Create a Great Linkedin Headline To Get Freelance Work (Dec, 2017)

What is a LinkedIn profile headline and
why is it so important? A LinkedIn profile headlinine is copy that is below
your name in your LinkedIn profile and you can see it here in red. By default, it
is your business title and company name but you can edit it using this little
edit pencil here. Why is it important? Because, in searches, it shows up in
addition to your name. If people had searched for “business
development,” this person’s profile might have shown up because it is in their
headline and LinkedIn considers copy the headline key to being an expertise
that you want to be found for. By default you can see –in the first and last case —
that it is the title of the person and their company name but you can edit it.
The question is what should you say? Well here are some Linkedin headline tips. The
first one is that it should reflect expertise that you wish to highlight, as
we’ve already said. You might have some expertise but you’re no longer
interested in doing that. You wouldn’t put that in your headline. You would only
put the kind of work that you want to do or be found for. It can be your
title if you want but it also should include a main skill or two. You
could even use a phrase with keywords that might pique interest. One thing you
should be aware of is that the headline has a 120 characters with
spaces, so you might want to work on the headline copy before you actually get
into the profile. That’ll just make it a little easier to cut and paste. Here are
some examples of LinkedIn profile headlines. These are actual examples with a John Doe name — writer, content marketer, corporate blogger, lead
generation, editorial services, social media and SEO — that’s what this person
wants to be found for. John Doe number II here is — president of
lighting digital, digital marketing problem solver,and speaker. John Doe
III is a graphic designer, CG artist (not sure what that is) 3D
modeler, animator, 3D character animator, 3D artist and UI UX (that’s user
experience I believe. ) The moral of the story is==>edit your LinkedIn profile
headline and include copy that is key for what you want to highlight!