“Curse Of The Revenant: The Alternate Cut”

Ghoulish Grin Films [Chainsaw Sound] [Evil Laugh] “These old eyes have seen much.” “I have seen my lord fall like lighting from The Heavens.” “I heard his thunderous anger!’ “And soon, he sent us…his legions upon the earth.” “And thus created suffering upon the weak and weary.” “I roamed the earth making sure his will be done. “But those bearing light fought!” “And thus trapped thee within these walls of stone.” “For centuries I waited!” “Waited for a vessel to claim.” “And thus it appears…my wait has ended!” [Demonic Howling] [Evil Laughter] [Demon Moans] [Intense Electronic Beats] [EDM Music] [Demon Howl] [Demon Howl] [Demonic Howling] [EDM Music] [Eerie Music] “What would you rather be doing right now?” “Anything but this.” “Here they come now.” “Hello my fellow Christians!” “Are you ready to embark on a religious experience like you’ve never ever experienced before?” “I guess.” “Well, that’s cool man!” “I’m Mr. Ramirez, but you can call me Richard.” “This is my assistant Isaiah.” “He’s been with the church for many years now.” “And, uh…we’ll be hiking right through these paths back here.” “And we’ll be heading towards the beach and have a picnic with our families.” “Let’s get on our way…” [Ominous Bells] “You got the camera.” “I got the backpack.” “I got a little bit of food in here. Prayer booklets.” “You know what they say. ‘A dusty bible leads to dirty lives.'” “It’s okay. You’ll laugh later.” “Let’s go!” [Sad keyboard music] “Stop me if you’ve heard this one.” “A little boy attends his first wedding.” “After the wedding his older cousin asks him ‘how many women is a man allowed to marry?'” “The little boy says ‘sixteen.'” “The boy says ‘how did you know that answer so quickly?” “He says ‘well, you have to add it up.'” “Four better. Four worse. Four richer. Four poorer.” “It’s okay. You’ll laugh later.” “I’ve got one for you.” “How come Jesus wasn’t born in Tijuana?” “Why is that?” “Cause in Tijuana, there are no such thing as wise men. No such thing as virgins.” [Friends Snicker] “Right…” [Bubbling Water] “Isaiah. Why don’t you give me the camera. Hold my staff.” “I’d like to film some of this.” “Look at this scenery.” “Have you ever seen anything so nice?” “And peaceful?” “Say hi guys!” “What’s up.” “These are our disciples.” “Isaiah.” “And two new friends.” “Say hi guys!” “Would you like to say hi to your families or friends?” “Now…before we eat, let us say grace.” “Bow your heads please.” “Oh Merciful Lord.” “Thank you for the grub that you have blessed us with today.” “The safe trip and a great time at the picnic. Amen.” “And also…bless those with no food, shelter, or a home to call their own. Amen.” “May we be consecrated in union with each mass throughout the world. Amen.” “Aren’t you guys hungry? Let’s eat!” “Holy bread!” “It’s okay. You’ll laugh later.” “So we’re here with Isaiah. Isaiah!” “How do you like this hike so far compared with the ones we had in the past?” “Excellent.” “Peter.” “Hey Peter…so uh…” “How do you like this hike so far?” “Uh…okay…” “And you, Mark?” “It’s a real blast.” “I’m glad to hear that.” “C’mon guys! Put a little more feeling into it. Tell me really!” “Yeah, this is great.” “Yeah. Best retreat ever.” “You guys…well…okay. I can deal with that.” “Hey guys, do me a favor.” “Just wait here by the brook.” “I need to use the restroom.” “My lunch is catching up to me.” “I’ll be right back, okay?” “Man, can you believe this guy?” “I wonder if he’s even ran anything in his life…” “C’mon guys. Give him a break. He’s trying his hardest…” “Man, I can’t wait ’till this day is over.” “I wanna get back home.” [Evil Laughter] “I’m really terrible at this whole…thing. This leader thing.” “The whole time they were bored.” They were bored. I…” “They probably left to do their own thing. Have their own fun.” “I know it’s not right, though.” “But it’s, it’s just weird that they all just disappeared.” “And Isaiah…” [Eerie Music] [Heartbeat] [Ominous Music] [Evil Demonic Moaning] [Strange Whispers] [Dark Laughter] “Oh God!” “What has become of me?” “Is my suffering not enough?” “Is this pain…for speaking ill of you?” “I want to see my wife!” “I want to see my CHILD!” “FORGIVE ME, PLEASE!” DEMON: “You will be SILENT!” DEMON: “You will HOLD YOUR TONGUE!” DEMON: “I AM YOUR MASTER NOW!” [Evil Laughter] [Demon Groanings] [Train Passing] [Ocean Waves Crashing] [Ocean Sounds] [Strange Scary Music] [Demonic Growls] [Evil Laughter] “You have survived MUCH.” “And luck has spared you…” “…from the fate of your friends.” “But know this.” “You will not escape my grasp.” “The Grasp Of The Revenant.” “Your soul will be collected. For I am The Collector Of Souls.” [Evil Laughing] [Somber Music] [Strange Sounds] [Phone Ringing] [Phone Ringing] [Phone Ringing] [Phone Ringing] [Phone Ringing] [Breathing In Voice Mail] [Weird Sounds] [Phone Ringing] [Phone Ringing] [Phone Ringing] [Crashing Sound] [Doorbell] [Doorbell] [Dark Piano] [Strange Whispers] [Heartbeat] [Eerie Ghost Moans] [Demon Screeching] [Door Banging] [Strange Wind Outside] [Suspenseful Music] “You spread LIGHT.” “And still it has not prevented the abduction of your flock!” “Your despair betrays you.” “And it will turn to FEAR.” “And then I will come.” “I…will…come.” [Scary Music] [Demon Howl] [Scary Music] [Demon Growl] [Scary Music] [Rustling Leaves] [Sad Music] [Evil Whispers] [Scream] [Dark Keyboard Music] [Evil Laughter] [Demon Growl] [Dark Keyboard Music] Ghoulish Grin Films