Chris and Katie Fight After Their Time On Stage – Bachelor in Paradise

You have anything to say? No? Okay. [soft dramatic music] ♪ ♪ You’re clearly upset because– – I’m not upset.
I’m just surprised. – You’re shocked? – I am, to be honest. – I’m sorry.
– No, it’s fine. – I don’t want you
to feel that way. – I mean, you blindsided me. For sure. – Yeah, I blind–okay,
I blindsided you. I’m sorry.
– Don’t need to be sorry. I mean, you did it
’cause you wanted to. You needed to, so– – I didn’t want
to blindside you. Ever.
– You needed to though. – Why did I need to?
I’ve told you these things. – [chuckles uncomfortably]
Just–I know, I know. – That’s not blindsi– – I just don’t get it, really. – Get what? – I mean, we already have
these conversations. It’s like… – And nothing changes. – I mean, when is it
supposed to change? ♪ ♪ – Pfffttt. [softly] What? – [clears throat] – Oh, my God.
This is like… [claps hands] Here’s the thing,
I just thought I was gonna watch back
and you were gonna be like… so in love with me
or something on camera. But then I watched back,
and it was like “We’ll see how it goes. He’s moody.” I was mad at myself
for not trusting my gut. I felt like I looked desperate. Do you understand
like where–what– – Yeah, no, we have
these conversations. Katie, I understand.
– I don’t– Yeah, I don’t feel like it
ever gets anywhere. – Okay. – Okay.
– Okay. I knew this would happen. I knew it, I knew it.
I frickin’ knew it. ♪ ♪ He knew I was gonna tell
the truth. I don’t know
why he’s so blindsided. What, was I supposed to
go up there and say
[high-pitched voice]
“I’m happy.