Christie: No Entitlements, But I Want 100% FEMA Reimbursement

that you have a crisp resting about the guy who was the best millions
from them deadliest entitled to people taking the
time of the money without ever government now telling them start dreaming starts driving will take care returning into a paternalistic entitlement society if there’s one thing chris chris is
against its people philly titled the federal government
largesse how bberry we’ve chris chris he doesn’t
want that kind of journalism and get a chance to prove it with some
storms sandy new tremendous damage to new jersey and so but now they know he’d be entitled to
seventy-five percent of that money being taken care by the federal
government the costs of repairs itself so i’m sure the christmas eve is not
going to take that money right cassie’s against that kind of federal
government helping people you should pull yourself
up by the blue straps wreckers christy ideal of the building in your case but unfair glasshouse nonetheless however factor all right but how’d he wrote a letter famous a i don’t
want any of your money right wrongly involved i’m requesting the federal government
exercise its discretion the great relief to new jersey state and
local governments with one hundred-percent federal reimbursement for categories a b assistance for
appeared about their work the ninety-day one i want you to your family z i did again occupant i don’t want you to feel you’re
entitled things that have a problem you while bother to be a daddy a lot of journalistic government a gary
wright it all by my daddy are you any money in new jersey on o when it’s his ass on the line all the
sudden anti presented always let’s not be
vulnerable and department stronghold that what happened when controlled that are poor or middle class
neighborhood and a little bit of economic problem that dumb and helps them to get back up on
their feet activity experience tragedy in their life about the kassebaum straps not bring you
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it’ll bunkers paddy by chris chris the words that also in
your bag in red looked as though the royal asking for
the money because we should all work together to
help people that are in need but that is the progress of position that is a position the chris christy marks on a
regular basis so shot your fat mouse if you’re gonna
ask for one hundred percent of the federal money is a tall glass of shuttle trips enjoying it probably will