Connected Car Tech Warns Drivers of Dangers Around the Corner

Imagine a car so smart it can warn you about
hazardous road conditions around the corner… [Objects on the road ahead] …giving drivers time to adjust their driving style. Ford’s Local Hazard Information
Uses sensors to monitor vehicle systems… …such as emergency braking Data sent to the cloud via the cellular network
is processed into incident information… … which is shared with connected vehicles in the area. Local Hazard Information can generate multiple alerts. Activating hazard lights and opening doors
will generate a broken-down vehicle alert. The information is then shared with
Local Hazard Information-equipped vehicles… …helping drivers to avoid potential incidents. Local Hazard Information also monitors
local weather and traffic reports. Multiple fog light or windshield wiper
activations can improve the accuracy of alerts… …helping drivers to see what’s around the corner. The new Ford Puma – a smart car for a smart world.