. Your threats cannot take away
my loyalty to my country Cobra. Before touching my daughter
surely think.. ..that if things take a turn, and
l am in your position, then what? Till now only your name is Cobra. Then in every birth your
body will also be Cobra. Vikram. This is that Colonel
who indebted you. You bloody traitor. Traitor! Why Vikram, this is that alluring
beauty who you like. Yes Cobra. This is the last
chance Colonel, think. Get the file or lose your respect. Vikram. Disloyal dog!
You cannot do this. Shut up. Orderly. When for this file
I can kill my Uncle Rathore.. ..then I can do anything. You bastard! Vikram. Colonel will
not give that file. Open this file of his. Don’t you dare you bastard. No! No! No.. No! No! No.. Papa! Papa! Leave me! Papa! No, no! Leave me! Papa! Save me! No! Leave her. You want the file.
I will bring you that file. Now you are talking sense. You will be disloyal to
the country Bhagat Singh. Loyalty disloyalty I
don’t know anything. Priya’s respect is this
country’s respect. You won’t create any
problem loyal person. I am keeping daughter Priya’s
respect and Sir’s life as surety. But what do you know
about that file? I have served Sir for 20 years. How many times he breaths
and where, I can tell. I give you 2 and half hours.
If you come till 12, then fine. Or else there are problems
and problems. I will get the file. He went alone. This is the problem.
You follow him, go. Hey, who did you call? Uh, that.. l.. Say fast or I will shoot. Father, who were these people? They are Cobra’s men. Cobra
is a threat to this nation. Threat? He has sent me to get that
file which after he gets… ..this country can
be ruled by others. And If I don’t reach there till 12
o’clock he will kill Sir and Priya. Then that file will have to
be reached there father. You reach there with the file,
I will meet you there. Have you got the file? Now
we will again rule India. Will rule.. Only 5 minutes are remaining. After
that only problems are there. Because of such traitors
and disloyal people.. ..people like us will
rule over India. Vikram if the file doesn’t come.. Sir! I have come Sir. I
have come with the file. Sir I have come. Here is the file. Cobra’s been made a fool.
Where is the real file? There is the real file. Cobra, see and read this file.
Your destruction is written. If I want I can make
a hole in your chest. But no! Before that you have to
pay for what you have done to.. ..Priya, Colonel Sir and my father. Papa! Papa! Papa! Papa! Hey, get up. Commando, drop the
gun or I will shoot your father. Sir, what aim? Thank you, Bhagat Singh. This is not an orderly’s
hand, it is a hammer. No, Karan. I want this man alive. You will die in front of the same
Colonel who you had tied up. Beat him! Friend, shoot once from my side too. Very good! You had made this place to destroy
my country, right Cobra? Now you see how I
destroy this place. Cobra, you wanted our
country’s secrets file. The people you are working for, now
you will give us their secrets file. No! no! Leave me. Karan! Karan! No! Karan! Leave me. No! Kill him Karan, kill him. Kill him. Kill him. The traitor who sold his
mother to the enemies! Karan. Well done, son! Bhagat Singh, your son is so brave. And I always thought
of him as small. In reality a person
is not big or small. Only his thoughts are big or small. l am sorry, Karan. Today giving you this award,
not only me.. ..the whole of India
is proud of you. l am proud of you my son. Thank you, Sir. Sir. Very good! What a salute
you have done. Seems like no one else besides
you knows how to salute. Today I feel like saluting
your feelings. “The drug of love is such. This
has never happened before.” “What has happened now?
What has happened now?” “That my whistle, that
I could whistle.”