BREAKING NEWS: Rapper Mac Miller Dies from Drug Overdose at 26 Years Old RIP

well I just received the news that the rapper Mac Miller has died at age 26 from a drug overdose and we need to talk about it what’s up everybody this is Chris from the rewired soul where we talk about the problem but focus on the solution if you’re new to my channel my channel is all about helping you improve your mental health but it’s also the addiction and recovery and things like that I am a recovering drug addict I have six years sober and I try to make videos to help others inform others increase awareness decreases stigma and all that kind of stuff so please make sure you subscribe and ring the notification bell because this video is one of the reasons why I started this YouTube channel so yeah Mac Miller 26 years old my girlfriend just sent me a text message with a news article saying that Mac Miller has died from a drug overdose so this just came out this is brand new news there’s not really any updates yet and we’re gonna find out more in the future so we don’t know what substance it was or anything like that but man whenever stuff like this happens like I have to talk about it because there’s so much you know so many misconceptions about addiction there’s lack of education about addiction people don’t understand when they need help or if they have a problem and so many things and it breaks my heart because one of the one of the terms that I hate more than anything okay I talked about this in a video I made a long time ago about Carrie Fisher one of the terms that I hate is functioning alcoholic or functioning like I hate that so much because let me make this clear and I bring it up every time a celebrity dies or overdoses like Demi Lovato did addiction does not care how functioning you are we’ll kill you okay so what is functioning functioning is you still have a job you’re still making money you’re still paying bills you’re still on the outside very successful that’s what functioning is but we see this this tragedy of a 26 year old young man who had everything ahead of them on an amazing career everything he could have won love and admiration from his fans traveling the world making tons of money right an addiction just took his life because addiction doesn’t care how functioning you are all right I have been clean and sober from drugs and alcohol for six years so whether it’s in the rooms of 12-step programs or I was working at a drug and alcohol treatment center for three years I can’t tell you how many people I come across who say oh I don’t need this I don’t need help I don’t have a problem because I still have a job because I still have money in the bank because I still have my wife or my kids or my husband or whatever it is like it kills me it kills me so much my best friend just celebrated three years of sobriety and I’m so proud of him I thought this dude was gonna die he had everything that you could think that you would want he had a very loving family he had a great job a ton of money right all these things right so I was like man he’s not gonna get it he’s not gonna get help like it bums me out and people don’t hit that that that rock bottom of these materialistic things right because most people get clean after they lose the house and the money and the spouse and you know all this other stuff right that’s what a lot of people get clean if they’re lucky but it’s a lot harder when you have all this stuff when you have all the things like part of my story was I lost everything you know what I mean I’ve lost everything and that was part of the reason I got clean but for people like Mac Miller or you have like Demi Lovato who’s recovering from an overdose my dad dang and I was just reading in that news article Mac Miller got a DUI earlier this year so clearly there was a problem but a lot of this too when you look at celebrity culture so much of it is the lifestyle and so much you know and we can talk about hip hip hop culture you know and you got all these rappers talking about doing drugs left and right all sorts of stuff like who do you think back miller was hanging out with he was hanging out with people who really cared about no he was probably hanging out with people you know who liked to party and you know do drugs and things like that I wonder who was with him I wonder who supplied the drugs I wonder I wonder all these things and that’s why I make videos about like get better friends you guys get people around who care about you and tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear like yo you’re messing up and you need help you know what I mean what blows my mind is how somebody like McLemore stays clean in a hip-hop lifestyle you know but if you listen to his music and I I did I did a breakdown of one of his songs a while back and then YouTube took it down for some copyright garbage but I need to break down more visibly lyrics but man like Mac Mac Miller’s doing it and he’s had a relapse I think a year or two ago he had a relapse things like that but it’s hard man it’s hard and what I think about all the time as this YouTube thing continues to grow like I worry I worry that we’re gonna see a lot more of this when it comes to youtubers I worry that we’re going to see addiction whether it’s to drugs or alcohol I worry that we’re going to see suicide you know and so much of this is just here’s the thing here’s the thing with seeing celebrities you know or youtubers struggle with their mental health our problem is is the way that we view this world and the way that we think that we achieve happiness is based on like the the worst things the money the fame the fortune the women or the men or the cars or the vacations or the subscribers or the followers and stuff like you cannot base your happiness on those things because there’s never enough those things can disappear in a blink of an eye so we got to start finding what what makes us happy you know I did an amazing podcast last night with this guy Matt from a channel create you I’m gonna link you to the podcast he’s in recovery too and we talked for like two and a half hours but the best conversations we had I’m gonna upload probably tomorrow is gonna upload it today until this news hit me but like man people just chase the wrong things they chase the wrong things and it’s no wonder why so many of us are screwed up Ryan like how many of us are just like oh if I can only get that then I’ll be happy if I can only get him or her if I can only date the right guy or girl then I’d be happy oh we got the right job if I only had enough money if I only had this house or that car family had this vacation then I’ll be happy we’re basing our happiness on things that are a lot of times a out of our control or be just garbage and BS you know the happiness has to come from other places you know and it bums me out man like addiction is such a major issue it’s national recovery month right now and I I’m doing a terrible job promoting it and talking about it especially as a man in recovery but yeah it’s national recovery month like do you guys understand what’s going on in our country right now all over the world the CDC just released a report that’s 72 thousand people a year are dying in the United States from opioid overdoses that is mind-boggling think about a football stadium holds about 60 to 65 thousand people so more than that or dying from drug addiction and the thing is the drugs aren’t the problem the alcohol is not the problem the problem is that people aren’t happy people are miserable you know what I mean that’s the problem that’s why I’m so passionate about this youtube channel because I know that a lot of you watching this are hurting a lot of you are struggling you know and then we we we do these toxic terrible things to home ourselves to harm others for some people that turns into drug and alcohol addiction for some people that turns into self harming behavior for some people that turns into eating or gambling or or becoming addicted to social media right well trying to escape this pain and suffering that we’re feeling and I am in this amazing place and it took me so long to get here where I am okay feeling the way I feel when I don’t feel great but the beautiful part is I feel great a lot of the time so it’s very few and far between and they’re talking to a guy I was trying to kill myself with drugs six years ago I was going to sleep every single night with a handful of pills and a bottle of booze hoping that I wouldn’t wake up in the morning that’s where I come from I understand the pain I understand the suffering I understand the misery but never lose hope if a guy like me can get better if a guy like me can get well anybody can but I do so many videos because there’s so many things that we have to talk about it and one of them is chasing the fame chasing the fortune chasing the success the success you know what I mean so I make so many videos and I just you know my goal is to just get through to some of you I want some of you to take a step back and say wow no wonder why I’m not happy I keep chasing the wrong things you know what I mean and hopefully if I can get through through to you maybe you’re a life that I saved I don’t know you know what I mean I’ve been very fortunate to work at a drug-and-alcohol treatment center of how people thanked me for what I’ve done for them I’ve had people in the rooms of 12-step programs that some of you thanked me that’s an amazing experience but when I chase the numbers when I chase the subscribers when I chase the followers it’s because I want to deliver a message of hope to as many people as possible because if a guy like me can do it anybody can you know so this is a bummer for all of Mac Miller’s fans for his friends for his family members for anybody out there man like just hearing that another young life is lost like the loss of life is terrible but when you see a young person who seemingly had an everything doing something that could take their life and then it did like it’s a shame man it’s a shame you know so I’m gonna try to do better this month make more videos about addiction recovery things like that because chances are you probably know somebody who struggles with an addiction or maybe you struggle with an addiction whatever it is and I I don’t know I never thought in a million years I never thought in a million years that I would get six months sober and now I’m here with six years sober you know but not only am i sober my life is amazing you know and that’s why I do these videos I want to give you some of that hope so again like never lose hope if you’re affected by this by the story of Mac Miller I know that people get affected by this stuff and real quick-like feel what you want to feel feel how you need to feel talk tweet about it get involved in conversations and to everybody else out there I hope this isn’t you if you’re watching this don’t don’t talk trash to people who feel some type of way about a celebrity passing away like that that disgusts me you know everybody has different connections people have music that saved their life you know people have had books save their life movies save their life and things like that like who are we to judge somebody else’s experience and what’s helped them so so if you’re one of those people get better be better but if you’re someone who’s affected by this or this tragedy you know leave comments down below I’ll be talking in there but go on Twitter go on Twitter like talk with other people who are affected by this stuff you got to get involved in the community and have other people who understand the way that you’re feeling that’s the best way to deal with tragedy and loss you know what I’m saying anyways this videos a lot longer than I expected I got some buttons up on the screen if you want to subscribe that’s cool you know but anyways I love you all I hope things get better never lose hope and I will see you next on