I just want to get your thoughts on Trump the Trump phenomenon and What you can tell about the rest of the world by looking at their reaction to Trump? well Trump is the equivalent of a Hollywood actor on the movie screen and The anti Trump’s People are other actors in the movie and so humanities of those people to get caught in it oh Yeah, that is he’s the baddie is he’s the baddie in this movie that Trump beats the baddie although He’s the goodie is there in a person. I like right? It’s a movie and while we are focusing on the on this again this my new tie of Trump anti Trump left right and all this nonsense that we get caught in to Silicon Valley’s doing what it is doing in terms of destroying freedom of information and driving on on behalf of things like DARPA the technological development arm of the Pentagon this a Transhumanist agenda It’s it’s a diversion and you know Just just a quick once I talk about this hidden hand These here today gone tomorrow politicians are just that Here today gone tomorrow What we need to look at is that which is always there because that’s where the power is That’s what pushes this agenda on no matter who’s in power who’s the president? What party? Whatever a Quick example in September 2000 an America called the project for the new American Century Published a document calling for the American government to quote fight and decisively win multiple theater Wars To bring about a series of regime changes, and it named the countries that they wanted to regime change Iraq Libya Syria Lebanon Iran North Korea, China The people who published that document included Donald Rumsfeld who a few months later would be Secretary of State for Defence in the Bush administration Paul Wolfowitz who would be his deputy at the Pentagon? Dick Cheney who would be de facto president under Bush for two terms? Dov Zakheim who would control the entirety of the Pentagon budget in that same period in that document in September 2000 they Said that this process of transformation to all these regime changes Would necessarily be slow. This is the quote absent some catastrophic And catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor One year to the month after that document was published nine months after the people that wrote it came to power in the Bush administration the United States had In September 2001 what Bush called at the time? The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century as a result of that this process of regime change was triggered by the so-called war on terror justified by 9/11 and Which the official story of 9/11 is is is? Tragically laughable in when you break it down and you see without the contradictions, anyway. This is what where I’m going in terms of the the politicians and Trump First man in of course Officially george george w bush? They went into afghanistan then with tony blair lying about weapons of mass destruction they went into iraq and the reason they lied about weapons of mass destruction is because Iraq was on this list of regime change they didn’t have an excuse though They made one up and by the way there does not forget people now including even the mainstream media except that they were lied to over weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which led to a catastrophic Invasion and the catastrophe that is followed Let us not forget that the very same people not the same agencies the same governments the same personalities that told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq when they knew they weren’t were the same people that gave us the official story of 9/11, okay, so the lists Iraq Then they go into Libya also on the list, but now Bush is gone Blair’s gone now it’s Barack Obama is a Democrat not a Republican and It’s David Cameron. He’s a conservative not the illusory of Labor Blair But now they’re going into another one on the list and then into into Syria um and again Creating mayhem and catastrophe we I mean you know Libya is one of the great world’s basket cases now when it was the highest capacitor per-capita income Country in Africa before they sent the boys in um So that was a bomber and that was Cameron then we come to Trump and Trump is now yes, he’s supposed to be a Republican But easily easily is the anti-establishment, man. He’s a maverick a Maverick who was gonna drain the swamp had handed the American economy to Goldman Sachs from day one or before day one But who is he? demonizing now He’s demonizing Iran and he’s demonizing North Korea other people on the list other countries on the list so this list from September 2000 is been ticked off All the way through these different politicians and different parties and different Personalities so no matter who’s coming and going. Oh, you’re going to vote for you know it’s like some Americans say You know don’t don’t matter who you vote for the government still gets in yes the secret government Because America is a wonderful example of how it works, so it works the same everywhere during the Bush administration And a Republican administration like now, you have this group that control the Republican Party that Acknowledged by the mainstream media. They called neoconservatives or neo-cons they were the people that created the project for the new American Century that wrote that document in September 2000 and then in the in the Democratic Party you have another group very much the same that I call the demo-cons This is your George Soros and Zbigniew Brzeziński before he died this year and others The key is that if you go one step back in the shadows The neo-cons and the demo-cons answer to the same master So it means that we’re hearing one or the other? Republican or Democrat that is always in power And that’s what’s been driving this agenda of ticking these countries off as these people come in Continue watching this fascinating conversation For free by clicking on the link below to visit our website, learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community Of passionate people building the best versions of themselves, just click on the link below, and I’ll see you on the inside