BREAKING NEWS !!! The Handyairbag Is A Smartphone Case Deploys An Airbag When You Drop Your Phone

the only thing worse than selling a
kidney to buy an expensive phone is dropping said expensive phone and having
your heart sink as you pick it up to see a crack running across its beautiful
screen not many people enjoy putting covers on their phones because of the
added bulk it makes much more sense to take care of your gadget than to give in
to the paranoia and buyeth a case that hides your phone sleep design but
Phillip Frenzel an engineer at Allen University in Germany may just have the
best solution the handler bug is a relatively thin phone case that does a
much better job of protecting your phone from accidental slips than most when
your phone is in freefall eight curled metal legs magically pop out from inside
the case curling around the front and back of your phone they absorb impact
like springs or an airbag like the name suggests as your phone bounces around
without ever making contact with any surface these curled metal legs can be
flattened and pushed back into the slim phone case for another day another
mishap the handler Bob taps into your phone’s accelerometer knowing when it’s
in freefall and triggering protective measures the minute it senses that your
phone’s falling there’s still a lot we don’t know for example would the handler
bug accidentally trigger in your bag if you dropped it or in your pocket if you
sat down too fast although there are workarounds like
tapping into the proximity sensor but I’d rather have eight strange metal legs
spring out in my pocket then let anything happen to my $999 phone at the
end of the day a slim case is a small price to pay for keeping your expense of
social media and selfie machine in tact