CES 2018 NEWS !!! Lenovo Smart Display With Google Assistant Unveiled At CES

the Lenovo smart display comes with
Google assistant built-in and also also lets you make video calls to your
friends with Google duo the device comes with the touch screen display available
in two sizes 8 inches and 10 inch and the 10 inch model features a full HD
resolution of 1920×1080 pixels the smart display comes with a new Qualcomm SD a
624 SOSI and also features the new Qualcomm Home Hub platform that the
company announced recently the device can be used for video calls watching
videos including YouTube browsing the web and more it can also be used to
control smart home devices like nest and others Lenovo are launching the device
this summer the 8 inch model will cost one hundred ninety nine dollars and
ninety nine cents in the 10 inch model $249.99