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– Red leather, yellow leather,
red leather, yellow leather. I don’t understand how Julia
Roberts does that so easily. Hey, we changed the color! Ah, that’s great. I love it, it’s blue. Blue is good. ♪ Blue moon ♪ – [Man] Whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? – What?
– What are you doing? – You don’t want me to sing? – [Man] Don’t sing. – You don’t want me to sing? – No singing.
– Huh? ♪ Blue moon ♪ – [Man] Why is he singing? ♪ I actually don’t ♪
– Oh, no. ♪ Know the words ♪
– Will you stop! – [Man] Stop singing! ♪ So you better get to
the title sequence ♪ – [Man] Dude, you’re terrible. Stop it! ♪ Because I’m not going to stop ♪ – [Man] No singing. ♪ Blue Moon ♪ – [Man] Man, don’t ever do that again. – Welcome, to Daily News Weekly. Where we highlight the
stories from the past week that you might’ve missed. I’m you host, Michael Sheridan. This one was eggs-cellent. A 17 year old decided that
an Australian politician, who was busy blaming Muslims
for a white supremacist’s brutal mass killing in
a mosque in New Zealand, was being rude. So he walked up behind him
and broke an egg on the back of his big bald head. It’s all on video, link is below. The maniac in New Zealand
took the lives of 50 people including a four year old child. And this politician,
Senator Fraser Anning, condemned what he had done. But in the same breath justified it. Starts off okay and if
he had just stopped there it wouldn’t have been so bad. But, he kept going and
ultimately said this. (sound of disgust) – I guess I laid an egg. (jazz horns) – Anning is also being criticized for how he responded to the egging. Because he turned around and
punched Connolly in the face. And then other people piled on and put him in choke hold. It was all a little extreme over an egg. Now Connolly faces legal fees. And there was a GoFundMe page
that was created for him, and it raised more that $70,000. But the teen, who has actually
earned the name Egg Boy, has said that he wants
the money to go towards the victims of the massacre
and not to himself. So because of that, we’re dubbing
Egg Boy, hero of the Week. (horn fanfare) Good on you kid, stand up to hate. (paper hits floor) An Indiana man apparently shot himself accidentally in the groin. After the gun he was carrying
slipped into his pants. So apparently he had a high point 9mm handgun tucked into waistband. And it slipped, so he went to grab it. And when he went to grab
it, he actually fired it. And the bullet went into his groin. And this is the most painful
story I’ve ever had to do. According to the press release by the Marion Police Department. – [Man] He shot himself where? Oh my god!
– Ah, I can’t even. – [Other Man] But it sounds so painful. – [Man] Oh my god!
– Oh my god, that’s so horrible.
– [Other Man] I feel so bad for that guy. – [Man] I don’t wanna think about this! – [Other Man] He shot himself in the nards?
– Oh my god. Okay.
– [Other Man] Oh my god! – I gotta stop thinking about this. – [Man] Ugh, I don’t wanna hear anymore man.
– Yeah, no. No, stop thinking about it.
– [Man] I don’t wanna hear anymore about this.
– Stop thinking about it. – [Other Man] Oh my lord.
– Okay Now, to make matters worse, he didn’t even have a license
to carry the gun in Indiana. So now he actually may face
criminal charges or a fine. As if it wasn’t bad enough, the dude shot himself in the scrot. (sound of disgust) (paper hit floor)
(heavy sigh) Yabba dabba what the heck? A house in California,
designed to look like it’s from the Flintstones, is being called a highly visible eyesore. And a public nuisance. The oddly shaped structure looks like it’s straight out of the cartoon and also features dinosaurs. Apparently the town of Hillsborough isn’t too happy about the place. Largely because all the
construction was done without any proper permits and they issued orders
to stop multiple times but the owner apparently just ignored it. According to the Mercury News. According to the newspaper, the unapproved work included
remodeling the house as well as adding a retaining wall,
steps, columns, gates, a parking strip, and a deck. According to the Mercury News, the owner of the house is Florence Fang, a former publisher of the
San Francisco Examiner. She’s fighting to keep the house, but the town essentially wants
it all torn down and removed. Residents there apparently are split; some don’t really care, others do. Now, the question here is,
if this was your neighborhood and this guy or this
person had built the house that looked like the Flintstones. Which is probably a bit of a tourist trap and kind of a monstrosity,
would you actually want that in your neighborhood. (paper hit floor) (dramatic orchestral music) (yells in foreign language) All right everybody, quick update on our
Emilia Clarke petition. I can now officially say
that we have 36 signatures! (laughing) Whoohoo! – 36 votes,
– Yeah! that’s pathetic! – [Other Man] 36 (Laughs loudly)
– Stop being so negative. Anyway, really excited. Link is down below. Please remember to share. Please tell your friends. And you know what, if you
have any ideas of other people you’d like to see actually
show up on this show. Let us know in the comments below, I’d love to hear what you guys think. Have a good trip, see you next fall. Google Maps occasionally makes some interesting finds as they take images of streets around the world. In New Jersey, for example, they apparently captured
a man as he took a tumble. The images show a man walking up steps then appearing to fall backwards. Now I don’t know that
anybody’s actually managed to track down this guy or
figure out if he’s okay. Hopefully he’s fine. Personally though, I always
kinda treat these stories with a little (fumbles tongue) little bit of skepticism. Why? Because people have pranked Google Maps plenty of times before. And wouldn’t surprise me at
all if this is actually a gag. But maybe not. So if you know who that guy is, let us know and hopefully he’s okay. (paper hit floor) Are you joking? Space herpes? That’s a thing? I’m gonna have to read this part because it gets a little complicated. According to NASA research published in Frontiers in Microbiology. Saliva, blood, and urine samples taken from astronauts following
their return to Earth. Earf, Earth. Have shown symptoms of
a variety of viruses; such as oral and genital herpes,
chicken pox, and shingles. This viral reactivation is apparently happening because of stress. Astronauts face a lot of that. And high levels of stress can
weaken your immune system. And apparently it’s
weakening the immune system so much in some of these astronauts, that it’s allowing these
viruses that normally would just be dormant
and present no symptoms to actually reactivate and
start creating symptoms. Now this is apparently effecting
about 50% of astronauts that go on these short
space shuttle flights. It’s also effecting more
than 60% of astronauts who spend long periods of time stationed on the International Space Station. Man, and I thought the worst thing that could happen to you
is when you go into space and some alien creature decides to go sucking on your face. (screaming) (loud alien screeching) (paper hits floor) Already ladies and germs, that’s all I have for you this week. Hopefully you like the
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social links are down below. And I kinda feel like this was the most disturbing episode
that we have done to date. Don’t you guys feel that way? – [Man] Ah, please. I just wanna forget about this episode for right now.
– Right? I mean between the guys
shooting himself and the huuh. – [Man] Oh my god.
– Ya know? And the diseases in space. I mean it’s a lot of like, negativity man. Man. (sound of disgust) (machine humming)