DJS-TV Breaking News: ELT Graduation

This is my commitment. [Graduates repeats] This is my commitment.
To the youth and Department. [Graduates repeats] To the youth and Department. I have chosen to serve. [Graduates repeats] I have chosen to serve. Academy,
on behalf of Ms. Quick, Mr. Taylor and I, We would like to thank, each one of you, for choosing to serve the youth of this department. [Music play and the sound of hands clapping]
[Camera clicking] Darryl Lawrence [hands clapping] Erica Little [hands clapping] Herman Hodges
III [hands clapping] Today we just had our graduation, this was the seventh class this year. We are getting ready to send another group off into the work force to add to the
growing wealth of our agency as far as employees go. With this ELT they get a chance to learn all the policies and procedures and all those expectations that we have for staff coming in. With the graduation, we actually have a moment to come together and show those staff that we support them, welcome them into the agency. Attendance for our graduation, we had the Secretary himself, we had a host of administrators, area directors, superintendents.
All those that came out just to support and show the new staff that we do appreciate
them and to welcome them aboard. [sound of hands clapping] So Mr. Lawrence, your plaque reads,
“Every man has three characters, that which he exhibits, that which he has and that which
he thinks he has” and again we thank you and we are proud of the work you have done. My
name is Darryl Lawrence, I am working at the Western Maryland Children Center, and I just
wanted to say thank to all the administrators, everybody that helped us out. I developed
classmates and also family members here. I’m very very appreciative of this experience.
I feel like, this is just a blessing on my behalf. I mean I have been through a lot, seen
a lot of things in my young age and I’m just very very proud of this accomplishment. So
I just once again want to thank everybody. “Thank you everybody, I don’t have a speech
so…” [Audience Laughter] “So, its all love.” Successful Youth, Strong Leaders, Safer Communities,
a few simples words put together to yield a powerful meaning. Its that vision that I
will live by each and everyday while supporting our youth. Not only at work, but also in the
community. Hello everybody, my name is Takara Melton, I am the youth advocate for the Lower
Eastern Shore Children’s Center as well as the Carter Center. For me, ELT meant alot.
It gave me alot of different tools and resources that I can use to make my journey with DJS
successful. I feel like ELT is something great. I’ve accomplished a lot. This is a proud moment
for me, thank you all, thank you instructors, thank you everybody who has given me the opportunity
and thank you all those who will make an impact in the future for me. This completed our ELT
graduation. We had a tremedous class 30 folks from all over the state. I think its a wonderful
experience to bring everyone together and to celebrate their accomplishments and also
to look forward to what they are going to be doing in their respective positions. We
had a great showing from families, we had a great showing from administrators and I
think we really showed today that we are one family and that we will move forward together.
[Sound of hands clapping] [Music playing]