Breaking the Ice in the First Flash Challenge | Ink Master: Shop Wars (Season 9)

– What?
– Cold, crazy maze of ice. – This is insane.[dramatic music]– For the first time
in “Ink Master” history, you have each come here
with a fellow artist from your tattoo shop to prove
that your shop is the best. You’ll succeed as a team
and you will fail as a team. – This is crazy. – Win, and you both win. But lose, and you’re both out. – This is no longer
a solo sport. This is two people being able
to work together. Any miscommunication
could cost us the title. – The last shop standing
will win $200,000, a feature in “Inked” magazine, and the title of Ink Master.– That is a bigger prize
than I was expecting.
$200,000–we could pay off
our student loans. – But that’s not all. Your shop will also earn
the first-ever title of Master Shop.– When you go to businesses
that have the stickers
that says, like,
“Best in the city,”you’re like,
“Damn, I want to go do that.”
So if we have a thing that said,
“We are Master Shop,”that’s pretty cool.– We have to win that
first challenge. – [chuckles]
– It’s a brand-new tattoo shop.We’re putting ourselves
on the map for the world.
– Winning this would be
a huge stepping stone
to make The Marked Society a
household name in the industry. – Your first opportunity to win
starts right here, right now, by winning your first
flash challenge. We are at the Frozen Carnival
in Ice at Skyland Stadium. And you’re surrounded
by more than 100 tons of ice. – That’s a lot of ice. – For your first
flash challenge, you must create a sculpture
that represents your shop out of a block of ice.♪ ♪– I’m a tattoo artist.Ice?
Picks?Hell no.– Everything in this competition
depends on you guys working together. You’re representing
for yourselves and you’re representing
for where you work. These flash challenges
are not made to be easy, but if you’re a true artist, you
can make art out of anything. – This is your chance to get
a leg up on the competition. This is your chance to
intimidate the other players. This is your chance to bond
as a team. Start today.
Start hard.♪ ♪– Win, and you’ll receive
a huge advantage. You have four hours and your time starts now.[rousing dramatic music]– Let’s do it.
– All right, Bubba. – All right, man.– You’re representing
your whole business.
You come in here
and you screw up this time? You’re not just screwing up
yourself. – What are you thinking? – I was thinking some kind of
robot, then his hand up here.– For this first challenge,
what we’re looking for
is someone to be creative
and work together and do the best they can
at something they’ve never done before. – So what was your idea? – I’m thinking about
doing a koi fish.– If these people have a problem
working together
right off the bat,they shouldn’t have come here
together. – One of my ideas was to
incorporate the logo in there somewhere. – I don’t want to force
anything extra. – I should mimic what you’re
doing on the other side, right? – Uh, yeah, I mean,
that’d be cool, if you want. We’re thinking the best thing
to do would be to cut outthe bigger pieces first.And I gotta do the top ’cause
you’re all short and whatnot. – [laughs]– I really like working
with my significant other.
– The ole ball and chain. – You’re my ball and chain.
I like your… – [laughs]
That’s not a good thing to say. – All I want to see is this
damn fin. And you said
it’s going like that. – I’m not sure yet.Bang is a hard-ass.I had no idea that we were
literally gonna bedoing everything together.– I’m telling you,
we need to start building these fins now before we go
any lower. We don’t even have the fin
or this. We don’t have none
of that yet. – We’re not there yet. – We’re not on the same page,
obviously. If we’re gonna carve out a inch,
we need to plan to have this left over for the fin.He has this idea
and this vision,
and I’m just not seeing it. – This is gonna be this. Look at the perspective. – Two more hours remaining.
Two more.[heavy rock music]♪ ♪– Just remember: no risk,
no reward. We got this. – I definitely feel like we’re
underestimated being two females in the tattoo industry,
which is totally male dominated.But that just puts a fuel
in the fire.
Man, if we could come out
of here winning the first flash challenge… – Dude, that’d be so dope.
– Right.[exciting rock music]♪ ♪– The tail feathers can only
go so far ’cause there’s only so much ice. – As long as the effect
is there, you know? – Yeah.
– Doom and I have only worked
together for maybe five months.We’re gonna be learning a lot
about each other as this competition progresses.I’m known in the industry
for having a lot of detail
in my tattoos.How about we just get done
everything on here first. And then if there’s time,
then you can experiment. – [laughs] Then we can give it a crown.Erin is my boss.She has a decade
more experience.But your experience
doesn’t matter.
What matters is how you’re gonna
navigate this competition. – I’m just gonna cut in
as much as I can. – Okay.
– And–and yeah. – Cool.
– We’ll see. – Ooh, ooh, ooh. – Oh, no.
Are you okay? – Yeah, I’m fine–
I just mashed my hand. – I love working together.
He’s my best friend. – Oh, yeah,
I’m okay. – And he’s my co-worker. – I’d kind of like to
round this stuff off. – Okay.
And he’s my husband.♪ ♪– I do neo-traditional tattoos,
but I can make a clean,solid tattoo in every style.[laughs] – Oh, my God,
are they flower buds? – Yeah, they’re flower buds. – How the [bleep]
did you do that? – I figured out
that I can make some roseson the inside
of the ice.
I should do one more
over here, right, or… – I don’t think we should
worry about filling it ’cause we don’t want it
to be super cluttered. I specialize in a lot of
illustrative tattooingwith a very strong
traditional background.
With our powers combined, we
could be an unstoppable force.[dramatic music]♪ ♪– Five, four, three, two, one. That is it.
Time is up. No more sculpting. – We’re wrapped. – First ice sculpture.
– Bam! – Hit it. [laughs][suspenseful music]– All right,
Pinz and Needlez, it is now time to critique
your work. Talk to me about
your design. – Love goes into all
of our work that we do.– We’re all about heart.– I like how recognizable it is
right off the bat.There’s some very small,
little veins
and some ventricles up top
that are nice.
But the big veins down through
the center are very smooth,
very well done. – This is the way to really
come out swinging and start off on the right foot. – Unkindness Art. – You created one large image
that’s incredibly readablewith various textures.You guys put everything you hadinto creating a piece of art
that’s risky. To see what you’re able to do
with a tattoo machine is gonna be exciting. I look forward to seeing it. both: Thank you. – Thicker Than Blood.– This is a strong image.And it’s powerful.And that’s what we are
as a shop. – Looks like it’s a Hannya mask.The anatomy’s a little bit off.There’s no forehead.
And it’s all chin.
– Artistic Skin Design.– You guys really put a lot
of time into the beveling.
And especially you took a lot
of time, more detail,
in the mouth to get that deep,
setback mouth with the teeth.
Valiant effort for a new medium. – Next up is Black Anchor.– Everybody went pretty 3-D,
and y’all went totally flat.
– Being the first challenge
out of the gate,
take the brakes off.Gotta go, man.
Go, go, go.– Everybody knows who Carlos is.He’s very popular
on the internet.
I was expecting to be wowed
by their ice sculpture and it was literally
a little flat. – Next up is The Marked Society. – What better than
a tattoo machine?– It’s super clean and legible.But what’s super impressive
is how straight and precise
you were able to make each line
in this piece. – Thank you. – Allegory Arts.How does this identify
your shop?
– It’s clearly the logo,
– It is.
It’s also the state… – Of Alabama,
which is where our shop is. – The creativity of using
the shape of the stateas the whole block,
having the tip
and the top of the flowers
poking out through it,
the way you put the flower
in the background
by impressing it in
so you can see it from the front
is very nice.The craftsmanship
is very well done. – Wow.
Thank you very much. – Thank you. – Classic Trilogy Tattoo.– We’re pretty much, like,
a big nerd shop.
So, like, everything we do
is just pop culture and fun. – It’s a big, cool, fun image.You really got the shape
of the ice to become what it is,
and that really stands out.And it’s bold and strong. – Tri-Cities Tattoo. – I can definitely tell
it’s a fish,but it is a little bit hard
to see exactly what’s going on.
Seems like there’s a lot of ice
that you just took away
and then a lot of ice
that you didn’t use. – Gotcha.– Tri-Cities’ looked like
a damn beached whale.
I don’t know what the hell
they were going for.♪ ♪– Today’s first flash challenge. The stakes are a lot higher
than ever before because we’ve never given out
200 grand, we’ve never had shops
battling out. – There’s a lot on the line
for the reputation of the shop. But I also think this is
a great advantage. – If they’re smart
and they come in with someone who has what they don’t have, those are the teams
that are really gonna shine. – I was pretty impressed
with Allegory Arts.– You know, they really used
a lot of different techniques.
– They did a couple little
trick effects
that just really set them apart. – I also think that
Pinz and Needlez did a great jobwith the anatomical heart.– Their piece was probably
the most legible piece. – One shop that did a really
great job in terms of using the entire block of ice
was Unkindness Art.– That is a sculpture,
a bird from every angle
you look at it. – We’re all pretty agreed, yeah? – Yeah.
– Got it. – Let’s let them know.♪ ♪Today at Skyland Stadium, some shops made a strong
first impression. The judges have decided
the winner of the first flash challenge…[tense music]